Did your shoe size changes when you lose weight?

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Hi all,.

I know that as we lose the weight, we can expect our shoe size to change. I'm wondering how significant the change is..

What has been your experience, people that have dropped 100 pounds or more? Is it like a size or two, or just like a half-size change?.

I ask because I'm thinking of getting some of the new "toning" walking shoes (either Skechers or Reebok) but don't want to drop $100 on shoes if they're not going to fit in just a couple of months..

I have a good pair of running / walking shoes that I can use to start treadmilling (tomorrow!) but of course, I'd love to start right up with the firming / toning that the fancy new shoes promise, if it's not going to be a waste..

Thanks in advance for your input!..

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In a little over 6 months, I have lost just over 70 lbs, and my shoe size has gone down about one whole size..

Hope that helps!.


Comment #1

I've lost 127 pounds so far, and I have gone from a 10 extra-wide to a 9 medium in shoes. Weight loss is funny I had to get a smaller nose piece for my glasses! Who woulda' thunk it?..

Comment #2

Oh I so hope this is true. I wear an 11 now and it is no fun buying shoes when the selection is so limited. I would love to just be able to go back to a 10 but a 9 would be fantastic!!!..

Comment #3

My feet have always been boney and narrow regardless of my size so I have not changed shoe size. I think if you have fat there to lose you lose it just like any other part of your body!..

Comment #4

I've actually lost about 1/2 a shoe size - from an 8.5 to an 8. My feet are very wide so the "volume" of my foot in the shoe is what has changed although I've not noticed a huge difference in my tennis/walking shoes...

Comment #5

Thanks for the input, everyone!.

I guess I'll save buying the new fancy walking shoes as a reward when I get closer to goal, instead of now, when I'm still just getting started..

...and of course, congrats on the great Medifast results you've all had!..

Comment #6

I've lost 110lbs and my shoe size hasn't changed. I've been a size 11 since I was 12 and at a semi-healthy weight. The only difference between now and when I weighed 325 is that wides used to feel more comfortable, but now regular width is fine..

Taminsky- I feel your pain- there is never a good selection for us size 11s!..

Comment #7

Well darn. I was hopeful but I am in a regular width now, my feet have always been pretty narrow so they may be a little larger now with my extra weight but it means they probably won't magically shrink. I used to wear a 10 for the longest time, well until I got pregnant the first time, and then I couldn't even jam my foot in a 10 well. So it's been limited 11s for the last 11 years...

Comment #8

I was a 9 1/2 (wide preferably) and am now a 8. Depending on the style, 8 1/2. Regular, no longer a wide. I lost 70 pounds. Funny, who'd think your feet shrink too??..

Comment #9

I use to wear a 9 wide but I bought some shoes in a 9 regular width...Some shoes I can wear a 8.5 now...

Comment #10

I was an 8 1/2 Wide at 287. I started wearing 8B after losing about 80 pounds. I am now in a 7 1/2B..

The body stores and loses fat from every possible source. I am waiting to get to goal before buying new fashion jewelry (fingers/neck) and getting my glasses adjusted (face)..

As for your shape-ups, I wouldn't worry about the shoes getting too big. Your feet will shrink gradually, it won't happen overnight. I haven't checked out these shoes, but if they are like any other pair of sneakers, they aren't a permanent investment. Sneakers are going to wear out anyway so why not get them to kick off your restart. Consider them a treat for your recommittment and if they will help you walk more/move more consider them a tool in your weight loss journey..

My first pair of walking shoes were an 8 1/2 Wide and by the time they got too big they were ready to be replaced anyway..

Go for it!..

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