What to drink instead of coffee on Medifast?

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What can I do with an Iced americano to make it yummy? I am starting Medifast Sept.1st and Im afraid I wont be able to give up my coffee. Is there any option for me?..

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Ooooooh yesss!!! My very favorite is to get a venti iced americano and add a packet of french vanilla shake plus a tablespoon of cream. YUMit's my "treat" meal...

Comment #1

While I love my Americano black...I've ask for Iced Americano handed them a package of Medifast cappuccino and asked them to blend it for me, and they always do....Frappuccino!..

Comment #2

Well - I don't have a Starbucks nearby - but I am a serious coffee drinker..

I started July 3..

One thing I did, I got some instant coffee and if you're making a "blech" face right now, I understand!!! but this works Really Really Well..

I chose a brand called "Kava" which seems to work really well, but where you're a Starbucks drinker you may prefer a "bolder" tasting kind like Maxwell House and when I make the shakes I add instant coffee powder, BEFORE mixing it. 1 teaspoon = 8 ounces coffee; I just decide how much caffeine I need..

The chocolate shakes turn into a Really Nice Mocha drink - especially if you mix them in a Magic Bullet! and still taste great even if just shaker-cup. Make sure you add some ice..

I think the vanilla shakes would probably make a great cappuccino too, but I'm not a cappucino fan - I stick to mocha; if I'm doing coffee, I can't resist using chocolate..

This way - Tastes great - and, you can stay 100% On-Plan while saving your extra condiment/fat options for something else. (Like making a boring salad taste better.).

Hope you do well!!!..

Comment #3

S/f vanilla and 1 T of half and half.

Or.. have them blend a Medifast cappucino with your coffee and ice.. they do it for me all the time.

Tip them well.. they are your friend!..

Comment #4

Mmmm Starbucks - I think I single handedly keep them in business. This one will be super tough for me as I can be a 2 Grande White Mocha a day drinker. Love the suggestions for accomodating this obsession!..

Comment #5

This morning I had a thought...threw a cappucino in the blender with 1 cup water and about a 1/2 cup of ice...holy cow, it tasted like a light frappucino minus the whipped cream...

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My new favorite in-the-car morning drink:.

I order a double shot of espresso over ice in a venti-size cup, w/1 pump sugar free caramel syrup, then I add a (pre-mixed at home) chocolate or vanilla or cappacino shake..

I never asked them to mix it - i"ll try that next time!!..

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I'm hooked on the iced Americano's as well. I like them black with one Splenda. Never thought about combining them with one of the Shakes, but that's a pretty great idea. Also, had no idea they would blend them for you. Nice to know!..

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