Should I eat my Lean & Green mid-day?

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I was noticing that my loss seemed to be slowing down and I was getting a tiny bit frustrated. I remembered reading in one of the tips threads that some people were eating their L&G earlier in the day and had more success. I switched my L&G from dinner to lunch and it seems like my weight loss had taken off again. HURRAY!.

It makes sense to me to eat those many calories mid-day so I have time to burn them. Has anyone else noticed this?..

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I hadn't thought of it so much that way. It is just easier for me to eat mine at lunch time. I do eat my L&G at dinner on the weekends though. I tried breakfast, but it didn't work to well for me...

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Kit- Do you find yourself getting hungry at night...especially late at night?.


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I eat my L&G at noon on the weekdays because I'm trying to use my Meals on Wheels to save money. It's a real stretch somedays. So for my typical suppertime meal I will frequently eat a doctored up soup, frequently chilli, with a crunched up package of the snack crackers to make it feel a bit more substantial; more like a meal. If the MOW was really lacking, i.e., they served brussell sprouts, Satan's creation, I may add a salad or a vegetable, usually green beans..

Mary Ann.

Day 47..

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I find that I vary when I have mine depending on when I'm the most hungry, when I feel I may go off program if I don't eat soon, or when it works out for my family. Soon I will be working mostly 2nd shift, and I plan to eat before I go into work, then have RTD shakes for the rest of my day. When I have time to spend with family at dinnertime, I like to try to have it with them. I never have a late dinner like some people post - I've seen some say they eat at 730PM. To me that's too late cuz sometimes I'm in bed by 830 or 9pm. I've been working 12 hour night shifts so my sleeping is very varied.

Also if I'm working out, I need to eat before or after if it's a heavy duty workout or I don't feel good afterward. Have a great day!..

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I think the idea is to confuse your body - I try never to have the same number of calories daily and I vary when I have my L&G and the weight has been coming off steadily...

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I split my L & G most days.

I find I need a salad at lunch time with a Medifast soup or chili or beef stew and then I go ahead and have the regular lean meat or fish or chicken and a cooked veggie like broccoli or asparagus for dinner time with my family. I get hungry some days that this way helps out so much and I am not eating over the limit at all. Jodi..

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Most of the time my l&g is at lunch. but if I now we have to go visit in-laws or we are planning a night out I switch it around of course. I find that it's easier for me too get down all my water too when my l&g is at lunch...

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Thanks everyone!.

Mary - I'm not getting hungry at night, which is good..

I'm having oatmeal for breakfast around 8, then L&G around 11, I have a shake at 2 & 5, and then two other meals at 7 and then 10pm. Sometimes I'll have some jello between the last two meals..

I'm liking this better.....

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Lean and Green meal.

I have my L&G in the afternoon sometimes like I might go three weeks with it for dinner then a week for lunch it really seems to help my weight loss get shooken up and started again!.


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I've been splitting my L&G between lunch and supper since the first week and find this works best for me. I don't get hungry (usually, today was some weird aberration) and I don't have to face a plate with that much meat on it at one time! (a biggie, since the original 7oz of chicken at one time was just impossible)..

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Ohhh that's a great idea to eat your L&G for lunch so you burn all the calories by the end of the day, or split it up between meals so you get more variety! i'll have to try that! thanks for the tips.


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Are you combining your L&G with other Medifast items when you "split" the meal between two meal times? I too am finding that it is such a large meal to eat all at once. I've been having it for my dinner meal and it takes me almost an hour to eat all of it! Then I feel so stuffed and really want to stop eating when I have that satiation feeling. I've gotten it all down, but I'd appreciate any advice you can give. I may have to ask Nutrisystem about it I know, but they take so long these days to answer the questions. Yes, they had a long weekend, but I saw not many questions being answered today...

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Gigi, it all depends on the day for me...because I'm not a morning eater (never have been) what I tend to do is combine 2 of my shakes and have them throughout the morning, I alternate drinking my water with sipping the shakes and that has worked out pretty well for me. If, like this morning, I forget to combine them and miss the midmorning meal, I'll try to make it up in the afternoon (combine 2, drink mid afternoon til I leave for home).

I had checked in with Nutrisystem about this in the beginning to make sure it wasn't "wrong"... so I've been doing it pretty much steadily.

I don't have the number handy, but did you know you can call and get someone live so you can get your question answered quickly? Also, maybe try doing a search of the Nutrisystem board for your question... most of them have been asked and answered and you might find it quicker that way.

Good luck!..

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Thanks Clandy for the response. I just spoke with Nutrisystem and Jessica gave me the answer. For others interested, she said it was OK to split and/or combine some of the L&G with other Medifast meals. This is a relief as I was feeling like I was overly stuffed at last night's dinner meal and still had to force the entire L&G meal down. I wasn't at all hungry for the evening Medifast meal and again felt I was stuffing/force feeding myself by eating it...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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