Shiratake noodle ideas for Nutrisystem?

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To try those shiratake noodles!!! I bought them about a month ago and they've been in my fridge taunting and terrifying me at the same time! I had read all the threads, which didn't assuage my fears. The ditty on the package about "authentic aroma" certainly didn't help!.

So...I donned my hazmat suit and goggles, cut open the package and RINSED. I put 1/2 package in a bowl, added a wedge of LC, a bit of salt and suggested by someone here. WOW...really GOOD! I'm not sure what I was expecting as far as texture...maybe something like gummy bear noodles. That's not what they're like, however, they almost had a "crunch"...definately more al dente like...I LOVED them.

I'll be looking for more ways to use them...thanks for the tip guys!..

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Your question was: Shiratake noodle ideas for Nutrisystem?.

Glad that you like them. I love them too, can eat the whole bag. Just don't smell them !!!! Loved your comment about hazmat suit, too funny !!!!..

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Thanks, Birdie. I thought it was probably tofu, but I didn't know. Looks interesting...

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I think I need to try these...are they easy to find? In the sticks we just have a Krogers, Wal-Mart, and a HyVee..

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Not sure about your area, but here in Maine I can only find them @ Whole Foods. They are by the other vegetarian specialty items (like tofu dogs)...

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I'll have to keep these in mind. I just noticed that there is a whole foods in my area. I'll have to swing by. I just assumed it was an American store...

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I have been staring at my package for awhile now too. You have given me the courage to try them. Tonight's the night...

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I find them at the Oriental supermarket and they are fabulous. They really satisfy my need for pasta and carbs. Love them and especially love the lack of calories...

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I've been intrigued by these noodles for months now, and I would love something pasta-ish to bulk up my entrees. Is the smell really as bad as I've heard? I've read several reviews claiming that the smell varies from a wet, fresh vegetable smell to rotton fish. I'm afraid it would just turn me off before I got started. I'm very squeamish around yucky smells, totally reverses my appetite and gets a gag reflex kicking. I'm afraid to waste the money LOL! Any thoughts?..

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I have tried them also in some recipes in the Hungry Girl cookbooks. I loved the spaghetti pie. I am in the middle of no where NH and found them at Hannaford in the specialty organic section in the cooler section..


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Honestly, Mary, I didn't notice the smell that much. But then I'm not in the habit of sniffing things if I've already been warned not to I put mine in a colander and rinsed the he** out of 'em, then sort of blanched them, then drained and rinsed them again. I really thought they were worth the $, time, and smell Certainly bulked up a few of the saucier entrees. Give them a try!..

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LOL!! Mine have been in the fridge for about three weeks doing hte same!! I am in Denver for a few days right now, but I'll have to try them now when I get home.

What brand are the spinach variety, and where can you get them?..

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Spaghetti squash was filling my "pasta" need for a while and right now I am making the faux fried rice almost every other day and that fills my carb need to now this will be next on my list of replacements now.

I still think it's funny that after 5 months I still crave carbs so bad!!! Bread and pasta have always been my downfall major comfort foods and family favorites...

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Based on all the comments here I went to the store yesterday and bought some. Meijer in MI has them by the tofu , both the spaghetti type and angel hair. I rinsed them well, mixed them in with the spaghetti and meat sauce, added canned mushrooms and heated it all on the top of the stove. A serving size is 1/2 the bag and I only used about 1/3 of the bag. It really absorbed all that extra sauce and I couldn't finish the entree after my normal sized salad. You couldn't tell the diference from the Nutrisystem noodles.

Gosh I love these boards...

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