Starting out with Atkins before Medifast?

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I am loving this plan and I had a very easy start to it. I went on a very low carb Atkins diet for my first several days to get into ketosis. I lost 4 lb in 4 days eating large portions of low carb foods (steak, cheese, veggies) - I just figured it was better to ease into this eating lots of food. By then I received my shipment of Medifast food and finished the week on MF. It was a much easier transition than what I'm reading other people have had, going from normal eating cold turkey into MF. Now I'm 7.5 lb down the first week and hoping to still see a big loss next week as I've only been on Medifast 3 days so far..

I wondered if others have started out with Atkins to ease into this and what their results have been...

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I didn't but I think it is wonderful that you did! And a 7.5 lb weight loss on top of it! Good for you - you are VERY close to your goal weight now!!..

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I didnt have any luck with Atkins. My husband did but he gained it all back. Had I have had the support that I have here then maybe it would have been doable. I remember having sooooooooo many questions and no answers...

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Well, now I'm starting to re-think this as I'm stuck at 7.5 lb! I have been very surprised that by eating around 900 calories, I have gained and lost the same .5 lb the last three days. I know I'm having a little trouble staying completely OP for my L&G meal - I had ham, veggies, and salad last night, not realizing ham isn't kosher, so to speak! I wonder if I just need to up the water and I'll see the weight loss soon. It's hard for me to believe I can feel this good - not hungry a bit, energetic - be eating so little, and not losing weight..

Thanks for the responses!..

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I would definately up your water intake. If I notice my weight stall for a day or to, I really kick up my water intake and I'll see a good loss the next morning. Lately, I've been drinking 128 oz of water a day minimum...

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Karencee, great idea about getting into ketosis before starting medifast. you turned off the hunger trigger before you took your first shake. very cool...

Don't worry about the same .5 pounds in 3 days...

You are a living breathing human with lots of chemicals and hormones mixing around in different ways.. they often effect the scale.

I'm a daily weighter and I sometimes I don't see my weight go down for days and days on end. sometimes I see the numbers on the scale go up.. but always at the end of the month my net loss is there.. usually between 8 and 10 pounds but not always.

One mental trick I dois weigh every day but don't really take the number to heart.. just right it down and at the end of the week average it. and that is about what I lost.. the only number I take to heart is the one at the end of the month.. the others are just for my daily motivation.....

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Check out my blog re: Why the Scale Lies!!..

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Don't worry every once in a while it will look like you hit a stall. Just increase your water, keep on schedule for your meals and maintain your proper activity level. Let your body reset and move on. You are doing great so far. Do you remember anyone ever telling you kids grow in spurts they grow out and then up then out then up? Out bodies don't always cont the exact thing they will go about a task for a while then work at it from a diff angle then come back to the first way again. You will see the loss don't worry. Meanwhile think about how great you are feeling and start planning ways to use that new energy to increase fitness and happiness!..

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Thanks so much for all the words of wisdom. I have really concentrated on getting my water in the last two days and I'm over the hump. Tomorrow is two weeks for me - I've lost 9 lb, I feel great, and that is awesome!..

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Wow, Congratulations, Way to stick with it regardless of the almighty scale. You are doing great. Keep up the hard work! Dan..

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If you stick with it you will lose, some week more than others, but as long as the scale is going down it's all good. I know I had to get a scale to weigh the lean and green. I was actually eating too little when I eyed it. Amazing!..

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I noticed with me that the first week (I've stopped and started Medifast a couple of times), I always drop a good amount then it seems to slow after that. But it does add up and even though I usually don't think I am losing much, the one or two lbs. here and there adds up and by the end of the month, I may be down 15+ lbs. And everyone knows that you can see the same weight on the scale every day but somehow, clothes just start to fit looser and looser until they are too big. That's always a weird, but great feeling!..

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