Soupy Medifast pudding?

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I made the chocolate pudding for the first time last night and I'm pretty sure I only added the 4 oz of water (I used the shaker jar and the line was hard to read). I whisked thoroughly and refrigerated for 25 min, but when I pulled it out it hadn't solidified. Is this normal? Is my fridge not cold enough?.



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4 oz is the first line on the shaker. I am betting you put too much water. I have never had that happen, sometimes I think they get too solid too fast. I don't even refrigerate mine, I just eat it after I shake it up....and it's thick!..

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I've had this problem a lot. I think I've gotten my pudding to set maybe a third of the times I've made it. After the first experience, I've been very careful in measuring the water, so I don't think it's adding too much, but I don't know why I've not been able to get my pudding to set..

I've had it happen with all three flavors. The few times it has set up, it's set up super fast and ends up lumpy. One time I mixed it up and it was starting to get thick but then something happened and it got soupy..

I end up putting mine in the freezer and pulling it out before it gets too solid. It's still gloopy, but yummy...

Comment #2

I find with 4 oz of water mine gets soupy too. So I just use slightly less water. Then once it's mixed, I heat mine up. I love warm chocolate pudding, just like my mom use to make on the stove...

Comment #3

The colder the water you use the better the pudding sets up...

Comment #4

That's what I have found, too..

However, the pudding is a little more "soupy" than regular pudding no matter what I do, but I'm OK with that...

Comment #5

I put in 3.5 ounces in a mug (20oz) whip with a fork. I beat until it's initially mixed and then let it sit for 30 seconds. Then I whip for a minute. I let it start to set up and then beat it. I have perfect pudding every time and no lumps...

Comment #6

I use my personal blender (Magic Bullet kind of thing). A couple of ounces of water, a few pieces of crushed ice, the pudding mix it all up for 30 seconds. It comes out think and creamy every single time...

Comment #7

I got a bad batch of pudding once. Every time I put the recommended amount of water (cold water) and it was very soupy. I stopped ordering the pudding. I really don't have time for poor quality control...

Comment #8

I use a measuring cup when I make mine. I use just a little less than 1/2 cup of cold bottled water from the frig. I also use a whisk and then let it sit in the frig for at least an hour before I eat. It is always nice and thick and creamy. I also use a fiestaware bowl rather than the corningware dishes, makes a difference for some reason...

Comment #9

Love the pudding. I use a whisk and cold water (1/2 c) Sets just fine...

Comment #10

I've found if you mix it and eat it right away it's nice and thick, but if you put it in the fridge it gets watery. I know that makes no sense and seems completely backward, but thats how it is for me...

Comment #11

Love the chocolate pudding!!! 1/2 cup works fine for me. I mix it right away with the water, put it in the refrigerator or in the freezer if I'm trying to rush it along. If there are a few lumps, I actually like them and look forward to them, lol...

Comment #12

I put enough cold water that it mixes well, then I keep in in the fridge overnight, an hour before I want to eat it, I stick it into the freezer so it's nice and thick, not hard..I also add a drop of the Da Vinci Sugar Free vanilla syrup and it comes out really well...

Comment #13

I gave up the shaker bottle and whisking. When making pudding make sure your water is very cold. I also purchased the bullet and guess what? No more soupy pudding...

Comment #14

I've had 3 different flavors of the pudding and have never had a problem with them being soupy. I always mix mine in a big enough bowl to be able to whisk it quickly as soon as I add the water though. If it's lumpy, it's not mixing correctly to be able to set up...

Comment #15

Thanks, everyone. I'll give these suggestions a try. :-)..

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