How much weight loss should I expect on my 4th week on Medifast?

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So this is my 4th official week OP and I'm wondering what I should be expecting as far as the numbers on the oh-so-dreaded scale. I started at 190.5, from there the first week was awesome with a loss of 8.5 please understand I am NOT by any means expecting that every week or at all at this point...with that said, the second week was a loss of 1 pound and this last (third) week was a loss of 1.5 pounds...if I'm doing my math right that brings me to a grand total of 11 pounds in 3 weeks which by any standard isn't too shabby. However, after having spent countless hours perusing the boards, I noticed a "pattern" in people's weight loss...yes I understand every person's body is different but just bear with me...the first week tends to be the largest drop in weight, for some people that's 10+ pounds and for others it's maybe 5 pounds...but from that generally they fall into whatever their average is, usually between the Medifast given range of 3-5 pounds per week assuming they didn't cheat...and of course there's the 2nd/3rd week stall to account for...I suppose I'm just hoping this 1-1.5 loss isn't my average? I haven't "cheated" at all and all of my calories/carbs/proteins are well within the range given by MF...though I will say I find it impossible to drink more than 1L (33.8 oz) of water a day...did anyone find that the amount of water intake actually helped with weight loss or was it more of a "I'm hungry and can't eat so let me guzzle some water?" Any advice/comments will be greatly appreciated...I'm not so much discouraged as I am determined to get the most out of this. :-)..

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You're losing faster than I am. You're fitting within the normal range of losses per week...

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You really should try to get at least 64 oz of water in. And yes, it does help with weight loss..

Here's how it works as I understand it. If you're not drinking enough water, your kidneys cannot function properly. When they are not functioning as they should, the liver kicks in and takes up the slack. So now your liver is busy doing the work the kidneys should be, so now it doesn't have the time to take care of burning fat. This is especially important in a low carb diet like MF. When you are in a state of ketosis, guess what actually creates those ketones that burn the fat to give you energy? You got it, the liver.

So drink up!..

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Im not a veteran by any means, but I agree with tammylj about the water..

Im really bad about getting all my water on the weekends, (and being a daily weigher I see that on the scale), but during the week I kind of make it a game to see if I can drink 20oz of water between each Medifast meal (Between meal 1 and 2, 2 and 3, 3 and 4 ,then 4 and before home) and when you think of it Ive already had 80 oz of water before I go home at night..

The infusers help too..

Here is a link to a post about drinking water and weight loss that I found inspiring.

If you dont really like the taste of water here is a post that might help.

BTW you are doing great, 3.66 pounds each week! Wishing you continued success!..

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I am struggling with the water too. I know that Crystal Light counts as a condiment so I am only allowing myself 1 a day. Do any of you know if the Medifast Flavor Infusers count as a condiment or are they "free". If they are, I will be loading up on them on my next order!..

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I've found water makes a huge difference. The advice I've been given on these boards as well as in chat is to try for 1/2 your body weight in ounces. So, for me, I weigh 210 and I should try to drink 105 oz of water..

One thing that helps me is keeping a 1L water bottle on my desk. I challenge myself to fill it twice before I go home at night and then twice once I'm home. It really helps!..

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This is the trick I use to get at least 64oz of water per day. I try to drink two cups of water with each meal. That's 12 cups (96oz) of water a day...

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I bought a pack of 3 plastic reusable water bottles at costco and have one with me at all times. They are 24 oz each and I easily drink 4 bottles a day and sometimes even more. Having it next to me when Im working at my desk or sitting somewhere or even driving around in the car is the key for me to make sure I get enough in each day....otherwise I probably would fall short...

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For me, (you can see my monthly stats below) it bounced all over the place, including a 2 1/2-week plateau the second month..

I really had no "average" weekly or even monthly loss, and could discern no pattern whatsoever LOL..

But all that mattered in the end was I got to goal... So I guess my advice to kick back, enjoy the journey and work on making those healthy habits permanent (I'm still working on that part.)..

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Slow and steady - maybe your body is telling that's the pace it needs. It has a lot of relearning to do about healthy food by the time you get to goal. Let it do this at it's own individual pace..

And, yeah. DRINK YOUR WATER!!!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.