Why am I gaining weight with Medifast?

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Hey guys,.

I need some encouragement or some weight gain stories where it was all good in the end...or I'm tempted to quit..

I've been on Medifast for 9 weeks (and all 9 weeks I've been 100% ON PLAN!) and was losing at a good rate, when out of the blue I start gaining. Since Sat. I've gained 3.5 lbs. I have not cheated or skipped meals and always drink 78 oz or more of water. I am doing the same thing I've done since the begining. My weight has stayed the same for almost a week before, but I have never gained like this..

What is up with me? I'm not getting my period for two more weeks, so it's not that. I have a VERY strong sweet taste in my mouthsweeter than normalfor the last few days, but from what I've read that's not a bad thing...a sweet taste is a sign that you're in ketosis..

All I ever wanted was to be thin, and I thought I'd found the answer with MF, but now I'm not so sure. I can't afford to buy this food and not lose weight. So something better give, or this months shippment is going back and I'll have to try something else..

Please help me!.


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Hi Shannon, please don't give up and don't send that food back! If I am reading your ticker right...WOW! you have had GREAT success with this. I don't think it gets any better than this anywhere else (trust me....I have spent thousands on every stupid diet known to human kind!!) :-) I started a little later than you (march 20) and I have only lost 15 lbs! But you have done great! I wish I had your numbers!! I did have one little slip up but it was just about 24 hours and other than I have been 100% too! I have just accepted that my body is going to do this at it's own pace. I wonder, in your case, if you've lost so quickly that your body is taking a breather. One thing I did when I was so down like you are today is that I measured and saw that even though the scale wasn't cooperating, I had lost 8.5" That helped me feel better. I bet also if you took a picture, you would see a real change. Hang in there! You did the right thing by coming to the boards.

IT WILL PASS! I promise that when you look back a year from now, you will be at goal. But if you send the food back, and you are looking back a year from now, where will you be? I know you can do this! Hang tight! I'm rooting for you...

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Hi Shannon,.

I know it is tough when the scale goes the wrong way for no reason, but deep down inside you have to know this is just a fluke....look at your numbers! Don't give up; when else have you lost this much weight this quickly? Wait 10 days, keep doing what you are doing, and this craziness will stop, I'm sure. One more thing, from my own experience with this same stupid phenomena, STAY OFF OF THE SCALE! I actually put mine in the garage because I was becoming so obsessed!..

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Hi Shannon,.

Your weight loss in 9 weeks is amazing! Congrates..

I must repeat what everyone has said - DON'T QUIT. I actually started 3 days after you did and have only lost 22 pounds. I also have totally been OP. My weight loss stopped the first time 3 weeks into it. That time it lasted 10 days. Health coach upped my Medifast meals to 6/1 lean & green and added infusers.

But I will tell you, it would have been soooo easy to quit yet something told me, thru the tears, that I had to keep trying. After all, nothing else has worked even this well..

The next time I went 2 weeks - no weight loss so I went back to 5/1 and lost 5 pounds. Next week, who knows!.

No one told me about the ups and downs and after you experience a couple you learn to deal with it - a little anyway..

So, don't give up, maybe pay closer attention to carbs, add a Medifast meal if you are hungery, but do not give up...

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Yep, it's no big deal. I've seen my scale go up and down and up and down and up and down so much... Just in the matter of a few hours during the day I can watch it put on two pounds, then lose two pounds, etc.. A few tips:.

1) The road to weight loss is never a straight line from point A to point B. Think about it like a hike down a mountain. Don't you think there will be some hills and crags and flat spots along the path? Sure there will be. The point is, even though there are some ups and downs on that path, it's still a downhill walk overall..

2) You've stated that you've been pretty much doing the same thing since you began. You make want to shake things up a bit. First, have a good look at your exercise routine and see if you can do something different. Either bump up the intensity level by increasing the activity or the difficulty, or find a wholly different activity which gives you a workout in a completely new way. Remember, you want to keep your target heart range in the 65-85% of your MAXIMUM heart range when you're doing your workouts (see the exercise section for how to calculate it). Maybe you've been doing long walks, so why not try some light weight lifting every other day? Maybe it's aerobics or a cross trainer, why not try swimming laps instead.

3) Look at your nutrition plan. Are you varying your calorie intake each day, or is staying OP so religiously causing: a) your body to go into conservative mode (you're missing your Medifast meals or consistantly coming in under calorie), b) has my body adjusted to the level and i'm eating too much (over the 1000 calorie range consistantly, or way over the recommended range in either fats, carbs or protein), or c) am I just adjusted completely to this calorie level and need a bit of a boost to my metabolizm (momentum, three cups of green tea a day, etc.)..

4) Cut yourself some slack. You didn't put on the weight overnight, so it's not going to come off overnight either. You're doing fine. There's nothing at all wrong with you. You'll get through this little gain/plateau in time. I once plateau'd for weeks on end before my body felt it was safe enough for me to lose more fat.

You'll be fine. Keep listening to these words of encouragement and stay OP...

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Hi Shannon!.

Some gains are very normal. I'm a daily weigher and rarely is my weight the same from day to day... some days it's up... some it's down, what matters is over the long run, it keeps going down. There will be times that you don't lose as your body adjusts to the lower weights (my longest plateau was 2 days shy of 3 weeks - and during that time, it definitely went up some days/weeks)..

A lot of times, I can attribute "gains" to either something I ate (something high in salt or containing MSG) or to a hard workout (the day after I lift weights, the scale always goes up as the body sends extra fluids to repair the muscles). But some days the scale just goes up cause it wants to test my resolve!.

Listen to Beachman... shake up your routine (eating and exercise)... if you are following the plan, the weight WILL come off! you might want to hide your scale for a week or two, also.

And MEASURE! Lots of times a stall on the scale will show a drop in inches!.

Good luck and stay strong! You WILL win this battle......

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Shannon - Have you been taking any meds recently? Antibiotics or anything else? Have you checked the batteries in your scale? Have you ever had issues with your thyroid?.

Just throwing out a couple of things that could be the problem. I'm sure that whatever weight you have gained is water weight. Hang in there, hide your scale for a few weeks, but stick with the program at least until your food runs out. It works, it really does...

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Hang in there girl!! If you have been 100% on plan there is NO WAY you gained 3.5 pounds of fat. More than likely you are retaining water...maybe you had more sodium lately? Have you been working out extra hard..I know when I really push my muscles I see a blip. Stick with it and you will probably be rewarded with a nice loss in the next couple weeks. You've lost 30 pounds in 9 weeks..that is fabulous!! Sometimes our bodies just need to take little breather...

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I lost a lot really quickly, too, and then BAM! Seems like it took me FOREVER to get out of the 180's! Seriously, like almost 2 months. But I just stuck it out, and suddenly the scale started chugging along again and I've lost about 12 pounds in the past 4 weeks. It just sort of happens that way. In my case, I'd started exercising again for the first time in years, and it did cause an initial stall. I think my body was just so shocked that it just decided to hang out where it was for a while. But it's so worth it to just keep doing what you're doing, because eventually your body will get a clue and join the program.

Hang in there!.

And BTW, I would have KILLED for your results. We started at the same weight, and it's taken me SEVENTEEN weeks to get here!..

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Thanks everyone..

I was (and still am) concerned about GAININGwhen will I stop gaining? It's .5-1lb a day and it's killing me! It won't level off-it just keeps going up and up!.

I just wish my "faithfulness" would pay off....


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Everyone's body is different. Just concentrate on the advice given here and if you still can't resolve it, repeat the question in nutrition support. You're likely to get the same answers that you are gettng here. If all else fails, consider speaking with your physician to see if there's a medical issue behind it..

We also need more feedback from you on what's going on in your diet (the foods you're eating, all of them, condiments and Medifast meals included), what your exercise routine is like (type, duration, intensity) and anything else you can tell us about what's going on...

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Please just don't give up! Try some of the suggestions and give your body time to catch up. You've had a STELLAR weight loss so far - you know I'm also jealous!!.

You KNOW it's not fat - takes 3500 EXTRA calories to make a pound of fat. If your OP - or even close to it - no way you've consumed enough calories to make your gain happen. Water - gotta be water. Water is a sneaking bugger, sometimes it will hang out, uninvited, for no apparent reason at all. The body will do what the body will do!..

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I understand that it's "killing you", the solution is ~ stay off the scale!.

Stress plays a very important in weight loss and how much we lose ~ AGAIN ~ Stress plays a very IMPORTANT role in the weight loss process. Being so stressed out over what the scale says is going to make your body hold on to the weight instead of releasing it.

Let's just take a minute to REALLY THINK about what's happening. You are 100% on plan ~ drinking plenty of water and getting between 800 - 100 calories a day - 85-100 grams of carbohydrtaes a day. You MUST consume 3500 calories to gain a pound! Eating the way you're eating there is NO WAY you are gaining fat..

Everyone has given you excellent advice. It is NOT a natural thing for your body to burn fat for fuel ~ it is use to burning carbohydrates and now it just doesn't understand what's going on and it's fighting back. GIVE IT A CHANCE to catch up! You have had TREMENDIOUS SUCCESS so far ~ have faith in the program and more importantly have faith in yourself ~ YOU CAN DO THIS!.

I've lost 145 lbs on this program since July ~ TRUST ME when I tell you the program works and it WILL WORK for you! ~ Hang in there :-)..

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Hi Shannon, listen to all your Medifast friends you are doing great so DON'T GIVE UP. You will lose again, your body is slowing down because of the weight you already lost. We are with you 100%. Shake it up a bit and you will see the difference. I would like to say I wish to be under 200 but have been struggling with over 12 lbs for 2 weeks and I am OP and I am trying like heck to get under that 200 mark. So keep being faithful you will succeed.

That's awesome. Oh I just want to tell you that I am over 70 yrs old and I am still trying to get there. I started in Feb 2008 and lost almost 40 lbs and still trying. So if I can do it you can to. Do it now while you are young cause it's harder to come off when your old like me..

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Hi Shannon:.

All of the above postings give you wonderful advice.

I started Medifast Feb 22, 2008 and had a week where I either did not lose, or just lost one pound, and even gained one week. Now, this week, even being on a steroid pack (poision ivy) I lost 6 lbs! Yeah!!! Now next week (just had a spinal shot for herniated disk and am on pain pills and muscle relaxants) so no telling what might happen. Scale might not move at all. Guess my point is that eventually you will be at your goal. You have already had great success! I found that if I quit comparing my weight loss to others (I am a slow loser compared to a lot of others) I felt better about myself. At first, when I would look at other weight losses, it would discourage me because I was not losing faster.

I finally learned about that. I would drive myself nuts weighing every morning and would have either a good day or a bad day depending on the scale. Finally, I decided that I would not be a slave to the scale! That has really worked. Also, measure yourself when you weigh..

Well, that's my two cents worth of advice.

You hang in there you because you are on your way to goal!!!.

Hope everyone has a great OP weekend...

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Thanks everyone!.

Well, I lost all but 1/2 lb of that weight I gained, so you guys are right-it couldn't have been fat, but water weight.

I just kind of panicked when I saw the numbers start going in the wrong direction! And you guys are right-I should only weigh myself once a week...but I can't help myself!.

Your encouragement meant alot to me, and I don't know if I would have stayed OP without it..

Have a great weekend!.


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Hi Shannon - just ran across your post. I purpose do NOT weigh myself every day anymore because it just drove me nuts!! Some people have to, I can't. I weigh myself on Wednesday and on Sunday..

The body just fluctuates too much for that to be an accurate reading, and like kmiser said, it takes 3500 calories to gain a pound - so if you really think about it - have you eaten that?? If you are 100% on plan, then of course the answer is no.......

As to water weight, the best way to counteract that which seems counterintuitive, I know, is to drink - more WATER! It will flush out....also, if you have been exercising and have sore muscles, sometimes your body can retain fluids. Also, if you weight right after you have exercised you can see an increase in weight. Your heart is pumping pretty hard to move fluids, blood flow, etc. to the muscles you are working.....

Right now I'm sitting on a plateau where I have been for 4 weeks. That didn't happen to me at all early on in the program, but right now I am at a previous set point weight. Now I don't know how much validity to put into set points, but truthfully, this is a point where my body has wanted to just STOP! So all you can do is be patient. It's gotta come off.....hang in there! This is absolutely the best program around - and like so many others here - girl I've tried 'em all! Good luck!..

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If your thoughts are to quit Medifast now, what will your thoughts be 6 months or a year from now when you are still not at your goal. Hang in there and have patience. It will happen...

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Hi, Just my 2 cents, I am a returnee, like you I lost pretty quickly for me, I am older than you are, but then I hit a wall, no cheating, but no loss for 3 weeks. I did a really dumb thing and switched to Jenny Craig. Talk about slow loss. Anyway here I am back on MF, never to give in again. I bet you have lost inches! Also, you are so close to goal, your body is probably trying to adjust to the new you! Good luck and hang in there, you are doing a great job!..

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