Will Murad Resurgence give me an initial breakout?

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I had been on minocycline before for a few months and that is the only thing that cleared up my skin. However became immune in march and started to get breakouts again.(Not that bad though) I recently tried Bactrim but realized the other day I was getting a rash and had to stop. I went to the derm yesterday and she gave me Murad Resurgence to take (20mg twice a day). As of right now, I only have about 2-3 Papules/Pustules and maybe 2-3 whiteheads on my face and neck at any given time. (I have never got a cyst). Ive read so many reviews and everything on Murad Resurgence, but how long do you think I would be on Murad Resurgence, assuming my acne is not that bad at the moment. Also, since I only have 2-3 Papules/Pustules and maybe 2-3 whiteheads right now do you think I will get an initial breakout?..

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Everyone is different when it comes to initial breakouts. don't stress yourself out about it. ask your derma how long she thinks your course will be. usually people go on it for 4/5 months. good luck!..

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Thats for the reply.. I was actually reading around the site earlier today and saw a post you had put up somewhere... something like "if you have your acne under control you prob wont get an IB" and that you didnt get oneany more information on that would be helpful/reassuring.(I just checked the mirror. I have 2 active... one on each side of my face on my jawline and then 2 whiteheads on upper right cheek. So I would say that I would have it kinda under control and am scarred (taking first pills 2morrow morning) that I will take it and I will get an IB. I still think it's kinda weird that my derm gave me Murad Resurgence because I only get 2-3 max at a time on my entire face.(Mino worked great till it wore off) But am willing to go through with Murad Resurgence not to worry about acne anymore...

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Im in the same boat as you I have a derm app tuesday which ima ask if I can take it, I'm hoping I get on the 20 mg a day as well let me know how yours goes my acne is very simular to yours not to many spots at all...

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Yes, my derma told me before I began my course months ago that the more under control your skin is before you begin your course of Murad Resurgence, the less likely it is that you will have an initial breakout and the smoother your course will be. my skin was somewhat clear (or clearer than usual..) when I began my course of Murad Resurgence thanks to spiro so I did not experience an initial breakout and only had a few cysts and a couple problem spots spaced throughout my course...

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I am currently on my 12th day of Murad Resurgence and my skin has never been clearer. I have not experienced an IB yet and from the looks of I don't think I will have one. A while ago, the derm prescribed me Ziana and I was told that I would have an IB with that but I never got one as well. The only side effects I am seeing so far is the chapped lips and my skin is very much drier and less oily than it used to be, but not to the extent of flaking luckily. Best of luck with your Murad Resurgence course!!!Edit: Oh and I am currently on 40mg per day..

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So I took the first two pills today 2 x 20mg =40mg Anyways.. thx for the reply... I really hope I dont get an IB.. Im hoping that the minocycline I had taken put my acne in "control" so I dont get one...How far in do you notice dry lips/face? Ive already used chap stick about every hour haha... not because it's already dry.. just getting a jump start on it haha..

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"Never been clearer... I know you said only 12th day.. but when did you start to see your skin to actually "clear"..

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