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I know everybody's different, it's the journey that counts, we have to plan our work then work our plan, etc. etc..

But there are times when hearing about others' successes is very motivating! Let's make a 'success list' - post how much weight you've lost, and how long it took to hit that number..

Those at goal and those not yet there welcome!..

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I've lost 66 pounds!.

I started 9/14/09 and I'm only 14 pounds from goal!..

Comment #1

That is so wonderful! I am starting tomorrow and hope I can do as well..


Comment #2

I started Medifast on 07/31/06 topping the scale at 604 pounds. I was in constant pain and was just existing. I was so blessed to have found Medifast and have since lost 340 pounds. I thank God every day for bring me to Medifast which has literally saved my life and continues to do so every day.

Follow the plan as written and you will succeed. There are so many wonderfull successful, supportive and inspirational people here..

Always remember: YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! Mary..

Comment #3

My first step success...getting through week one and losing eight lbs :-)..

Comment #4

I've lost 50 pounds on MF! I believe in this program so much! I now am able to go to the gym and exercise comfortably every day. I still have 40 pounds to lose and I am hoping to get back on Medifast after I take care of some stomach/IBS issues. This is the best plan there is out there!..

Comment #5

Wow! That is awesome! congrats on your loss. You are truly an inspiration..

Everyone on this thread is an inspiration..

I lost 30 lbs back in 07, kept most of it off and now am back to lose another 15-20lbs. I am only on day 3, so I haven't weighed in yet. Crossing my fingers for a great loss this week!..

Comment #6

Well - it's miniscule compared to others, but I'm down 25 lbs today. I'm thrilled because I haven't been able to stick with any sort of plan for even a single day the last couple of years. I've stuck with this for 7 weeks and it's getting easier every day..

My next goal is 31 lbs - I've never lost more than 30 lbs in one go. And since I've got another 70-something pounds to go....I definitely need to get past the first 30!.

Thanks for giving me a place to post my thrilling little 25 lbs loss!..

Comment #7

Hey October41, 25 pounds is not no small task lady, give yourself credit for accomplishing those wonderful things you talk about in your post, sticking to the program, losing 25 pounds.

I am very proud of you and yes you will do it ! Congratulations on the 25 pounds and good luck going forward...

Comment #8

October41 you are going to do it!.

I lost over a hundred pounds and I have kept that 100 off for over a year. Now to just hit that original goal!..

Comment #9

I am down 80 lbs, and started in May 2009. Another 75 lbs to go!..

Comment #10

Thanks for the support Karen and Ilopez! It is hard sometimes to look at the relatively small distance I've come and believe that I'll make it all the way to the end. But then I come to pages like this, where there are success stories like Mary, Alexandra, MJHart, Lesley, and's more than encouraging. It's truly inspiring!.

We just need to keep plugging away and we will keep getting closer to our goals!..

Comment #11


Are you talking about me? I'm a success story? Oh my God, you have no idea that you just made my day and made me want to cry!..

Comment #12

I've lost over 135 lbs and have been at this since Memorial Day, 2009, so about 9 months or so...

Comment #13

I have lost 5.8 pounds in my first week. Weigh in #2 on Thursday. I am proud of every ounce...

Comment #14

I am just starting tomorrow. that is awesome for the first week. you go girl!!..

Comment #15

MJ - are you kidding me? You don't realize you're a success story?!? You've lost over 30% of your starting body weight!.

You are amazing!!!!.

I only hope that a few months from now, I'll have achieved a similar loss. You're an inspiration!..

Comment #16

Wow - Angela - what an amazing accomplishment! It's all of these stories of people who just keep working at it and losing that are keeping me going!.

Jenny - isn't the first week great?! That big loss really spurs you on!.

Angelfire - hope you have a very successful journey! Isn't it reassuring to see all of these folks who've "done it" and gotten to where we want to be? It's fantastic!..

Comment #17

Thank you and congratulations on your success and congratulations to everyone. Everyone here is a wonderful inspiration to us all. Mary..

Comment #18

Week #2 - lost 4 pounds!! Moving in the right direction...

Comment #19

I started 6.5 wks ago. Today, on my 30th b-day I weighed in at 199 lbs - that is a 30 lbs loss so far!.

(Yeah, yeah - I know I keep writing about it everywhere - but I am so excited!!)..

Comment #20

No..I suppose I'm still stuck in "Fat" mentality.

But it is very heartening and I thank you SO SO SO MUCH that you think I'm inspirational!..

Comment #21

2 weeks in - down 9 pounds!.

This is going to work for me!..

Comment #22

Hi there!.

When I started last July I read every post I could regarding others' successes...they really helped me stay committed..

Now here I am...down 101 pounds in 8 months! I'll be 45 in 6 weeks and just pounds shy of my goal (19 more pounds ain't happnin' in 6 weeks!!!). I feel so energized and productivebest wishes to our "newbies". You'll be reminiscing about your Medifast beginnings soon enough!.

Peace & Success!.


Comment #23

I read all these great stories and hope some day I will have one. I just started on Medifast on 04-01-10 and I can say it is hard, but everyday I feel a little better. Yesturday I walked on a treadmill for 10 min and could not beleive it! I was sweating like a faucet, but I have been so afraid of exercise (just lazy) for years. I cannot come to terms to do measurements yet. The scale was a biggie too! I think reading logs at night helps me end my day with out the snacks. It is so great to see all the wonderul weight loss, you all look great...

Comment #24

I made a goal to weigh 20 lbs less for my wedding shower. Shower is on Saturday, and I hit 20 lbs today!..

Comment #25

Everyone is doing real good! This is great! I'm down 15lbs today in 19 days and I have the major headache to prove it! Some days are better than others but I am not letting go of this journey. I have another 119lbs to go..

Start date: 03/20/2010.

Week (1-4): -7.3, -5.1, -xx, -xx.

Goal 1: 249 lbs. / Get out of the 250lbs(ish) and never come back!.

Goal 2: 235 lbs..

Goal 3: 220 lbs..

Goal 4: 214.5 lbs. 50 POUNDS GONE.

Goal 5: 199 lbs. This will be the most emotional weight goal as I havent been below 200 lbs since 2001..

Goal 6: 185 lbs..

Goal 7: 170 lbs..

Goal 8: 164.5 lbs. 100 POUNDS GONE!!!!!!.

Goal 9: 155 lbs..

Goal 10: 140 lbs..

FINAL : 130 lbs...

Comment #26

I finally broke through a plateau or stall whichever is the right phrase. I did not just stand still but went up on the scale and it would not budge. The thing I am most proud of is I did not throw my hands in the air and quit which I have done with every other diet out there. I upped my water, changed up my l&g's and switched around my choice of Medifast meals and now I am not only back on track with the scale but thrilled that for the first time I stuck it out!! I am really proud of myself for that...

Comment #27

At my weigh-in today, I was down 40 lbs!! I have hit the point where I am smaller than I've been since graduating college almost 10 years ago. My husband calls me skinny every single day...

Comment #28

I hit my goal weight of 140 and now I'm inching my way towards 122...

Comment #29

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