Medifast recipe for Shiratake Noodles?

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Okay I finally found some locally and made the baked spaghetti recipe I found on the forum which tasted good. What did you all do when you first opened the package of noodles (yam) - I about barfed as it smelt like 10 fish crawled in the pkg and died : ) I really did gag...

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I just bought some too though have not yet used them... I heard that once you open them you need to rinse them several times heres what Orangeblood said in his Medifast Survival guide..

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Yea I followed that and it somewhat worked : ) I think the initial smell is enough to knock 10 of us over : ) I may put a clostes pin over my mose until I think the smell has dimenished cuz they are goooodddd..

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I about barfed too!! I also rinsed and rinsed and microwaved and rinsed some more and then added my sauces and all that and I tasted it and almost barfed again!!.

These noodles are definitely an acquired taste. One that I will never develop!!.

I warn anyone that will listen - only buy a trial size of the noodles until you find out if you like them or not. It cost me over 40 bucks to figure out that I absolutely found the noodles disgusting!..

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I like them!.

Yes they are like eating fishy rubber bands but when I am serving pasta to my family I eat these so I feel like I am having pasta too! hahaha.

I saute' garlic and olive oil and the shirataki and it is good..

I agree that you should only buy a small package to try first! I did that and was pleasantly surprised so I bought more...

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I'm with you, Sandie. I bought them at Whole Foods, thinking that I'd found the find of the century (hadn't seen all the posts here about them at the time). I read on the package to rinse well repeatedly. I had my collander out, snipped the package open and nearly lost it! Oh my!! Nothing could have prepared me for the smell. I rinsed and rinsed. I cooked them with my sauce and tried to eat them, but I kept smelling the smell.

Several days later, I pitched out the other package of them ... couldn't even bring myself to open them...

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Thanks for the warning. I think that I will stir clear of the noodles!!!.

Pasta or No Pasta..

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I love them, but ONLY the yam noodles (not yam-tofu noodles) and only the angel hair. You get used to the smell when you first open them, but as long as you prep them correctly, it doesn't transfer over to the taste when you actually eat them. Also, if you make them ahead of time and eat them a couple of days later (I usually make my lunches for the entire week at one time), they absorb more of the sauce and flavors they are paired with and lose the rubbery texture and actually taste more like pasta. I order from

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Miracle noodle refused to refund the shipping - either mailing it to me nor for me having to send them back. Maybe that is a standard but throwing away 40 bucks was not really something I could afford to do! FYI - I would not recommend doing business with

I have never met a food I didn't like at all until I met the Miracle Noodle and I had the Yam Angel Hair ones I can't even imagine how bad the other ones are!!..

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I just got some think I will open them on the back porch and rinse in the water hose before I take them inside!..

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Ok MF'ers I just decided that today for my L&G I wanted spaghetti. I found some Shirataki noodles at a grocery store near me that I love called Central Market. They are called House brand Tofu Shirataki and guess what they had very little fishy smell. I have a pretty sensitive nose and I even had to smell the bag after I emptied it into my drainer. Smelled like crab.....

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The smell comes from the calcium sulfate or calcium hydroxide that is added to the shirataki. Once you rinse it thoroughly, you should get rid of most of the smell. However, the rubbery texture is still a big problem...

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My friend told me to try summer squash as it creates the noodles with baking and he likes it and it don't stink..

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I grew up eating spagheti squash. Its such a versatile food... I am realy looking forward to loosing this weight and being able to at how I grew up (before moving out on my own)..

As my mom always said "Fresh is best"... have you seen how many carbs are in a traditional jar of spaghetti sauce why do they feel the need to add sugar? I ended up having to make my own sauce for my nodles tonight.....

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I just got mine yesterday....

I hope that I like them..

You guys are cracking me up about the smell... but I realize that It has got to be true , so I am being forewarned....

Hoping to make something with them Sunday or Monday.

Planning on plugging the nose for awhile...LOL.


Any good recipes for them ? to hide the smell ?

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The smell is really not that bad... Just when you cut open the bag, but I hold my breath and dump them in a colander and just let the water run over them. Do that for a couple of minutes and then microwave them in water for a few minutes. Rinse again. Smell is gone. If you're going to eat them on Monday, go ahead and make them today so they can sit in the sauce for a couple of days and soak up the goodness.

Also, go visit OrangeBlood's blog. He's got lots of Shirataki recipes, with pics to go with!..

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GUYS!!!!!!!!!! this is very important, you need to drain noodles rinse, then boil them for 5min drain again and dry if desired, I love these, but I would never eat them out of the bag yuck! also try adding them in collins inn 5calories chicken stock with spices, they need to boil again in the soup for 5 or so min, then eat they have a much better texture and no smell if you do this I buy them by the box full, I get the tofu shataKI from house tofu! please try boiling them, I feel they are such a great secret to weight loss, it's a shame if you give up with out trying them made correctly good luck guys!!!..

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Actually I have to make sure, can we have these on the 5 &1 plan? They are only 40 calories for the whole pack, I added them in my medifast soup today, I hope thats ok, what do you guys think?..

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Yes we can have them but as a heads up it counts towards your green not your lean... I find it odd that I too use the tofu ones and under the vegitarian side for lean yo can have tofu... but when I enter it into my plan it comes up all green and not under lean at all...

Comment #18

So is one packet = to one lean? or like .5 lean? thanks for you help..

Comment #19

1.5 cups of shirataki noodles counts as your entire green (not lean) for the day. I would go a little less with the tofus ones though, as they have a higher carb count...

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