Should I have cancelled my account?

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My first question is: Should I have cancelled my account?.

My next question is: I am frustrated. I have a huge crush on a younger guy at work. People tell me they think he likes me, too. When we talk it's very awkward, though. We both seem really nervous. And once when I asked him to Happy Hour, he said he couldn't go right after work, but asked for my number and said maybe we could meet up later.

Telling me to "have a good day" or "have a good weekend." When we're around each other at work, he always says "we have to go golfing sometime" (both avid golfers) or "when's the next happy hour."He used to come and visit my cubicle. But all of a sudden lately, he is avoiding me. We used to see each other at the gym, and now he doesn't go at the same time. The other day, I walked into the gym, and he acted like he didn't see me and walked out really quick. He started not texting me back and not returning my emails.

He emailed me earlier that day and said if I'm around where he'll be let him know. So I eventually went to that area and texted him that I was around. I asked him where he was, he texted back and said he was parking his car and wasn't sure where his friends were going, but he asked here I was. I told him where I was going and then he didn't text me back all night. I haven't heard from him since (it's been 3 days).

I'm always afraid I'll seem too annoying and clingy...

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Your question was: Should I have cancelled my account?.

It sounds like he has done an about-face on you. Do you feel comfortable asking him to be direct and honest with you about the sudden turnaround in his attention?..

Comment #1

Thanks for replying! first... what do you mean by "about-face"? second, I wouldn't feel comfortable asking him directly... but jokingly i've said "hey... don't you like me anymore?" and one time I jokingly said "are you afraid to lose to a girl?" (referring to golfing). he always responds with a joke back...

Comment #2

"about-face" means to turn around and go the other way and in your case he is turn around and moving away from you.  It sounds like he is avoiding you and sometimes it is good to clear the air and find out if something went awry in communication between the two of you - a misunderstanding - or it is just that he doesnt want to date using you or be friends any longer.  It's nice that he jokes with you but you wont really know what is on his mind unless he tells you.  You can send him an email and just say something like you noticed that he has not responded to your emails and texts and if he doesnt want to be in touch with you any longer that is okay .. just tell you.  Sometimes when women handle things in a mature, logical fashion men respond to it.  If he is just playing games with you to make you jealous or insecure then he is an ass and doesnt deserve your time...

Comment #3

Thanks... you're probably right. maybe i'll say something. i've thought about just letting it go, too, and going on about my day and kind of ignoring him. that's hard to do, though! but I don't want to keep pushing the subject and seem psycho! oh well. thanks for the advice! I appreciate it!..

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