Medifast recipe for SF DaVinci Syrups?

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I have seen a lot of recipes that I would love to try, but a lot of them have the SF Davinci Syrups. I have checked my local grocery stores and Walmart to see if they carry it, but didn't find it. Does anyone one know where they might sell it? a health store? coffee store? costco?.

Where did you guys find yours?..

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Unfortunately I got my at Walmart. They were in with the coffee..

I am sure there is a website that you can find them on..

Good luck!!..

Comment #1

You will LOVE the syrups. I put them in EVERYTHING...They're the best part of this diet. That and Better Than Buillon for the soups. You can order them at or The great thing about is that they have a flat rate shipping charge as they are big, heavy bottles and the shipping can get pricey. I have over 20 flavors I think......

Comment #2

Yes, there are two places I know of that you can get them... I had asked in Starbucks and they weren't able to help me (they use them, the regular and the sugar free Vanilla and Hazelnut for diet coffees) and so... Google is your friend, as everyone says... This is their homepage, very nicely laid out, very sophisticated, excellent website, and full price... I guess they have to pay their web designer and keep up the image with the no discount theory of retail, lol..

Or, a site with ALL of the same syrups and discounted....


I'd use the second site, the discount is nice and they sell the pumps that go on the bottles also which we couldn't locate on the chic Da Vinci homepage..

If you are looking for a location for other sugar/fat/carb free foods (are they foods if they don't have carbs/protein/fat of any kind, you be the judge :) I haven't ordered from them yet, but may try one of their no cal salad dressings... you might want to take a peek at waldenfarms if you're not already aware of the site. The link for them is.

Http:// (the no www is not a typo).

Good luck and enjoy and do check out the Da Vinci site even when you order from the netrition site it's so very chic ;) And you might get lucky and find a discount on a flavor of the month or something that isn't moving as quickly... it's worth a try. Thankfully, netrition discounts but still carries that boggling array of flavors, each and every one, it seems..

If you meant a local store to buy them, we tried the local gourmet food stores in our area and had no luck. I'm sure some stores sell them, but if you can't find them, at least you have the websites and can order directly... and the waldenfarms one to investigate also for potential items you might find interesting..

Good luck!.


Comment #3


As I was writing that, Bettina beat me to the punch.

Ah well, now you know for sure where to go.. truly I find that whenever there is anything that I need to find or know, Google is the solution. It takes a second, and almost always comes through..

Figuring out which to order will be the real challenge (I can't decide which, and I don't want to end up with a dozen of them, at least not to start, they aren't all that inexpensive even with the discount at Netrition and the shipping fee discount as well, at Bettina pointed out..


Comment #4

For the soups? Which ones? I assumed for the shakes and for making cookies and other "baked" items and for flavoring oatmeal and coffee and whatever else..

How do you use them for the soups? Which soups, which Da Vinci flavors, for example? It never occurred to me to use these for soups, I am very curious to hear what you do with them and soups..

Thank you.


Comment #5

The hardest part IS choosing the flavors...I am lucky that I have a low carb market close to my house so no shipping charges and I can go there all the time and accumulate a big selection. I think that most people really like the caramel, toasted marshmallow, egg nog, butterscotch, chocolate, and almond flavors. I LOVE all of those. And they have great pancake syrup MUCH better than the Walden Farms in my opinion. If you like the fruity stuff, I use the orange in the orange shakes, strawberry in the strawberry shakes, etc. But they have amaretto that ROCKS in the capuccino, kahlua, malibu rum, etc.

I think the ONLY complaint I have ever heard about the syrups is that some folks think the peanut butter doesn't really taste like peanut butter. I don't agree and love that one too. Enjoy!!!!..

Comment #6

Thank you so much. that was such a great help. I'll have to check out these sites some more.!!!..

Comment #7

I was just looking at the davinci gormet site, and I was mind-boggled at all the flavors they have. Now I at least have an idea what the favs are here...

Comment #8

Thanks so much for the tip on

I was going to order Davinci Syrups direct from Davince and the shipping charge was way too much.

I just ordered 5 bottles from netrition and the whole order was only $4.95 for shipping.

Looking forward to receiving the order...

Comment #9

I originally ordered mine from their website a few weeks before I moved here to So. Ca. Big mistake! I ended up throwing away 8 bottles that were more than 1/2 full or almost full ! No room in the car!.

But luckily we have a Smart-n-Final around the corner that carries the Torani syrups and then I found a low carb store that has the Davinci brand. That's also where I get my shirataki noodles for only 1.49 a packet. Back in KY they were over $2 at whole foods. Having said that, from now on I think I'll only use the Davinci pancake and caramel syrups and switch mainly to the flavor drops. I really like them!!..

Comment #10

Okay I went wild on the syrups on the way home from work...My low carb store sells them for 6.99 and no shipping of course. I bought 10, including some that people don't really mention here. White Chocolate, English Toffee, Praline, Cinnamon, Dulce de Lece, and some of my regulars, including an extra Egg Nog, Caramel, Chocolate, Spice Blend and Pancake Syrup. I also bought the Simple Syrup, which is something I might try in the recipes too. I have to say that the White Chocolate and Dulce de Lece smell incredible. Going to throw those in shakes tomorrow. I love this stuff...

Comment #11

The white chocolate is really good, Bettina!! It was one of the first flavors I tried. Really good in the cappucino and banana pudding. I have a lc store close by too! Love it!! And the Davinci syrups there are only $5.15 each..nanana !.

OK, now I'm rethinking my decision to just mainly stick with the flavor drops! Oh, the choices!! I love this diet!..

Comment #12

Lydiaa....You did NOT MediSNIT at me....You can't see it but I am sticking my tongue out at you. I thought I was getting a great deal on the syrups. I guess we are just lucky to have low carb stores period. Where is yours???? You are far away from me though, right? In Simi???? I can't wait to try the White Chocolate. Only thing I was unhappy about is that they were out of Peanut Butter. My favorite...

Comment #13

LOL...MediSnit!! Another MediTerm from Bettina! Love it!! And yes, I'm in simi! Not that far from you, right?..

Comment #14

Lyds...I am in Hollywood Hills...Not too far from you. But what IS this low carb market you go to? Mine is off the 101 at Van Nuys in Van Nuys. I am sure yours is way out there where you live???? You are about 45-an hour away from me, right?..

Comment #15

Prob about 45 min maybe? I takes about 35 to get to my sisters who lives in North Hollywood near Studio City. The place I go is called Low Carb Emporium and yes, it's here in Simi. Great little store, not too big, but there selections are perfect for me..

Hollywood Hills, ay!! Nice! You're probably some fabulously glamorous movie star going icognito with us regular MedFolks!..

Comment #16

Lydiaa...Close. Film producer. The other low carb store I go to is at Rossmore and Melrose in Hollywood. Right by Paramount. It's also very small and not much selection but they have the Davinci syrups so I am happy...

Comment #17

Kaana Sorry I did not see your question...No I don't usually put them in the soups. BUT I did come up with a thai curry coconut soup recipe and used the Davinci Coconut in it. So I tend to think about the coconut flavor when I want something asian or thai and can't use real coconut milk...

Comment #18

Meditwist = Bettina's knickers when she is in a MediSnit.

Other new dictionary terms .....

Meditryst - see that "other activity" section in the pull down exercise log.

Mediquit - what I WILL NOT DO!.

Meditwit - when you add an incorrect spice to what you are medimixing. (note to self garlic is a "no no" in oatmeal. *gag*).

Medibit - those little wobblies I have all over now, as the fat recedes..

Medichit - coupons we can use to order Medifast.

Medihit - new product that everyone loves (see Beef Stew).

Medimiss - see Mine*gag*strone..

Medikit - the necessary Medifast accoutrements (water bottle, shaker jar, magic bullet mixer, flavor drops, spices, sugar free syrups, food scale, scale, computer).

Medilit - what you will be after one alcoholic drink after doing this plan for a while.

Medisit - what I can do now in theater seats and airplanes, thanks to Medifast!.

Mediwit - Bettina and Robyn...

Comment #19

I have found the large bottles of Da Vinci, on occasion, at TJMaxx. Not a great selection, but a low price...

Comment #20

Thanks for the tip Jean. I have not been to TJMaxx but will try it. These things do get a little pricey...

Comment #21

My local (Manassas, VA) TJMaxx had a really random selection of SF syrups. On a recent trip I got:.

DaVinci SF White chocolate.

Archer SF Caramel.

Artisan SF Kahlua.

Artisan SF Butter Toffee.

ArtisanSF Tiramisu.

Artisan SF Chocolate.

The most I paid for any of them was $4.99 (and they are .750 ml bottles)..

And no shipping!..

Comment #22

Judi - Where's the TJMaxx in Manassas? (I'm in Fairfax)..

Comment #23

Duh! The TJMaxx in Manassas is actually a MARSHALL'S!!!! Okay, they look the same to me!.

It is on route 234 down near the Manassas mall. Coming from 66, it is on your left. There is a Catherine's and a Coldstone in the same shopping center. Cannot remember the name of the shopping center..


Comment #24

Hello, I had seen the syrups at Walmart, but not sugar free. I went on-line searched under Davinci syrups. There are many different sites to order. Starting prices $5.99 to $7.00. Good luck..

Comment #25

I have always purchased mine from Marshalls or TJMaxx...I was just in there yesterday and picked up a couple of bottles! I even saw them at Home goods!.


Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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