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Okay, I've been shopping at a normal grocery store for a while. Recently with money becoming tight...I've driven a little bit farther to the Super Wal Mart which is a few towns away.

Wow - what savings when you're on a Medifast diet!.

First, they have pretty good sized bags of frozen shrimp for only $5.00 (normal every day price). This $5.00 bag makes me 3 L&G meals..

Secondly...the laughing cow cheese wedges are only $2.38 a package. I paid between $3.79 and $4.99 a package at a normal store for these, so nowI stock up when I'm at Wal mart...that stuff has a long shelf life..

Chicken Breasts - got a large package for $8.00. It had 10 breasts in there so that's less than $1.00 each..

Their veggies are really cheap too...I recommend anyone who shops at a normal store..if you have a Super Wal Mark check it might save you some cash!..

Comments (35)

I refuse to give a company with such low handed predatory business practices any of my money. I will not step foot in their store or any of their affiliated stores...

Comment #1

Well, darn, MT_Cup, don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel! LOL!..

Comment #2

I LOVEEE Super Walmart and have shopped there a lot over the years ...I am in CT and the only one we have is about 30 mins away ..soo with the cost of Medifast added into my budget I will be shopping there more often now ...Thanks for reminding me what great prices they have !! We are supos'd to be getting one in the fall in our town would be nice !! Have a great day Day 4 is upon me !! Kate..

Comment #3

I LOVE SuperWalmart. With 7 kids, our budget is very tight. I spend 2 hours there every Sunday night shopping for our week. Be sure and check other grocery stores flyers. If you see something for a lower price, show the flyer and Walmart will match the price. Gotta love it! With 9 people in our family and me on MF, I spend about $200 per week, which I think is really good!..

Comment #4

Nikkikeith7 - $200 / week for a family of 9??? That is awesome shopping!!.

I love Super WM, but there is some kind of time warp thing that happens when I enter the doors. Hours just seem to vanish!..

Comment #5

I have always on this and any other venue I've inhabited. I don't lie or obfuscate. At my age I don't care what others think. It's great growing old and losing one's inhibitions.

I do for Wallyworld what I do with any other business I come across that dupes the public and mocks the courts.... I call them out publicly and I refuse to do business with them. I'll live under a bridge and eat from soup kitchens before I give a company like that any of my hard earned monies...

Comment #6

(nikkikeith7 - $200 / week for a family of 9??? That is awesome shopping!!.

I love Super WM, but there is some kind of time warp thing that happens when I enter the doors. Hours just seem to vanish!).

Thanks, but I owe it to price matching and COUPONS!!! (Yes, I am that annoying lady in line with 130 coupons in my hands!! LOL) By the way, that includes paper products, laundry, ect.......

Also, the 2 hours in on a good day. If I am there with no kids, it can stretch to 3-4 hours!!! (I need a life!) LOL..

Comment #7

Thanks for the lower price match..I didnt know they do that! I took a major pay cut this year and with being on MF, I only shop at Super WM now. I'm going to try and use more coupons...I used to be really frugal and search the internet for coupons before I shopped to get ones for items I normally buy. I need to spend the time to do that again. It's amazing when you TRY to be frugal, it's not that hard..

Thanks again for the matching hint. I'll be sure to use it next time I shop..

Comment #8

I LOVE SuperWalmart and yes you save alot shopping there!!.

Whats the drama about Walmart?..

Comment #9

Walmart is now systematically eliminating local producers from their stores and replacing them with their store brands. Walmart squeezes the little guys in the interest of taking over everything and upping their own profits!..

Comment #10

I remember way back in the day their big thing was made in the usa. So much for that...

Comment #11

They never do pricematching at my super WM here!!! I've often taken ads from local grocery stores and showed them to pricematch theirs but they always denied, hmmmm.....maybe I should telll them the next time I go that they do pricematch in other cities......and see how they react..

Comment #12

It's more than that. Their legal team has made a mockery of some of the local courts and have even been held in contempt of court due to their actions. If you really want to know, do the homework, it's all out there...

Comment #13

I'm on a night schedule and occasionally have to run in Wal-Mart for random things that I can't get at my local 24 hour grocery store. Makes me feel icky..

Comment #14

I am eternally grateful that, so far, there are no Walmarts convenient to me. I totally agree that they are an evil corporation (don't even get me started on their censorship of books, movies and magazines) that I want no part in promoting. But I fear that, if I had all that cheapness and convenience easily accessible, I would be unable to avoid taking advantage of it...

Comment #15

Walmart is notorious for shortchanging their employees' pay and "rolling back" even benefits to make more profit since they charge such low prices. They also crush small business and many folks boycott Walmart and it's products because they are linked with China..

An article I read online after hearing about the documentart, "The evils of Walmart".

Wal-Mart is probably one of the biggest and scariest contributors to globalization, exploitation of workers and mistreatment of women in the world..

Products sold in Wal-Mart stores are made by millions of predominantly young women in factories that pay poverty-level wages, have forced overtime work, routinely cheated workers out of pay, continuously increased quotas without pay, and created dangerous working environments for people..

One example of the extreme measures Wal-Mart engages in is having women working in Guatemalan factories, which produced for Wal-Mart, were illegally forced by their bosses to take pregnancy tests prior to and during employment. Women who work in Wal-Mart factories sew sleeves onto shirts at the rate of 1,200 garments a day, two shirts a minute, one sleeve every 15 seconds, all for only $35 dollars a week. Another fact, not as overt but still unfair, is that 92 percent of Wal-Mart clerks, which is the lowest paid position in Wal-Mart, are women..

On top of Wal-Marts discrimination Wal-Mart against women, workers at a Wal-Mart supply factory in the Philippines are forced to work 15-hour night shifts from 4 p.m. to 7 a.m. Its international practices are far worse than anything in the U.S. and they probably contribute to more sweatshop labor than Nike, GAP, Adidas, and Puma combined. It has a budget greater than the entire country of Egypt and still has one of the biggest pay gaps between senior managers and on-the-ground workers..

Whats so scary about Wal-Mart, besides the deadly and abusive effects it has on people? I think one of the scariest things is that so many of us are bought into it despite it's problems. There is a National Week of Action against Wal-Mart this week and it is important to let everyone know that the Week of Action is not asking everyone to go out and boycott Wal-Mart immediately. We need and want Wal-Mart to change for the better, that is the message of this week. We want people to first know about the evils of Wal-Mart and then pressure the company to be fair and just in the way it treats both it's employees and people around the world..

There are also a lot of good things about Wal-Mart that I know we all appreciate. We like the fact that the prices are low for the goods we buy, we like that Wal-Mart provides many jobs to people who live in low-income neighborhoods, we want and need people who cant afford high-priced goods to have a place to go, etc. However we know Wal-Mart can do better. There is no need to have low prices and low wages for everyday workers when senior management is making 10 times as much. There is no need to provide lots of jobs in poor neighborhoods at the expense of putting local businesses out of work. There is no reason to have a discount retailer sacrificing morals for prices and bottom lines..

Wal-Mart bargains are based on low wages and exploitation, which create poverty and leave workers across the developing world jobless or committed to near-slave labor. Not only does Wal-Marts poverty-level wages and insufficient benefits force thousands of employees to resort to Medicaid, but many workers also need food stamps and housing assistance. In the U.S., this costs the citizens $1.5 billion a year, the so-called Wal-Mart Tax. This goes to show that Wal-Mart affects all U.S. citizens, not just those employed or who consume..

Well, take what you will from it and leave the rest...but the truth is that all of this really is true, along with a ton of other stuff not mentioned. No wonder why Walmart is boycotted by so many...

Comment #16

While I do shop Walmart every week and love them. I have noticed that in the last year even their generic brand "great value" has been upped in price, the taste is not so great and we are talking it is only pennies less than the brand items. So I have been finding myself shopping other stores more often lately to find better bargins...

Comment #17

Here's a great link that weighs both the pros and cons of the Walmart debate for anyone who's interested in reading both sides of the issue.


Comment #18

Never in my life did I think that someone was going to get bashed for shopping at Walmart...just saying... My God, she got a good deal and was proud about it and shared it with us,let it be and be happy for her:..

Comment #19

I dont see any bashing. Everyone just seems to be expressing their likes and dislikes about the store. Maybe I missed something that was deleted...

Comment #20

I don't see any bashing against the original poster. I certainly don't mean any towards her. I personally don't trust Wal-mart and to be quite honest, many shoppers don't save money shopping there. Now what I mean by that is, you probably could if you just bought what was on your list, but then again, there prices have gone WAY up. Our Krogers is much cheaper on many items. I used to shop there quite a bit until I learned so much about Wal-mart.

Wal-mart, wants you to go there to buy impulse items, things NOT On your list, etc. I miss the days when Sam was around and they tried to sell MADE in America, I would say 90% of what's sold there is from RED China! Scary stuff. Now having said all that, I am happy the shopper is happy and a good deal is all about our own perception. I am glad she is happy but just wanted to comment on how I feel about Wal-mart. After typing this, I am truly going to try and buy NOTHING from them ANYMORE! The South Park Episode, Something Wicked this Way comes is SO true.........

Comment #21

Wow. A couple things...first off, I didn't see any bashing either. At least I didn't take any of the comments that way. I, for one, appreciate being well informed. Second, we just had a Super WM put up in our town. At first it didn't go through.

But, I think WM generally gets what WM wants. I vowed I would not shop for my groceries there. But, if it came to getting something there or having to go out of town to KMart or some other store like that, I would stay in town and purchase at the WM. Their business practices are sketchy at best. But I've found that they carry a lot that the local grocers don't.

Bottom line is, I try to give local business owners my business first. If they don't have something, then I wind up at WM. So far, nobody's gone out of business (and I think that was the big fear) and it's been over 2 years now. Hopefully, at least here, everyone's a winner. Just my two cents...

Comment #22

LMAO...This thread is hysterical. Sorry, but I love a good debate what can I tell you. I am glad to see that we all have opinions and allow eachother to express them. This truly is a great forum..

Here is my two cents on wal-mart. I think the prices at walmart are great. However, in our city the produce and meat REALLY leave something to be desired. The produce in my wal-mart is terrible and the meat is even worse. But luckily for me I have a butcher in town that has phenominal meat and I can get great produce from our farmers market...

Comment #23

I agree. No Walmart or Sam's for me!.

I'm sure you can finds tons of info on line about them...

Comment #24

I think the last time I remember shopping at walmart was when my husband and I found green meat in the meat section. It was just this huge green/gray chunk of rotting meat. It was a brand new walmart too. It just ruined it for me. I was never all that thrilled with them in the first place but I used to be so rural that it was the closest thing to my house...

Comment #25

Did I miss something here; who's bashing? I just answered a question about why some folks dislike the store...

Comment #26

I have not shopped in WalMart or Sam's in years for the reasons mentioned. I also avoid, as much as I can, items not made in the USA. Yes, I pay more for themand sometimes just go withoutbut keeping my fellow Americans working and OUR economy strong is important to me...

Comment #27

Well, glad you got a chuckle out of that!!.

I totally agree about their meat dept. We don't get any fresh meat from Walmart. I guess cuz it's not so "fresh"!! They have cut back in their produce dept big time too!! But somethings they carry that the other stores in this town don't. What do they say?? A horse apiece I guess.


Comment #28

Big city people do not understand why small town folk shop at Wal-Mart. I didn't understand until we moved to Taylor..

I grew up in SoCal and only went to Wal-Mart twice in three years. Then we moved to Arizona 12 years ago-3 hours away from Phoenix, 2 hours away from Flagstaff. There are only 3 grocery stores, Kmart and a Super Wal-Mart..

I miss the variety of living in a bigger town like we did in SoCal (the 'huge' town up here, Show Low has only 12,000 people!)...Wal-Mart provides jobs to this small community and the prices cannot be beat..

We DO buy dairy, meat products, fruit and veggies at the local store though.

When we can go to the Phoenix area, we shop at Target and Costco...

Comment #29

Yep! I'm originally from a very rural area, and WM is all you've got for anything! Even now in a not-so-small town, my choices are Super WM or Kroger (or drive too far).. and since I saw a bird perched in the produce section eating some broccoli last time I went to Kroger, I pretty much stick to the Super WM!..

Comment #30

I don't go to Walmart often. I usually get household products and personal items. I was never super impressed with their food for the most part. Maybe because we have an Aldi's and I can outdo Walmart with Aldi's everytime...

Comment #31

I wish that I could afford to shop for my groceries somewhere other than Walmart. Unfortunately, there is only one store within 20 miles of my house and if you shop there you could spend $30 just buying the items to prepare one L&G. So, we have to drive 60+ miles into Bozeman. That costs money in gas. We have done price comparisons between all of the different stores. Just in one shopping trip (we go every 2 weeks) we can save over $100, and we don't buy things that are not on our list. The truth is, that without WM, I may very well be living under a bridge eating soup, or at the very least I would not be able to afford my Medifast and would be purchasing unhealthy items instead...

Comment #32

For the meat/veges I I buy from 2 places as much as possible They are called angel food ministries and golden share food ... Veges, meats...I spend about 125 for meat a month for 3 people and the vege boxes are a great deal if you eat it all.

You can find both these programs online plus a few others and I save alot of $$ going thru them....

There is not income verification at all ... They accept food stamps too but I always buy online with my credit card and just pick it up...

Comment #33

Super Walmart totally rocks!! Thanks for pointing out some of the deals... I have not thought to buy shrimp there, but I will now!..

Comment #34

Oh WM, how you stir people up!.

I do love shopping at WM for sale items such as my fave cleansers, cleaning products, diapers, etc. For produce, I usually buy local such as from a Farmer's Market or an organic store. A little mix and match...

Comment #35

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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