Medifast recipe for Shirataki noodles?

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Help with the use of shirataki noodles. How do you count these toward lean and green meal?..

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Look on your pull down menu (cooked veggie) in your log a meal within your "my plan entry" tab..

Once you click add, it shows within the "green entry" the noodles (yam and soy base) and portion size...

Comment #1


I ate some last night for the first time ever! I fixed it with garlic and 1 tsp olive oil and molly mcbutter cheese sprinkles. Flavor was fine but the texture was like rubbery gelatin strands. I have one more bag and will finish that and probably not buy more..


Comment #2

I find the shiritaki noodles a little frustrating because they look so much like the real thing that their texture is always disappointing. Only way around it is to cook them, then stir fry them till they seem like they "should" be a little stiffer. Not like pasta though...

Comment #3

I agree with Jodi I tried theese twice and each time I felt like I was chewing rubber bands. It also made me very bloated afterward. I don't think they are for everyone or worth the cost. I would rather have eaten medifast chicken noodle soup and saved my lean and green for real food. I don't feal like I'm missing out on anything either not purchasing them throughout my weightloss journey.

I plan to stay off addicting pastas, breads, and sugars in my life for a long time after learing what it can do to my body. I will make heathier choices in bread and pasta and eat smaller portions of them when I incorporate them back into my diet but not the shirataki noodle...

Comment #4

Did you see Orangeblood's post for fried rice using the noodles? It looks yummy..

Comment #5

I was wondering if anyone has had an allergic reaction to the noodles. I was using them quite a bit and was breaking out horribly. Since then I've changed my skin cleanser, make-up and haven't had any noodles and am afraid to try them again. I was thinking that maybe it was the shellfish(which I'm not allergic to) liquid they are packed in?..

Comment #6

I put a question out to nutrition about since these (made with yams) have no nutritional value (no cal; no carbs) why we couldn't also have a salad with our "pasta" meal. I look forward to the response...

Comment #7

I have been using the noodles on and off for about a year now. I need the fiber they provide. Supposed to be great for your cholesterol..

I can not imagine eating 1 1/2 cups at one sitting. I like to add them in soups. It also helps the cut them in much smaller pieces. I have even put them in the shakes, with ice and tons of blending. I recently purchased the glucomannan powder (what the noodles are made out of) it works much better in the shakes...

Comment #8

I love them and eat them alot, but I typically have no more than a cup (usually less) because they are very filling. I have had no skin issues from them (and I do have sensitive skin and skin allergies). I don't have the bloating problems that some people claim either.....

Comment #9

I am one who didn't care for them at all. I tried them a couple of years ago when I was doing Atkins. They taste like rubber bands. And they made me bloat up bad, and I don't usually have a problem with that. When I ordered you had to buy 10 bags, I threw out 8 of them...

Comment #10

I have made OrangeBloods recipe and it is tasty. I always cut the noodles up and heavily season them after rinsing them almost to death!!..

Comment #11

I also have tried Orangeblood's recipie for fried rice. I liked it and so did my husband. I made him try them. I haven't had any reaction yet. Will continue using them. Like the fact that there are no carbs or calories with them. I am addicted to carbs so I have to find a new way to eat...

Comment #12

I love the noodles. They are soo good and so versatile. Just don't expect them to taste exactly like pasta and you won't be dissapointed. IMO they need sauce and flavorings but they really are good. I use 3/4 C and then add 3/4 C veggies. Very filling.

Very yum!..

Comment #13

I wonder if the people who have a problem with the shirataki noodles are buying a different product than the one I purchased? I bought the "House" brand Tofu Shirataki.

Noodles, because it was available in the local japanese/chinese market..

Adding tofu to the noodle is supposed to make it less rubbery.

I was glad that I had read the positive posts regarding shirataki noodles 1st, because I.

Found them to be delicous! I rinsed and drained them ( phew, they were just as stinky.

As described in a previous posting!:-)) and parboiled the noodles, before sauting them.

In with my spinach, and scallops. My husband and sister both liked the noodles as.

Well. In fact we tried the fettuccine noodles with a tomatoe, pepper & mushroom sauce.

The following day and again thought it was delicous..

I liked them so much that I am going to incorporate them into my lifetime maintanence.

Diet plan in the far off future, they were that good!:-).

It's nice to find a healthy food that is good tasting, that is also low in carbs and calories!.

The best thing is that it is legally part of our green portion of our L & G meal, and it's.

Easy to have a 1/2 cup - 1 cup, so that you can add in veggies to equal 1 1/2 cups total!.

I noticed on the pkg that there is a website for the noodle distributor. that gives you locations of where to buy the noodles in your.

Area, recipes, etc..

Thanks to all who post! It nice to have inspiration at your finger tips!.


Comment #14

I expect to try the House Brand flavored tofu next week (next shopping trip). Will report back. DH is from Japan and we eat a lot of Japanese food. House Brand has never dissappointed, except I still hate natto and shiratiaki/konyaku and.


Comment #15

I didn't care for the tofu-shiratakis. I only buy the yam-only, angel hair. (Tofu adds carbs, too)..

Comment #16

I was surprised to see these as a veggie since I have read so much about them being a carb replacement on (great diet site). I was always afraid to try them because I read about they are stinky unless they are rinsed super well. That freaked me out for some reason. As far as the fiber they are made of (glucomanan), I have been taking this in capsule form and it's great. I take 2 capsules with every meal and lots of water.

I think I will try these since they are selling them at Trader Joe's now. If TJ's has them, then they have to be ok.

To the person who is breaking outit might be the fish liquid or you could be allergic to soy or yams. I know medifast is a lot of soy but the noodles could be a different kind. I know how you feel, I am allergic to tons of stuff and get hives easily..


Comment #17

I just ordered some. I tried them last year when I was doing atkins. My whole family - including my 11 year old - loved them. I did follow someone's recomendation for preparation. It including rinsing, parboiling and then a quick sautee.

But they came out good and they are full of fiber - which can't hurt...

Comment #18

I just ordered some of these today.

Cant wait to try them..

Thanks Every one ..

Have to find that recipe from Orangeblood Now .....

Comment #19

Nutrisystem has said before that it can be either one of them. Yam only or yam/tofu. The ones with added tofu only add 20 cals and 2g carbs, one or both of them is fiber. I can't see how if you're replacing all or part of your green then the tofu/yam noodles would be no. Unless they've changed something recently..

And everyone, again, make sure when you eat these that you don't try them plain. Even with a little cheese, garlic, and olive oil (like pasta) they're not that good. Where they really shine is when you add the rest of your veggies, pasta sauce, cheese (like my mac-n-cheese recipe..yum), or in an asian stir fry with soy sauce and asian spices. That's where they're really good. Alone or lightly flavored they are not good at all! I've tried go!..

Comment #20

I personally love them ! especially ith garlic and some water-sauted greens....

Also, my daugter, who's 8 & likes a warm lunch at school, loves the angel-hair look alike noodles with ither meatballs or plain tomatoe sause with no chese - she can't tell the difference !!!!.

It always fixes my 'creamed' Medifast soups too......

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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