Does smoking lead to more side effects from Murad Resurgence?

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Do any smokers on here experience bigger breakouts whilst on Murad Resurgence? I know it may sound stupid, but I am a smoker.....smoke 10 ciggies a day and my face was really bad.....I dropped to 2 a day and my face cleared so much, just left with red marks on my cheeks....spots/cysts still coming up on my neck though. I dont know if it is coincidence that I am heading to nearly 4 months tane and it's kicking in or the cutting down smoking that has cleared my cheeks so much. Any views or experiences?Thanks alot Danny..

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Hey manny, just started the tane but when I was smoking, I found that cleansers and prescriptions didnt work as well as they did on a day I didnot I just quit all together, it's worth it, it seems as if it makes it easier for the meds to work, thus you will get better results, faster.cheeers,spencer..

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Actually smoking can actually cause you to have acne. That's what my dermatologist said to me...

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Im not so sure thats true. It can definitely worsen acne but it's not the underlying cause of acne. The fact that smoking smells terrible and can lead to lung cancer is enough reason to quit. Smoking is addicting, so Ive heard (Ive never smoked ever) but there has to be some way you can quit..

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Thanls for the fast replies. I realise how bad smoking is for the health and I am really trying to quit!! It is just soo hard! I just think at the moment with my uni exams going on and stress at work the time is not right to quit just now. It is just so weird that I cleared up so well the week without smoking. The 2 that I am smoking do not seem to be affecting any acne on my face now, just my neck. I have done so much research and scanning the net for info on this and there are yays and nays for a link between smoking and acne. I am just curious about other peoples experiences....some people argue they do not see any difference in their acne and others vice versa.Danny..

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Smoking prevents acne so I'd say it's almost definatly the Murad Resurgence kicking in...

Comment #5

What?! Where did you get that from? Smoking doesnt prevent acne..

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It depends on the person; for some smoking will aggravate acne (smoke is irritating, the ingredients in cigs prevent healing, the facial movements required for smoking can cause permanent wrinkles!) For others, smoking seems to have minimal effects, Murad Resurgence or not. The latter = me...

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I definetly agree that I must be one of the ones that reacts badly to cigerettes. Duchamp - I totally agree about the aids to help quit smoking.....I was on the inhalor for a month and I just started smoking over the top of them in the end and went back to normal. I definetly saw a massive improvement in my skin when I did drop to 2 a day, and so did sooo many other people! thats the annoying thing that I have just aggravated it and brought it back with this nasty habit I have. I just really dont want to ruin what I have gone through whilst being on Murad Resurgence for the past 4 months...I need to go cold turkey or something and just pack in smoking completly with will power alone I think. It is just a nightmare!! Another thing that bothers me, is that when I finish my the course, which I have been told is either going to be june 10 or the end of June......If I have alcohol....will my skin react badly to this aswell......I was always the life and soul of parties before tane, but had bad acne. At the parties I drank alot which included smoking also.

Sorry to go on!Danny..

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I have no clue, but I can let you know;whenever I have even 1 or 2 cigarettes, I will most likely breakout the next morning, and that is usually the only time I really breakout, I'm on like day 39 of my Murad Resurgence corse..

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I am definetly going to try and go cold turkey. Since started this topic I havent smoked, and my face is drying up and clearing once again. So I am certain it is to do with the smoking in my case. I have to just ride this course out now and see when I get taken off of it.....4th month coming up! cant believe it's almost over!! Thanks for all the advice.Danny..

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