When do you need to stop Medifast if you're pregnant?

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Turn up pregnant?..

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R U? If so , congrats!.

I have no clue, I would think immediately just for nutrition's sake. Did you post this to Nutrition Support...

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Yes! Thank you, I just found out what a surprise, we weren't going to start trying for #3 until May. Oh well, I will post something over there...

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I would call them because it takes forever!!! But I think they suggest you go off the 5/1..

Do you have a health coach? He/She would be able to tell you for sure!..

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From what I remember, I think that the regular 5&1 plan is way to restrictive calorie-wise and there are questions about the safety of ketosis while pregnant. If your OB/GYN agreed, you may be able to continue with a modified plan like the Senior Plan which is a low-calorie plan w/o ketosis and with a higher daily calorie intake. Some doctors question the use of artificial sweeteners during pregnancy though. I'm sure Nutrisystem will answer you soon and give you some info to discuss with your doctor..


P.s. I also remember some women stopped Medifast while pregnant and then returned after the baby. That would also be an option...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.