Medifast recipe for Shir....noodles Q!?

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Pardon me but I don't always get a chance to read all I would like to of these boards; grandma here with babies to watch! So will you please humor me and tell me again ; what are those shira... noodles that I've seen on the boards on occasion? Are they expensive, can they be bought locally and what are they made of? I know, I'm asking for lots of info that I need.

Would like to have links and or personal experience with the latter preferred. TIA.


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It's shiratake noodles, made from yams, and can be found at asian groceries. the ones I found were 1.29 per pakage. I like them, use them in place of pasta w/veggies. we can have up to 1.5 cups if you use them as your entire green; I usually use about 3/4 c noodles and 3/4 c cooked veggies, add a smidge of grated parmesan...

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I ordered some from Look under their bestsellers list.

I rinsed them parboiled them and LOVED them. They are not expensive. lowcarbyou sent them with a cold pack at no extra charge.

I recommend using them in a broth with meat for your lean and green. I made a shirataki noodle and white clam broth with garlic was great. YOU get a ton of clams in 7 oz..

BUT I LOVE CLAMS!!!!! you could use what you like best for your lean portion. A little soy and sesame oil you're on your way. Give it a try!!!!!.


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I buy from Love them. Have to hold your nose until you have rinsed then well (I sometimes do it outside) but I have found them to be quite satisfying. I use them like noodles for pasta dishes. Somefolks cut them up and saute them with seasonings in a pan sprayed with butter spam and eat like rice...

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For the other side, I gave the noodles the old college try and couldn't stand them. They were rubbery, squeaked in my mouth and were a waste of money and time..

Only buy one or two small pakages to make sure you like them before you get too excited about the idea of noodles..


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I agree with pbsbelle!.

I tried the noodles - Angel Hair White - and found them to be the grossest thing I have ever tried to eat!! And I can eat just about anything which is why I'm on MF!.

I followed all the cooking directions given on the boards and still found them to make me very ill. To this day thinking about eating them makes me ill!.

So get a sample size before spending lots of money. These noodles are packed in water so shipping is expensive. If you buy from MiracleNoodle - they do not refund the shipping! Cost me $40 to learn that I wouldn't even feed my dogs these noodles...

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I agree, they were terrible. I threw them out. Gave me the worst stomach cramps ever......

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I love them. There are yam shiritake noodles and tofu ones....I buy the Tofu at our local health food grocery store called Feel Right. The ones I buy are in liquid and I have never had a bad smell...many people seem to have experienced the smell so I am guessing it is eaiter the Yam ones or the dry ones that smell. I like mine with soy sauce and chicken meat ...taste like lomein to me. I also like to sautee them with garlic and laughing cow cheese wedges and low fat chicken broth and add any seafood. They are an easy meal for me when I am in a hurry and they are a comfort food I don't think I'll ever use real pasta again...

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Love them, give them a try. And, all the comments about how bad they smell, the one's that we got at a Global Supermarket in St. Louis had no smell at all...

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The noodles I got from www.lowcarbyou had no smell or bad taste whatsoever...

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I made them the other day with a recipe from hungry girl..

It was a low fat alfredo sauce. I used the low fat laughing cow cheese, 2 tsp ff sour cream and 2 tsp parm..

It was delicious. My whole family was impressed...

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You have all been so helpful; I will buy one item to try and will let you know what happens!.


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Okay, I'm going to come right out and ask!!.

I've tried the shiratake noodles twice. Have rinsed and parboilied them thoroughly. Both times I've eaten them, I've ended up with enough GAS to propel myself to the Moon!!.

Does anyone else have this problem after eating this stuff, if you care to tell??.

I guess I should stock up on BEANO!!..

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I just bought the Tofu ones at Whole Foods. I really like them, and they didn't have an odor at all...

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I'm on my way this morning to hunt for these noodles and will report this evening; if and where I found them and what I think of them as to how they smell and taste. Oh boy, I love adventure! Be back this evening on this! ~martha..

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Yes, me too, the other four bags went right into the garbage......I have enough gas bags in my life at work, I don't need any more!!!..

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I love the noodles, I even use them when cooking for my BF who is very skinny. he did say they took alittle getting used to, but he doesn't mind them now..

Good luck..

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