Should I use for long distance?

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My question is: Should I use for long distance?.

My 2nd question is: Have been talking for two weeks.  He works long hours 7 days a week, he only has late evening hours free.  So Met him at his place.  He said he would be a gentleman and he was. We watched a movie while he rubbed my feet, then the rubbed my legs and  Had a large margarita.  He said  before I came that he had not held any one in so long and the same for me.. Well my intentions was just to cuddle and go to sleep, but silly  man and women can't lay next to each other with out something happening.  well I gave in after he kept touching me.  I don't normally do this but when you have not been near someone in so long it's nice to be held..    we had sex it was nice and he liked it two...

I'm on dating (online dating with site to look for someone a partner for life..  he is looking for to see what is out there, but he said before if someone he met then that could change.  and just come and we be like friends, I could sleep in the other room or cuddle  with him. well I like him and want to see him again. I'm not sure about him.. he said lets do this again...

Is it always when men have sex with women on the first meeting they don't want to see them again?  Have I lost my chances with him?.. I would like to date using him and see where it goes, but again I'm looking for a life partner..

How do I handle this? If he calls me again and want to see me, what do I say. I want to be with him, but not just for sex. I text him to say I enjoyed being with him.  He text back me too. Talk to you soon.   Where do I go from here?..

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Thank you for kind words.... He said on the way out do want to do this again.  I did not respond.  I don't know if he meant see him again, or sleep with him again?   I should of slept on the couch or spare bedroom..   He texted me in the afternoon saying he is so tired today, going to sleep good tonight. lol  I dd respond and tell I would too..  I have not heard from him now.  He texted me to tell me that?   It's one of those you feel like you messed up and now you won't know..... It felt so good just to be with him..  I want to contact him, but I won't...  oh well.....

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This evening he sent me a flirt message, a kiss from the dating (online dating with site we are both on.   But I see that he is contacting others.  what does that mean? I don't know whether to respond to that or not?..

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Summerset25.....i can totally see and understand your feelings on this subject.i also had the same kind of experience the difference was I didn't have sex with him though I was very close to and god knows we both wanted too.i explained to him right off it had been a long time for me and every guy so far that I have met only seem to be out for one thing... I explained to him I got tired of being felt up and propasitioned.he said he understood and he was not the type of man that would make a move on a woman first he waits for the female to make the first move. (RIGHT)granted when he arrived he was incredibly attractive sweet and seemed perfect we had great conversations the whole nine.then came the awkward silence and he asked me if he could kiss me from there we made out for at least 30 point is you can never ever tell with any man what's goin' through his mind and I know how it feels to be left wondering what know with all the typical questions running through your mind...what went wrong was it something I did or said me I know that feeling sucks big time the only thing I can say is I sympathize with you but take what happened as one of those life lessons and what you learned from this and move on.try your hardest not to dwell on it easier said then done I know but it's just that sometimes it's not worth making yourself crazy.however I wish you well on your search if it's any consolation take my two cents for what it's worth and take it slowly...

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I would set up your next couple of dates as events of a fixed time frame.  Like 'let's do X from 2 until 5 as I have to be somewhere at 6.'  His interest in those types of dates, or trying 'get it on' in the car or somewhere other odd place, will tell you a lot. ..

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My 2 cents.  I met someone on an online dating (online dating with site. We emailed for a couple weeks, and met. He wouldn't have been someone who I would have contacted first, but I felt a spark SO HUGE when we met. I was newly divorced and had not dated for years. Long story short, we also had sex on the first "date."  I came to ivillage then, because I was confused as to what to expect from him. What I learned is with people who do online dating (online dating with they generally continue to speak, contact, and meet other people while "dating" others until 2 people decide to become exclusive would is generally months.

I asked him what his intentions were, and he said exactly what I had learned on ivillagethat he assumed we would still see other people. I said ok, but if he chooses to sleep with anyone else, then we would stop sleeping together.  I also made it clear I eventually wanted an exclusive relationship (thru and would not be waiting around. We agreed. However, on the 3rd date, he asked me to be exclusive. We've been seeing eachother just over 2 months now.

I was worried he wouldn't respect/want me after I slept with him, but he assured me that was not the case. We were 2 consenting adults. My advice is remain calm, cool, and collected. Go with the flow for awhile and see where it goes. Make sure he knows all your eggs are NOT in HIS basket either.

I will end saying this, please make sure you are using protection.  I was very, very naive and did not. I learned the hard way...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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