Slow and steady weight loss from Nutrisystem?

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I was losing weight super fast when I first started which is soooo motivational. I've been on Nutrisystem for about 7 weeks and have lost 18 lbs. Only 0.5 of which has been lost this month (12 days). So crazy how our bodies work.

I am not complaining and I know my body will keep changing like this but it is just taking some getting used to. It definitely affects motivation. I am trying to remember that this is a long process, that I am succeeding, and that I will see results.

I really can't see the 18 lb loss and my clothes are only a little bit more comfortable. I'm kind of surprised by that as I thought 10lbs typically equalled a size.

Keep chuggin' along.....

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Your question was: Slow and steady weight loss from Nutrisystem?.

Amy, when I lost almost 30 pounds, I was able to go from a 1X to an XL. My initial weight loss was primarily in face, arms and thigh. The hips were slow to cooperate. I'm now into a size L on the top but still an XL on the bottom with the weight almost 40 pound gone. It is a borderline XL as I could go to a L but I don't like tight slacks on women...

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Ummmm...18 pounds in 7 weeks is awesome!!! I know the slow down can be annoying though. Are you getting any excersise in?..

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All good feedback - thank you..

It is awesome and I'm really happy for it.

For exercise - I was doing about 3 days of 30min light cardio up until about the beginning of this month. At the beginning of this month, I started to walk 2.5-3 miles per day. My legs have been sore, showing me that I am building muscle. So basically when I started working out harder, I stopped losing weight!!!! I did a little reserach last night and have learned that this is fairly common. Our body is changing and holding on to water (among other things apparently...too much scientific jargon for me to understand)..

BUT WAIT.... 2 pounds lighter this morning. Maybe the spell has broken. I think the take home message is - when changing an exercise routine drastically, the weight might not come off so quickly. Some people actually gain weight initially..

Has anyone else had that happen to them?..

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Maybe...I walk on the treadmill 5x per week. I bought some of those Reebok easy tone shoes and wore them every day for a week, all day. On the third day I squatted to get my mail (our box is almost on the ground) and practically screamed from the pain in the muscles on the backs of my legs and butt. I showed a 0.4 gain that week. I lost 15 weeks in a row and then had a gain. Coincidence? I have no idea.

I'm glad the scale was nice to you finally. Hang in there and don't stress. Do the best that you can and your body will give up the weight when it wants to...

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I'm not familiar with those shoes.

Sounds like you had a smilar experience to me with the workout/weight issue. Hmmmm.

Must be you've done an amazing job on this program - your wedding picture is amazing!..

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Are those things worth the money? lol I need to gain strength back in my legs, but I don't want to waste the money on them if the results are just "...meh" lol..

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Been on Nutrisystem for 2 weeks w/no weight loss :-(..

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I really like them. You do have to commit and wear them a lot to feel anything. I wasn't sure when bought them, but decided that they felt so good that it didn't matter if they didn't live up to their claims. I liked them either way...fortunantly after wearing them for a full day, I can feel it. Worth it? Don't really know, but I really like them and I think they are worth it...

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Mary Cooper - Hang in there!!!!!! I think I remember reading about how Pam (Nutrisystem Guru) didn't lose in her first two weeks. Stick with it..

Have you called a Nutrisystem counselor? They might be able to help you...

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