What's the best moisturizer to use while on Murad Resurgence?

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Hey guys am only on a low dosage but my face is so redwhat is the best possible moisturiser I can use in the uk?currently using Aveeno but it's just not working,i appreciate any advice..

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I like Eucerin Redness Relief moisturizer. It has SPF 15 too, which is prevents sun-induced redness. Staying hydrated was also really useful for me...

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I had the same problem and honestly I don't think moisturizers help the redness from Murad Resurgence. I had taken prednisone with the Murad Resurgence and I think that seemed to do the trick...

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I'll try the eucerin to see if it makes a differencealthough I do get the feeling that moisturisers wont help muchcan anyone use prednisone with Murad Resurgence?..

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If you like the lightness of aveeno then try dermol lotion 500. but if you feel that aveeno isnt helping then maybe you should try a thicker emollient such as diprobase or E45Eucerin is getting some good reviewsyou will get dry cracked lips, Blistex is probably one of the best brands of lip moisturiser available in the UK, I used the Blistex relief cream the blistex intensive moisturer for lips is good..

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I like Ovante's Acne natural cleanser moisturizer. Its very soft and natural and really works.I guess you'll find it in UK. But anyway it can be bought online. I did so..

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Ive found that all moisturizers make my face redder than it should and irritates my skin, even the most gentle moisturizers and Ive tried a lot of them.So far Ive used -Cetaphil-Euricen dry skin relief-Dans Moisturizer-Complex 15-Johnsons baby moisturizerAll of them are supposed be for sensitive/very dry skin, I tend to get alot of flakes if I dont moisturize at night, Im currently on 10mg Murad Resurgence a day.Ive found that dans moisturizer does the least irritation but it still makes my skin slightly red after application and I believe that it is slowing the healing rate.However Ive recently started (about 5 days ago) using Jojoba oil as a moisturizer replacement and so far it's working wonders, I put alot on at night and it doesnt irritate my skin at all. When I wake up in the morning my skin looks pretty good (in comparison to usual). I also put a bit on in the morning and it's good...

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Thanks for the replys yeah i've heard jojoba is good, although i've just tried eucerin redness relief and it's looking great, if anything it's making me look a bit pale lolit is expensive though but if it works then who cares..

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I use Simple moisturize it works well for me nd I live in Ireland I'm sure they have Simple products in the Uk also..

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