Should I weight myself once a month with Medifast?

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I have a problem with daily weighing myself. It sets the mood for the day. DH has taken the scale away for 2 weeks. I am focusing on staying on plan and logging everything!.

Has anyone done this? and has anyone done this longer than 2 weeks. DH says I should do this for 1month...

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Your husband deserves a big HUG! He's saving you from yourself and possible insanity. The only people who should weigh every day are the ones who can handle fluctuations without getting derailed. I am not one of them!.

Relax, drink your water, eat 5 Medifast packets of food and one L & G and move more than you did really is as simple as that!.

Hang in there!~..

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Thank you so much! You are so my idol!! I want to have an outcome like yours!.

Well I have to say I begged for the scale back today so I can weigh in..I was down 2 pounds in the 3rd wk.. not bad.. of course I expected more because I worked out..and all that pain should've accounted for at least 30 pounds! LOL..

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Two pounds is GREAT! The exercise benefits don't always show up on the scale right away but THEY ARE happening!.

You are doing hide that scale again until next weigh-in!~..

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I only weigh once a month or less. And I have lost each time I weigh! Imagine that.

It's great to be free from daily variations. Stay OP and you will lose.

I agree with Natalie, give your husband a hug...

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Hey guys ,,, thanks big hugs for my husband he is awesome!!!! I really want the scale back yesterday and he said no.... We had a friend over for dinner the other night and instead of taking out the butter for his veggies he grabbed the ICBNB instead...!!.

- I really would love to be free from the scale and try the month weigh in... baby steps I guess... still have to get through the week.. LOL...

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I weigh everyday and I have been thinking about putting the scale in the closet and only bringing it out on Monday mornings. I should probably try it...

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AKGrown, I tried it myself and would go and take it out of the closet...So that's why DH has to hide it!!..

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I was a daily weigher until my husband couldn't take it anymore. My moods really depended on what the scale said. I couldn't handle the daily fluctuations at all, so my husband took mine away as well. It was the best thing in the world for me. I'm starting at weekly weigh ins and then going to bi-weekly and then monthly until I'm not so dependant on what the scales say for my self esteem. This is working for me.

I wish you good luck!..

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