Sick Days and the Nutrisystem Plan

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How does your body deal w/ being sick and trying to follow the Nutrisystem plan? I haven't eaten all day since my stomach has been a little uneasy. I took medicine before work, but that's all. I'm still at work, and the thought of eating and then getting sick here of all places gross me out. I know you're supposed to stay hydrated, but I'm scared even liquids might not be able to stay down. My usual routine when I have days like this is to go all day without anything....usually until really late at night when I feel like my stomach is safe enough to tolerate anything. First I normally get a G2 gatorade (yeah yeah know, still not good for me).

I don't drink regular Gatorade though....too much sugar. Crystal Light w/ electrolyes don't even seem to do the trick. By this time I'm starving and usually do the Nutrisystem dinner entree w/ yogurt and all fruit servings. Maybe a dessert a little later if I feel ok enough. I just have no taste for veggies when I'm feeling like this.

Anybody else have certain sick day routines?..

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Your question was: Sick Days and the Nutrisystem Plan.

Just take care of yourself like you normally would. Try to incorporate Nutrisystem if you feel like it, if not, don't worry about it. Just take care of yourself and feel better. JMO..

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I agree with trying to drink and only eating when/if you feel like it. I tend to keep the chicken noodle soup and the mac and cheese on hand for days my stomach is a little "off"...

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If I've got a headcold, I'm gonna take some Thera-Flu, and extra calories be damned. I am cranky, irritable, and generally miserable and the sooner that's over with the better..

If you're not sure if you can keep food down... well... soups are usually good. Tomato soup in particular can be a good way to get in some veggie goodness while sticking to lighter fare. If it's a non-NS canned soup, well, it'll be pretty high in sodium, but you don't want your body to crash completely into starvation mode by not eating *anything*. And hot liquids always seem to help settle my stomach..

Hope you feel better soon!..

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Broth is a good source of protein and low in calories. Just 38 calories and 3g of protein in swanson. Sugar free jello. Lots of water. Whole wheat crackers.

Flex your meals and make a sandwich.

Avoid dairy if you're coughing or congested since it can make you even more flemmy...

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Thanks everyone. It was just a 24 hr. bug that I get from time to time. Yeah, I try to keep the foods mentioned in the house....SF Jello, whole wheat products. I looked in my Nutrisystem box and realized that I had a few cups of the Nutrisystem chicken noodle soup at the bottom. I didn't think about it at the time...

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