Any Medifast shake ideas?

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Ok, I am calling on all you wiser Medifasters!.

This is my first week, and although I love the program, I am bored with the shakes. The flavors are fine; they are just kinda blah, and I would love to eat a bar instead..

However, I have a ton of shakes and a limited budget. So do you have any ideas on what I can do to dress them up a bit? Even make them into something else like the pudding cake?.

I would love any ideas you can pass along! Thanks!..

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I personally don't make many recipes, but if you search the Recipe forum and go back to the first page... I'm sure you'll find a ton!.

Ones that I've heard of:.

Shake Cake.



I enjoy my shakes with 2 Tbs of instant espresso and a couple of drops of coconut extract..

Best wishes on your journey!..

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The chocolate shakes taste great with crushed up ice..

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I put walden farms chocolate dip or sauce in my choc. shakes and water and 6 ice cubes and blend and it's sooo good. I do it with bananna too it's chocolate bananna. also they have walden farms strawberry syrup for strawberry shakes is good and vanilla. also have you heard of pb2? it's powdered peanut butter with 85%less fat you order it online and you can put that in choc. shakes and it tastes like reeces. each of theese things are concidered condiments and you are allowed 3 per day dont forget that ok? walden farms stuff you can get at the grocery store(not all though) shaws does have it..

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Shake cake recipe is pretty good for a change..

I enjoyed mixing mine with diet soda - esp. Diet Dr. Pepper (Cherry Vanilla)..

Just make sure you shake with water and THEN add a little diet soda. Don't shake it with the soda - stir it gently. Trust me...

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I like the Cinabon recipe for the vanilla shake..

Splenda 1 package.



Vanilla Flavor Drops.

I don't remember how much of these you use, so do a search for the Cinabon shake receipe. I was drinking these almost every day and they are YUM!!!..

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