Sotret not made anymore??

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I am taking Sotret, and my friend is about to start taking it. But the pharmacy said it isnt being made anymore?? has anyone had this problem???..

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I just had my prescription refilled on April 6th - I haven't heard that yet...

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I think the pharmacist is either: just plainly stupid, teasing with your friend, or is just plainly stupid.....

Comment #2

It's possible your pharmacy will not be getting Sotret anymore. The corporate office sets up the ordering of particular brands (especially when it comes to generics) just like any store you go to. It's like going to different grocery stores and being able to find your favorite brand of juice at one store, but not the other...

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Sotret was recalled by the FDA because of potential contamination in the facilities it is produced in. Some pharmacies will still have Sotret in stock, but when they run out will turn to a different generic brand. I actually called the FDA to ask about this. Any of the Sotret that was shipped out is perfectly fine. I know all the CVS's I have went to switched from Sotret to Claravis. You can google this too if you'd like...

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^ Contaminated by what? I'm off to search.eta: Can you help us out with a link? I'm not finding anything on this...

Comment #5

Http:// was a topic on the contamination a while ago. However, this was months before I even started taking it, so I am pretty sure that this is not the case...

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Http:// called the FDA about 3 months ago and asked about the situation. The lady told me that were looking into some potential problems at the Ranbaxy labs. I have no idea if the problem has been resolved. I know the article doesnt address Sotret directly. Ever since this problem did arise though every CVS that I previously went to (3 different ones) all switched to Claravis...

Comment #7

I tried searching for Sotret recalls on the FDA website and internet, but was running into dead ends. Thanks for the link. The plant in India is not the only manufacturer of Sotret, so I doubt the entire supply is being cut off. From the link given, only the Indian plant is being banned from sending Sotret into the U.S. Here's a link to Ranbaxy. This one shows that isotretinoin (Sotret) is made in Mexico as well.

I'm not saying the supply is running thin or perhaps a particular pharmacy is going to go with another brand for whatever reason. I'm just throwing this info out there because some people were freaked out in that other thread and hopefully this info will calm some nerves. From a business standpoint, I can see why if this is the case. I wouldn't want my business caught up in that sort of mess either...

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Yep. Thanks Siava for replying. Nobody should worry. The FDA told me anything that was previously shipped out was completely fine, and was tested. If anyone has questions they should just call the FDA. I couldn't find much info on it either at the time, which is why I called.

I'm almost done with mine!..

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So Sotret is fine right? Thats what Im taking currently...

Comment #10

Yes! It is absolutely fine. There are no problems with any Sotret that the pharmacies are giving patients...

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Yess...i am being switched to Claravis now.i heard more side effects happen with Claravis vs Sotret? anyone heard about that?yess...i am being switched to Claravis now.i heard more side effects happen with Claravis vs Sotret? anyone heard about that?..

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You can still get the Sotret from Duane reade. CVS and walgreens have stopped carrying them.I had a bad reaction when I took Claravis, so I can only take Sotret.And Sotret works great for my skin. But it sucks CVS and walgreens don't have it any more... Because both pharmacies are very close to my home...but Duane reade.....

Comment #13

I just got mine filled at Rite Aid, they had Sotret...

Comment #14

My pharmacist told me Duane reade has a contract with the company that makes Sotret..

Comment #15

I can't fill my prescription with Sotret anymore @ CVS. Claravis only!..

Comment #16

CVS and walgreens have stopped carrying them. Go to Duane reade or Rite Aid..

Comment #17

Yep, that's true, it's not made anymore. I've hardly got my treatment for these months...

Comment #18

It is still being manufactured. Certain pharmacies are not carrying the brand anymore. Which pharmacy do you get your prescription from? There are 3 other generics and the brand name in the United States. Is your dermatologist specifically writing Sotret instead of "Murad Resurgence, generics allowed"?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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