So why did I gain weight on Medifast?

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Hey everyone,.

I was doing sooo good week one and I fought off the hungry phase AND it was TOM and I still didn't cheat. I was so happy with my results of week one, (-9.4 lbs), I know that thats probably the most weight I'm going to loose in one week, so I'm not expecting to see numbers like that again..

So I'm a daily weigher (for the motivation while I'm still gettin into my medigroove). and on monday and tues I decided not to weigh myself, to try to break my habit, also on mon and tues I ate from the meatless ,LEANEST options because I love cottage cheese ( I split my portions of half cottage cheese and half egg beaters) and missed it. Come to find out on wed when I weighed myself, I GAINED 1.5lbs. I was ******. mostly because I am following the plan strictly and drinking my water ect.

Im guessing it's because I took in more carbs on meatless then I usually do on meat options but I checked the graphs and my carbs were at highest 82grams for those two days.

So yesterday (wed) I switched back to lean meat and had fish, and this morning (thurs) I'm down .5lbs... although I'm going down again this set back really upsets me because I am fighting HARD against my urges and wanting to eat bad food. It is a REALLY difficult struggle for me but I was doing it and I had NOT cheated, but I still gained. Im going to be upset if I cant enjoy 1% cottage cheese every now n then on the meatless options, because if I gain weight every time I enjoy it, it's not worth it and that makes me mad.

Ugggh sorry I just had to let it out, Im trying hard over here and mentally trying to win this battle of the bulge. Thanks for listening, err...... reading. I feel a lil better now lol...

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You cannot be this hard on yourself!!! You are doing awesome!.

"Get thee behind me Satan" (I am pointing at the scale, it is truly a little metal DEVIL) LOL! The scale does not tell the whole story when it comes to your weight. Intellectually you know it takes 3,500 calories to gain a true pound of fat. So that 1.5lbs was not FAT, it was water, so do not freak out.

Work the plan and the weight will come off. Blessings to you on your Medifast journey!..

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I feel your pain.. I started last monday..and lost 13 lbs as of this monday. I started my TOM this week and am a daily weigher as well. I went up 3 lbs and am not like .5 lbs above where I was this monday. I am hopin that once my cycle is finished I will have dropped some weight, and I think thats one of the dangers of weighing urself daily. Weight fluctuates, and so we can't be discouraged by the little ups and downs.

We are just gonna have some weeks that are tougher than others. Keep your head up and keep going. Great job on the 9.4 lbs loss...thats awesome!.


Comment #2

Anything that is low-fat has higher carbs. That's just the way it works... But remember that most cottage cheeses have a LOT of sodium, which is probably your culprit. It makes you retain water. It's not a real weight gain...

Comment #3

Thank you guys, I do need to watch my sodium, and not flip out over every little thing. I appreciate the positive thoughts!!!..

Comment #4

I feel a lil better bout everything now... ""Get thee behind me Satan" (I am pointing at the scale, it is truly a little metal DEVIL) " lol nikki..

Comment #5

I just finished my second week and am a daily/hourly weigher as well. I was up a few pounds at times during the week as well. Unfortunately, I think it is normal for women to flucuate..

Yes, it is can be discouraging when you look at it on a day by day basis, but if we only weighed once per week, it's all good!.

That first week, I lost daily and it was very motivational, but now that I am "bouncing" all over up 3, down 2, up 1, down 3, I see the sanity in weighing weekly..

Hang in there! You will be down when you weigh for the week!..

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I'm strictly meatless and I find when I eat just dairy proteins (cottage cheese, lite swiss, etc) my elimination system TOTALLY slows down. I have to drink more water than ever to avoid getting "backed up" as they say. So, eat cottage cheese the day of your weigh in and stick with other leans the rest of the week should be all "cleared out" by the time you need to weigh again...

Comment #7

I lose slower when I eat vegetarian options and I lose the most when I eat fish...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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