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I decided to give Medifast a try after I had been unsuccessful on literally every diet out there. I looked up sucess stories, scientific research, and various blogs and pages on this site and "attempted" to begin my journey on 10/23/08. I KNOW this plan works but I can not seem to get through a week without, wait, I'm kidding myself...more like a day, without going off plan. I am fine until I get home at about 9pm. Last night I ate 3 bars when I got home (being that there is not junk in my house). My fatal thoughts come into play..."Oh, you can start fresh tomorrow".

So, I've decided that maybe if I put this all out there I may have a chance of staying on plan. I've also gotten a health coach recently, so I really need to utilize her expertise. I have read that the first week is the hardest (particularly day 3-5), but I know it gets better. I so want this weight off and I know it's up to me to focus on my goal. I see so many wonderful people on this site has accomplished so much...I know I can be one of them. I just need to stop this cycle...

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You can do it, Jean. Instead of making an excuse and allowing a start over - before you go off plan, as you're thinking, "I want..." think, "Oh, well...".

(In the words of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards: You can't always get what you want... but if you try sometimes, you just might find - you get what you need!")..

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You have already made some good choices, like getting a Health Coach and noticing when you binge. I would suggest that you try some tweaking of your eating schedule to accomodate when you seem to typically want to eat. If you are eating 2 meals from 9 pm to bedtime, then plan that in for your day. Space the other meals out a bit farther if you have to get up super early and begin with breakfast. Also you can eat 5 and 2 if that helps in those first few weeks. That means 5 Medifast meals and split your Lean & Green between 2 other meals.

Also Medifast has some "extras" you can have each day to get you thru the headachy first days, like bouillon, celery, SF jello,etc. It helps when you have a lot of weight to lose and are always the hungry type of person. You did not mention how much weight you have to lose, how old you are, or how tall. All of those come into play for us women. You know hormones, menopause, etc..

Between Nutrisystem and your Coach, I'll bet you come up with a plan that works for you. Hang in there and know that this plan works and you are worth it!.

God Bless, Chatty..

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I just wanted to add it is possible to break that me I fought the restarts for months! And tonight my brain keeps saying, "Let's go out to eat, it won't hurt anything, even if you had (insert some little off plan something). You would be right back to it tomorrow." But you know what I did? I put my pjs on, drank a shake and logged on here...

Comment #3

I think you'll see as you browse around the boards that there are many, many restart stories.....there's a common thread through them that echos constantly that there was an "aha moment" or a "list" or some other motivating factor.

Many of us have taken two steps forward and one step back. You are clearly on the right track, as Chatty pointed out - working on the self-analysis and getting a health coach. Keep trying, use every tool you can lay your hands on.

Fake it til you make it!..

Comment #4

Jean, I did the same thing. I started on Nov 1 and flopped and tried a couple of times since. I have restarted today with a strong feeling I'm going to get through it this time. I've done Medifast before ( a few years ago) and it works great. We just need to find what works....mealtimes, good habits like water etc. and we'll be on our way.

Its a great thread with much good advice from very successful people...

Comment #5


I too am restarting on 11/16 after a great success last December. I am up about 14 pounds. I have tried and tried to recommit several times, but with no luck. I do great for about a week or so then I fall off plan. The holidays are right around the corner and I don't want to see friends and family who saw me at my lowest weight loss. So, let's do this together !!.

Let's promise to talk often and be truthful with our success each day. And, even if we do slip up a little, let's promise to tell the truth about that. Let's even have a little challenge. Let's try and lose 5-6 pounds before Thanksgiving. As of today I am weighing in at 216. Meaning that I want to weigh 210 by Thanksgiving.

What do you think?..

Comment #6

I think you're going to do it. One packet at a time, you'll do it...

Comment #7

Jeanelld You can do it. Work in 3 hour commitments. You can do anything for three hours!!!! My first week on program I did NOTHING, and I mean nothing except take care of myself. I knew for 3 hours I could nap, read magazines, do my nails. My only job for that week was to get into the program. I knew I just had to get through those 3 hours.

They are very very filling that way and they take a long time to sip down when the ice is that thick..

Yesterday I bought size 10 pants. I have never been a size ten ever. I was a 13 in high school. If I can do this, you can do this!..

Comment #8

I tried weight watchers and used my points for beer and peanuts. I tried south beach and overate. I guess I need the control thing built in like with medifast...

Comment #9

Karen, That is the most inspiring thing I have heard on any of the boards. Take the time to get into the Medifast routine and get it started right. Just do the one thing and concentrate on losing the weight. A week is a short time to devote to a complete life change. The alternative to losing over a hundred pounds would be gastric surgery..

You are a very inspiring lady. Good luck with the last 30. And remember to have fun..


Comment #10

Thank you Ruth- I was desperate!! I knew I had to "invest" in myself to make it work. My next step was GBS and I knew the recovery time would be the much longer. My house was a wreck, my family ate sandwiches, cold cereal and pizza (not good for them, but it worked out in the long run)..

All and all it was a good return. I am better off, I cook healthier on a daily basis, I have more energy for them...

Comment #11

I think you just have to get into a certain mindset. Easier said than done, I know, and will power is hard to attain and keep...

I just have tried to maintain a "cheating/snacking is not optional" frame of mind.

I work alone in an office for around 6 hours at night. I used to always get in the habit of having a snack, or more, just because I was bored.

One thing that helps me, and has also in the past- If there is candy/doughnuts/cheesecake/etc. at work, I hide it/ put it out of sight, so I don't have to walk past it or see it 20 times a day. Or, if there is absolutely no getting around being given something (like birthday cake) I will say, "Oh it looks great, I'll save it for dessert after supper" and take it home for my boyfriend, or just get rid of it later. At home I don't keep candy/chips/etc. that I can snack or binge on- so that is not an option. I have my lean and green foods and my Medifast foods.

It's hard to stay with a program once you start, but take it day by day, or by even smaller increments if necessary.

Try to think about the good things, instead of the bad- such as "I feel so much more energized/healthy" instead of "This is so boring/no variety".

Asking for help/support from family/friends/coworkers helps so much!..

Comment #12

Jean, Welcome Back! YOU can so do this! If "I" can, YOU can! We are all here to support you and know YOU can do this and you are so worth the work and effort it takes to stay on plan and once on plan, it get's so much easier and the hunger decreases once in ketosis. I also had to change my mindset and want it. I realized, I had to want to lose weight MORE than I wanted to eat off plan. That was a major turning point for me, right before I started MF. I knew I would do it, NO MATTER what! YOU can too! Best of Luck to you and know we are all here to support you. YOU CAN do it! Dan-O..

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