Medifast recipe for Shiritaki Noodles?

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Does anyone know the shelf life of these things? I bought 2 bags about 4 or 5 weeks ago. I used 1 but the other has been in my fridge. I don't know if I should try them or throw them out...

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It is posted on their website, if I remember correctly there is a three month shelf life if in the refrigerator, but don't hold me to that, I am going to recheck. I have some in the fridge also...

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The brand I purchase has an expiration date. I have four bags in my fridge now and they're dated June 18, 2007...

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Hi Spoiled: Yes, they are refrigerated. The brand is "House". I purchase them here in New York at King Kullen...

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It depends on what brand you buy and whether or not they have tofu in them.....

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I keep hearing about these, but what are they exactly and where do you get them? Are they a specialty item or can I find them somewhere in a grocery store?..

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I buy them from two places, for the mini-pearls to add to my daily soups and at my local mega-market for the House brand fettuccini and angel hair. The miracle noodle site (without Tofu) are calorie free and zero carbs (again there are carbs but very low and are not reported). I don't eat the Medifast bars (highest Medifast product in terms of carbs) so that a half packet of pearls does not affect my weight loss and helps me feel full. 20 packs for $35 plus $8 shipping comes out to about $1.08 per serving for me so it is worth it. I add these to the creamy soup with thickened water, using the Konjac powder on the same site. It makes a very thick and satisfying soup..

The House brands are for special lean and greens because of the 40 calories and 6 carbs per package. The nutrition newsgroup recommends these replace your "green" but I mix a bit in and lower the meat portion. These are about $2.00 a pack at my supermarket (look in the vegetarian section) so they are still very reasonable.

I made the error of buying the experimental package at The thicker types are too rubbery but I grind them up with Splenda/cinnamon and a few pecans and add them to the eggs for pancakes. waste but don't think you will enjoy them as presented unless you *really* are hurting for a noodle ; >..

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Thanks for the info!! What is the shelf life and how do you store them? I see you get 20 packs at a time! I would hate to waste them...

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Pistachio What do you use to grind the thicker types of the miracle noodles???.

I too made the mistake of buying the experimental package and the larger types are at the bottom in my frig, waiting to get used somehow or thrown out. Just too rubbery to eat as is.

I like your pancake idea to use them up, just wondering how you go about grinding them...

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I just use a very small food processor. It chops up nicely if the noodles are well drained. I think we need a noodle spinner! After that, they can be used anyplace you might use a starch such as flavoring/spicing and stuffing inside a mushroom cap, etc...

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