Starting to like her sister...advice?

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First of all I am a brand new member and I cam across this site while searching on yahoo for online message boards dealing with dating (online dating with advice and that type of thing. I am hoping you can help me out. I'm not sure how many guys are on here but I'm a guy just so you know. Anyways......I have a problem and I'm not sure what to do about it. You see, me and my girlfriend Ashley have been dating (online dating with for about 8 months but we have broken up twice (my decision) in that time period. I was living with my aunt but about two months ago I moved in with Ashley, who is 19 almost 20, and she lives at her moms house.

But anyways, I am starting to like her older sister, and we are both 21 years old. I find it hard not to "check her out" when we are in the same room and maybe it's just me but I see her doing the same to me. She is a partier and Ashley isn't. The thing is I find myself not being content in mine and Ashley's relationship (thru and Ive thought to myself for awhile now that we act more like friends than boyfriend-girlfriend. She can get an attitude with me at times which can get on my nerves.

Her family has alot of get togethers so it might be awkward for me and Ashley to be around each other but I would hope we would still be friends if anything were to happen. Its also important to note that Im not a partier and her sister goes out alot, but with her ex she quit partying and hanging out with her friends and was with him mostly. Im not against partiers, but I just dont do it. What do you guys think of all of this? Thanks in advance...

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Your question was: Starting to like her sister...advice?.

It's possible that the two previous breakups have wittled away at your relationship, so now Ashley has a chronic attitude.The fact that you are attracted to someone else is a sign that maybe your relationship (thru with Ashley has reached it's limit.If you feel that you no longer love or like Ashley, then the best things to do is break up. Next, you would need to find another place to live. I wouldn't suggest dating (online dating with Ashley's sister. That would be asking for a lot of trouble, pain and suffering which would ultimately destroy any relationship (thru you could have with Ashley's sister...

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Two break-ups in an 8 month relationship... Ashley probably already knows and expects to get dumped again.  If you aren't a partier, don't hook up with one.  Her sister looks good, because you are unhappy where you are. Move on...

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I think you're reading too much into what her sister does because you're unhappy in your relationship (thru with Ashley. Like the other poster said, she looks good because you don't like your current relationship. I agree on the ending it with Ashley and moving out. Even IF the sister did like you she probably wouldn't go out with you being her little sister's ex...

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Hey this is kinda an update but me and Ashley have talked about moving out into her old house cause her mom still owns it once we save up some money. The problem here is I dunno if I could see myself doing this and being happy with this. Her sister's best friend Krystal comes over alot and always says hi to everyone and even when I was half asleep with my eyes closed the other day she came down in the basement and said hi. This probably doesn't mean much but if I did break up with Ashley and move on, even if Krystal parties, that doesnt mean I couldn't date using her if she wanted to. Would you say dating (online dating with my gf's sister's best friend is a bad idea or if I do happen to move on should I just move onto someone else? What do you guys think? thanks!..

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Dating (online dating with YOUR (EX) GIRLFRIEND'S ANYTHING IS A VERY BAD IDEA!!! Once the throes of passion wears out, you will just wind up in the middle of a nasty situation. And girls tend to stay more loyal to their friends (in my experience), cause boys will come and go, but friends (should be) forever. Or at least long-term. Don't date using anyone your current GF is close to. It will hurt her badly and piss off a lot of people and give you a bad reputation as a sleazeball, to boot.

***If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there. Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)***..

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If you don't see a happy future with Ashley, then end it.  It's the most fair thing to you and her.  And then go out and find somone completely and totally unassociated with Ashley.  You will come across as a jerk or a dog if you date using either Ashley's sister or even Ashley's sister's friend.   There have to be girls in your town that are not directly associated with Ashley and her family!  Find one!  ;-).

As for the friend saying "Hi", so what?  She's being friendly.  I wouldn't read too much into it even if she's saying hi when your half asleep..



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If you do happen to move on? It sounds like you 've got one foot out the door.  First resolve the relationship (thru before thinking of who else to date. If your gf thinks you're about to move out together and you don't think it's what you want, she deserves to know.


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