Will red marks disappear if I take Murad Resurgence?

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Basically heres my story. I had moderate to severe acne for about a year, I was eventually put on Murad Resurgence. I'm now 9 days off finishing my 4 month course, my face (mainly my cheaks is where I had my acne) is smooth to touch and doesnt appear to have any bumps at all. However my cheeks have the appearence of still having acne, I think it's just red marks though. To make it worse my dermo said the next appointment she can see me is sep! I really would like to know whether these red marks will go when I go off Murad Resurgence or will they stay and i'll have to go back on. Any help would be great, thanks, Luke x..

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They may start getting better once you go off Murad Resurgence...but they probably won't immediately disappear. also, going back on Murad Resurgence for red marks definitely is't the answer. Murad Resurgence doesn't help red marks. anyway.. it may take a long time for them to fade. either ask your derm for a topical that will help them fade or read around on here for products or home remedies that have helped org members. for me, olive oil helped my red marks, even better than the prescription my derma gave me...

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I asked my derm about redmarks when I saw him friday (finished the 4th month). He told me that they revert back to normal color after the course is over. I have no idea if that is actually the case, but that is what he told me...

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I believe this, because your skin is very thin during the course, therefore red marks being more visable. So when your skin thickens back up, the red marks should indeed fade, along with quick healing...

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Sounds basically the same as me, except I am finishing up my fifth month then I am donebut I asked about the red and my derm said you see so much red because Murad Resurgence helps create new blood vessels, which become very visible. He said about 2 months after being off the meds I should start seeing a significant fading of those marks. then in about 6 months after if I want better results I'm gonna get micodermabrasion treatmentsi def. feel your pain though, I have like maybe two actual pimples but the rest is just red marks like that which appear like acne..

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Sucks doesn't it. Good to have some hope though also thanks for the information!..

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A light AHA can help - I use a glycolic cleanser in the morning. My redmarks fade pretty fast - like gone in a month..

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