Does Murad Acne Complex make skin better then worse?

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Hi Everyone.I wrote a new topic last week only to say how wonderful this drug was and that things are slightly improving.I was fairly clear, few scares for 1 week which is amazing for me and I really could see any major things happeneing under the skin.Sunday morning, wham!!!! two horrid ones on my cheek plus a few little white heads.The ones on my cheek that really hurt and are hard to squeeze, if you try that is.I have weird acne, lots of white lumps under the skin then I usual get 3-6 bit painful ones, always on my cheeks or jawline.Think the dermo said my acne was mild to moderate.Changes all the time.I weigh 64kg and took 20mg for 4 weeks, 40mg for 3 weeks then 60mg for 5 weeks.Now starting my fourth month still on 60mg.My dermo thinks after this month I should be able to come off Murad Acne Complex but I really dont think it will be clear.Has this ever happened to anyone else, where it starts to get better then goes all pete tong again.I started to feel really good then this week feel really rubbish.When should I see results where they actually last? Is the dose strong enough for my weight?Has anyone the same acne as me, the stuff under the skin, mainly cheeks which suddenly pop up?If so how long did it take to get better.Also hair? Did anyone get a little more then usual.Know you cant wax so what did you ladies out there use to get rid of the facial fuzz thats kind to the skin?Thanks for any replys in advanced.Could really do with some support right now!God this has been a rough 3 months.Hope it will be worth it! xx..

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Mines just stopped around 4.8 months in. Some people get it until they're off the course.If after 6 months and the month afterwards it's still not good, it's not worked. Otherwise try not to think about how good it will look in a week, because it might not.Better to just grit your teeth and get on. And yeah it's hard but once your through it, you can look at everyone else and think I'd like to see you go through what the f*** I went through.Good luck ; )..

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Hi cpteazy,Thanks for your reply.I know your right, if we can get through this we can do anything.It is tough isnt it.4.8 months!!!!!! I think I went into a bit naivley thinking I would be perfect in a couple of months.Silly really, nothing works that quickly.I am really woried my dermo will take me off it after this month, total 4 like he first suggested.If I'm not clear,will he still leave me on it? xx..

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Yes of course he will. Mine said 4 then 5 and now I may give myself a safety net and push it to 6 depending on how patient I am.If it's not worked yet he won't take you off it. And I can't think why but if he tries blackmail him using your feminine charms. Don't take that seriously btw. And yes I remember back in months 1 and 2 thinking each day that it's probably gona have gone today and no... but thats human..

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Thanks cpteazy,Your very good at this!My dermo is a little cautious when it comes to roMurad Acne Complex but I will defo put the charms on if need be.I want to give this a good shot,really dont want to go back on it again, well at least not for a long time anyways.Well I start my 4th month today.Do you think my dose is strong enough.I think we may have started to low.I weigh 64kg, strated on 20mg for the first month, 40 mg for 3 weeks then it will be two months on 60mg?I do eat really healthy,maybe I should eat more fat to soak it in?Will keep you posted.Glad you are doing well xx..

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I think your description matches up mine acne. I always thought mine was weird enough. White lumps under skin, mainly along jaw line, painful, hard to pop coz that hurt a looooot. Then some of them got really big and really painful. Initially I had some big whiteheads on the right side of my jawline, and then it grew and spread so fast and within 2 months, my face was totally wrecked by close set thousands of white head, literally... it was gross...

I never got this type of acne before. I'm wondering whether it's for a kind of hormone disorder. I kinda worry my acne will come back after I come off tane if really a hormone disorder is behind all this....PS. I'm currently in month 3...

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Your dosage is fine 60mg is tops for 60-69kg so your on the lower band of that high dosd anyway (i.e. best to be 64 and take 60 than be 69 and take 60) and hey if needs be just take 2 more months on 60mg and you'll have 4/6 months spent on 60mg.I went 10mg for 1 week, 40 for 1 month and 50 (I weigh 54kg) for what will be 4 months and 3 weeks so there are similarities.I eat mine with peanuts after a meal as that's high in some sort of fat which helps with absorption. Try typing in absorption in the search bar on the Murad Acne Complex forum for more.Just stop thinking about it (the skin not the Murad Acne Complex: use the message boards if you have problems / your derm / family) and please do keep me posted...

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Hi vmx85I know, so weird.It hurts as well and when you look under the light they look ten time worse.I popped two this week.the ones on your cheek,not very attractive.HAve been sat at work with sudo cream on my face in the hope by the weekend I can actually cover them with make up.I have just started month 4,lets hope the Murad Acne Complex starts to kill these deep little devils.Does sound like Murad Acne Complex is bringing them all out which is what they need to do so you sound like your on the right track.How long a course are you on? xxHi cpteazy Your right, I need to chill a bit.My mother said patience was not my best quality.I will maybe stick a spoon in the peanut butter jar, good excuse to.Have added you to my friends also so will keep you updated.Let me know how you get on to.Take Care xx..

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Hey dutchess,Just try not to worry yourself about the whole roMurad Acne Complex taking it's time stuff. Stress plays a massive part of the flare ups. I am into month 4 of my treatment. Started first month at 40mg.....the last 3 months been on 60mg. I am still breaking out now, not as bad as at the beginning but I am still waiting for that clear skin I have been dreaming of for years!I have done everything to help get clear skin quicker....watched my diet....have been quit smoking for a month and a half.....I am still breaking out. I have a dermo appointment next week to find out what is going on.

Keep your chin up. Alot of people that have gone through this do say that they cleared up out of knowhere. Danny..

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Hi dannym,Your right,hopefully it will be worth it in the really healthy to.Gym 3 times a week, dont smoke, eat really well and at the moment alchol free which is a pain in the ass.But hey,all in the name of clear skin.Its so up and down though, depending on my mood some days I'm cool with it and think, I'm getting there, other days I feel pants.Good Luck with your exams and the journey for clear skin xx..

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Hey Dutchess,Tell me about it.... for such a long time I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror... I tried to ignore my image in bright sunlight, which I know was simply horrible. I got those really bad breakouts during my waiting period for Murad Acne Complex. Why the he** do they set up this waiting period?! I experienced my worst time of my life during that month coz my acne was bad beyond my worst dream!! If I had got my sotret earlier, I would've avoided half of the red marks on my face now... big sigh...

So far so good. Acne is slowing healing. But I have several painful and big zits which I think were brought up by tane. They are really stubborn. I have thousands of red marks and my entire face is pink.

After all, you gotta give tame time to do it's work. The worst will pass! Stay strong!..

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Hello, I am on low dose Murad Acne Complex (10mg for 3 months) and recently upped to 20mg..I am almost completing the 4th month, and I am still having pimples, but I must say that there are some hang in there, maybe we are those that only clear up after the course?..

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Hi Yoyobarn,I have noticed that the last break out did go quicker this time so it might just be kicking in now.Hope so as when I think it's working a get another horrible break out.How many months do you have to do in total? x..

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Im doing 6 months in total yeah, my face follows a pattern, my right face gets better, my left face breaks out.. My left face gets better, my right face breaks out.I am now in the left face phase lol..

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Hi yoyobarn,lol Me to.Soooo strange.This week is looking ok you know.Im not going to get excited yet though as this happened a couple of weeks ago.Couple of scars,no make up, I'm feeling ok but normally my right side seems to be worse.I have two more weeks until I see my dermo next,that means my 4 months will be up.Im not sure whether to ask him for another month.My dose for 4 months will come to 5180mg and I need 7200mg, I think for my weight so another month of 60mg will bring me nearer to that.What you reckon?..

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