What are typical Medifast results?

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Hi Everyone,.

I'm hoping someone out there can help me out here.

In the past i've lost about 80 lbs, and over the last 5 yrs i've gained 1/2 back. the plan I did included eating my own foods, watching portions, not cutting out an food group, weighing in weekly at a clinic and taking phentermine. I now work at a weight loss place and help others loose weight, the plan we do at work is almost identical to the plan I did when I lost my weight, but for the life of me I cannot make it work a 2nd time around. I don't know if it's willpower- the fact that i'm not as busy as I used to be and have more money so now I have more time to cook or money to eat out, however i'm busier work wise and don't have as much time for excercise as I used to.

Before my wedding I went off my plan that did work, and tried atkins to loose a few more- what a disaster that was! I lvoe love love cheese and stuff, but as soon as I ate a carb it all came back on plus some, and I never really lost any w/ atkins.

I've read a few posts on here and they mentioned being in ketosis, which I know is kind of an atkins thing and i'm just wondering if this diet is like that? is it really worth it for me? i've done the nutrisystem thing, lasted less then a month b/c I was hungry all the time and the dehydrated foods were nasty tasting and high in sodium, how is this plan going to be different?.

As bad as it sounds I know if I could jsut get back down to my goal weight i'd have the right tools in place right at my work to maintain it but I can't seem to be patient enough to get there. Is this really a good plan? what are typical results? how hard is it to stick to when you have another person in the household to cook for? I realize this is a forum on the same website you buy this stuff from, but please do be honest. A months supply is $300 basically and i'm not rich by any means, so that's groceries typically for me and my hubby for a month, I don't want to spend it and have it be a waste.

What do you think? Any and all responses will be so appreciated!Thanks in advance!.


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I couldnt stand Nutrisystem....but I love this program. Of course, it's subjective but I think the food is much better. I think it's partly because it's powdered, so it doesnt have a lot of sodium, preservatives, etc. in it. What I did initially was order only 2 weeks worth to try it out. By the end of the first week, I was ordering more.

It can be rough to get started, like any other plan, but once you get going it's easy. And the results are great. The least I have ever lost in a week was still over a pound...

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I did the atkins and lost over 40 lbs but over a couple of years I gained and then some. But this diet is really simple. The first 3 days or so are the toughest, due to your body cleansing itself. But it's wonderful and it works. The first weeks weight loss is the most dramatic. I lost 9 lbs the first week.!..

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I think we all are looking for different things. You have to figure our which things you are looking for..

The pluses with this plan include, no drugs. You mentioned phen and I have to say it scared the heck out of me. Also even though it is typically $250 a month, my grocery bill is seriously less now plus eating out is cheaper now. So personally I am saving money this way. The quick weight loss is a huge plus for me. And these boards and the support system nvolved..

The minuses are the same as with any plan. The food is ok but by no stretch gourmet. You really have to commit to this plan if you want to see results. Plus you have to give up breads..

Of course, with any weight loss plan, transitioning and maintenance are all important. That is the hard part for most of us..

I would advise reading the quick start guide and deciding for yourself if you can do this or not. You can look through that under the Success Tools tab, then Eat Right and then on the left hand side are a bunch of info pages..

Whatever you decide I wish you luck on your weight loss journey............

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Hey zapslr...I think the best answer you're going to get on whether you should try this or not is to read, read and then read the boards. There are some WONDERFUL people and stories on here. That definitely was a huge factor for me when I took the plunge, so to speak.

As with any plan, it's willpower and the WANT and sometimes the NEED to lose weight. You have to tell yourself you're going to do this and you can do anything that you set your mind to. We all stumble...well, I shouldn't say that...I stumble and I get right back on the horse and ride on. All good things come to those who "weight.".

Like I said, if you have some time, read on here a while. Best of luck in whatever you decide to do. We're here if/when you need us...

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All of the above posts give you very good advice. I, too, tried Nutrisystem but could not eat the foods.

I actually like most of the Medifast foods. I have found this to be an easy diet, although, it was (just like any kind of eating change) hard at first. Our main meal is at lunch, so my husband just eats the lean & green that I am eating and adds some more carbs to his (brown rice, potato (white & sweet), etc. So it works for both of us. I think if you are really serious about losing weight, this works. I started Feb.22 and have lost 31lbs so far! I joined in January but did not actually start until Feb.

Did a lot of reading the boards and info about Medifast and talked to my doctor before starting in Feb.

The Medifast support system is fantastic.

I think the transition and maintenance will probably be harder to handle than the 5&1 plan..

Well, just like anything else, you will have to decide for yourself.

Good luck on your weight loss journey!..

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All I can say is that it's working for me..

I don't know any other program where I could feel so satisfied and still lose 100 lbs in 6 months (short of gastric bypass)...

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I think like anything else, it works if you commit to it. On Medifast you will have some of the same issues that you had in the past on other plans; the food is far from gourmet (but tolerable), you will eventually have to find the time for exercise, and you will have to give up bread and cheese and other things that you love. This plan is pretty strict, so if you don't have the willpower or discipline, it won't work..

I think we're all saying the same thing. It is worth it if you decide that you're worth it..

Good luck!.


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Thanks everyone for the encouraging words, I did just order my months supply, the recipe book, the shaker and the water flavorings, along with a couple food journals.... be here in 5-7 days I guess. god I hate being patient...

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Use the online journals and logs, too. They'll help you stay organized and informed. I like the nutrient breakdowns a lot, and the graphs and charts are fun to look at when you've been on the plan a while.

If you can stay strictly on plan (op) and begin your exercise regimen about two weeks into it, and then limit your workouts to 45 mins max per session, I can practically guarantee that the pounds will melt off. They sure did for me and are continuing to do so...

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Welcome to MF! I hope you enjoy the program as much as I do. like with any other diet, you get out of it what you put into it. come to the boards often for advice, motivation, encouragement, inspiration...join a team, they are a great support system. search the boards for recipes. there are a lot of things you can do with the packets. you can even make a bread out of the soups and oatmeal! stay creative with your L&G (plain baked chicken gets old after a while).

There are health coaches available to you for FREE who can help guide you thru the program. and if you ever have any questions just ask!..

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Before Medifast on workdays, I paid $4.50 to $7.00 a day for breakfast, $7.50 to $9.00 for lunch. Nine times out of ten, I'd stop off and pick up a sub or a salad or pizza, and I might spend $10 or more on dinner.

Then there were the extras like candy and soda and stuff..

These days, I pay $290 for just over 28 days worth of medifast food, plus I pay maybe $3 - 5.00 for my L&G. I don't buy any candy, I rarely purchase soda (or if I do, I buy it at the store, and make it last, and pay $0.40 for a bottle instead of $1.50 or $2.00.).

So, even though I'm spending money on rewards and exercise stuff and new clothes... I'm saving on what I eat vs. what I used to eat. And I've lost 145 pounds in going on 8 months...

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Hey Zaps - you're getting some very good input here, and I'll just add a little, hopefully not too repetitive.......

There's definitely a required "state of mind" for any weight reduction plan, and i's a mind set of commitment. Whether you set a goal or you look at it like a boot camp or medicine, whatever....there really can't be anything half-way. Weight Watchers doesn't work, Atkins, exercise, Medifast - none of them work if they are only done half-way..

For me, that particular "aha" moment when I realized I needed to get to work on my health and my well-being was a real turning point. Medifast has helped me to realign my perception of food portions, has guided me in my understanding of nutrition, and given me a new outlook. There's a ton of information in the materials in the Success Tools, and the professional info from the Nutrition boards is very helpful..

I would highly recommend that you set yourself goals and rewards - small ones like flowers or a manicure for an incremental goal. Keep doing what you're doing with your research and look around the boards for a challenge or a team - I found both helpful..

As for the cost, I also found that it balanced out - I wasn't spending the $7 or so on lunch at work every day, and my alcohol expenses went away as well! (yeah, wine lover here )..

Good luck to you!!..

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I started this plan with a friend in January. I'm a pound away from goal and she has lost more than 60 pounds and is still on the journey. It has worked for both of us so well that we've inspired another 7 people to do it and they in turn inspired another 5!! Now out of all those people, 2 thought it just "wasn't for them." One owns a businesss that's just getting off the ground and I'm thinking it just wasn't the right time for her. The other one has a family that she cooks for and found it too hard to deal with. I personally don't like that excuse. I also have a family and I knew this might be a problem BEFORE I STARTED so we all sat down and talked about what I was going to do with MF.

In fact, everytime I eat my oatmeal muffins in the morning my son asks why I can't make more to share with him!! We made it into an adventure for all of us and have even changed how we prepare out meals......more fish, whole grain pastas (while I'm eating my shiritake noodles), etc. Instead of feeling like an outcast and that I was depriving myself while my family ate......I was turning them onto new foods and we were all becoming healthier. This is smart if I ever want to maintain this weight which of course is exactly what I want to do!!.

As for the price.......always google medifast coupons and you will always find a $55 off an order of $255 or something comparable. For $200 this can't be beat. I added up the breakfast sandwiches ($5) plus my eat out lunches ($7) and my eat out dinners at fast food places ($8) through out the month and they came to WAY over $200! Sit down and do the math..... you might be surprised..

As for your other diet, I've done WW 4 times succussfully...once after the birth of each of my kids and then another time a few years ago after we moved again and I had put on 40 lbs. It worked fantastic! Now I can't say that I was eating healthy though or learning how to eat (ie.........8 point Hershey bar for dumn) I tried all last year to get back on it and I just couldn't get into the rhythm of it all. I also tried Hoodie pills, Ali pills, The Abs diet, South Beach diet, Atkins, and all the rest last year. None of them worked or I should say....... I just couldn't stick with them for so many reasons. I purchased this food in December and just lurked on these boards for a month before I started.

I was looking great after a month and the rest has just been icing on the cake!! I truly feel like a new person. I'm not so angry anymore either. I think I was a prisioner in my own body just waiting to get out of that fat girl world. I can't say enough about how this has changed my life. It's worth every dime and YOU are worth it as well.

My choices are right in front of me in those boxes and everything else is off limits...... it's a no brainer for me!!.

Good luck............. hope you find what's best for you. Couldn't hurt to try though??.


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