Can I split the Lean and Green into 2 meals?

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Hi, I am the new kid on the block. Just 10 days into Medifast and am doing great! However, I am considering splitting my lean and green into 2 smaller meals. It is especially hard for me on weekends when one friend wants to go for breakfast and another for dinner. Soooo, I thought why not split the L&G into 2 meals. Anyone else ever try this? Thanks, T..

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I have with success.

Breakfast with hubby - egg white and veggie omlet, eat half take other half home for next morning.

Dinner with girlfriend - grilled chicken salad, eat half take other half home for next night.

Do be mindful that your portions stay in line with the program for both halfs in one day so as to not exceed proper l&g portion size.

I also like to divide an omlet made at home for a brunch time meal with my family at home and then eat the other half later that night at dinner when my family is home since it seems I think I'm hungrier due to cooking 3 meals a day on weekends for my fam..

Also you can try to schedule your breakfast "date" on Sat and dinner "date" for Sun so then you won't need to spilt. Another option start thinking of things to do with your friends that have nothing to do with food or just meeting for coffee (my new personal fav) I carry a shake in a shaker bottle made with half the water and use as my "cream" in coffee on coffee dates.

Lots of options available, my advice... plan, plan, plan and when all else fails - plan!! Most important stick to your plan. Congrats on your success so far and your continued success..

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I travel for my job and many times have lunch and dinner engagements. So, for the last 3 weeksI do split my meals. Like the post above just watch your portions. Another thing I do is maybe have 1 cup of lettuce with a few veggies for lunch with low cal dressing. Yesterday I baked a portabella with one wedge of lt laughing cow cheese, basil and garlic on it for lunch...

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I split the lean and green all the time, and it is working fine...

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Thank you all for your responses! I did split my lean between breakfast and lunch. Breakfast wasn't too much trouble. I had egg beaters and 1/2 cup cottage cheese, and was able to do crab and green beans for dinner. I was lucky if I had 1/4 cup of beans in my dinner! The restaurant was a one of those bistro type where the helping of veggies is 3 beans & 2 red pepper strips! The crab cakes however were delicious!.

I will continue to split my L&G when needed...

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Be careful with crab cakes- most of them use bread crumbs to hold it together, which would not be on plan...

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Crab Cakes? Oh no! We have to look beyond the crab. Most are made with whole eggs, mayo, butter, tabasco, onions, oil. Most definitely off plan...

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