Should I quit Nutrisystem if I'm too busy?

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I don't want to quit Nutrisystem but I'm losing too much, and I can't stabilize my weight, yeah I know it sounds strange, so I did a few searches in this forum and found nothing. So I thought I'd ask for advice from you wonderful folks here. I'm a MAJOR workaholic so before Nutrisystem I was buying both my breakfast, and lunches mainly from Jack in the Box , and other fast food spots. I did this for years and still managed not to get too overweight. Then that day came, my Doc basically told me to change my eating habits right away, or I may developed diabetes, HELLO that's all I needed to get me to focus on a game plan and make it work. So that led me to Nutrisystem I started at 185, and my goal was to improve my heath and thought 170 was a good goal, well I lost that in just over a month.

One of my lovely new friends here suggested I call a Nutrisystem rep, so I did, and the nice gentlemen gave me a few options I've been tiring over the last few days. I've always been a runner, but put my exercise routine into overdrive recently by increasing my daily runs to three miles. I'm thinkin' since I'm burning more calories, the solution is to increase calories. Well yesterday I really cranked thing up by adding more fruit to my normal Nutrisystem food, then after my run I added a steak cut in half, mashed potatoes, and some carrots to drive my calorie count to almost 2100! Well this morning I woke up at the same weight.

So I'm not sure what to do, the pre-packaged food from Nutrisystem is perfect for a busy guy like me and I have a terrible feeling if I quit the program, or go to the maintenance plan I will revert to bad eating habits very quickly and my health will suffer since I don't have the time, or skills to cook. Does anybody have a suggestion?..

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Your question was: Should I quit Nutrisystem if I'm too busy?.

Definitely talk to a dietitian. Just because you ate extra food yesterday, doesn't mean that the scale would have jumped up the next morning. Have the dietitians work with you to develop the right level of calories and foods to add in order to maintain..

Of course many on these boards will be cursing you...

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You need to add calories. Nutrisystem puts you at a big deficit. It is not intended that 1500 will maintain a healthy man.

It's irrelevent whether you eat the Nutrisystem food or not, just important that you eat the appropriate amount of calories to maintain. For simplicity, if you like your current diet and add a couple of PB/chicken sandwhiches on top of current daily food and that would get you close to even...

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Oh...and don't pay any attention to the dieticians if they tell you to add back 100 calories a week and see how that goes (makes no sense if your deficit is 1000+/day). You need to add back at LEAST what your deficit was (possibly a teensy bit more, because of metabolism increase when emerging from deficit)..

P.s. I'm kinda boggled how this would not occur to you.....

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Based on your loss rate, you need to up your calories to about 2800. 2100 is not enough...

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Since you're on fatsecret... look at their estimates of calories burned for what you do in a day versus what you're eating. That number needs to break out even at 0 or be a tad bit over. If it's under you'll continue to lose weight...

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I'm kinda boggled as to how you have not been run off the boards yet considering how consistently rude you are to people here...

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Thanks PamSB! I got a busy day today but I'm gonna ask for and hopefully speak to a dietitian first thing in the morning. I didn't realize there was a specialist to speak to and ask for..

Thanks losingw8now! Yeah you're right on the scale thing! you know what, since I've been on Nutrisystem I've become a prisoner to my scale , I weigh myself every morning, and night, I know most say do it weekly, but in a strange way the twice a day thing really works for me personally. I've learned a ton about losing weight, while noting, and inputting all my food intake to the Nutrisystem "my program" tool and seeing the short and long term results..

Thanks ApolytonGP! I never realized I needed that many calories just to maintain! I'll learn this stuff yet..

Thanks sherilyn1970! Who knew? I've been using it for retrieving nutrition info. I was looking at it in detail last night and was surprised with all the features and tools. And by the way the Blackberry version does not have the barcode feature..

Thanks Egvinzureday for watchin' my back, you folks are so supportive here, this community is great!..

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I had to defend ApolytonGP here. I know that he is never intentionally rude, just perceived that way at times. Part of the impression stems from him speaking in "dude speak" and part is the fact that a persons speech does not come across the same when it is typed and not "heard". If you take the comment in the context with his other posts, you would see that...

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