Setting up rewards during Medifast Diet

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Hey there! I got an email from Medifast this morning urging me to set up a system of rewards for reaching weight-loss goals. I'm feeling like eating well should be it's own reward, along with the joints that don't hurt, the clothes I can fit into, the urge to dance, etc..

What do people think? How have rewards helped or hurt you? Did you find that transitioning and maintaining was harder once the reward system was over? Did anyone do it without rewards and find that worked better for them?.

Also, GOOD MORNING! It's DAY THREE and so far I feel fantastic...

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Well, I haven't been on that long but I find that getting into a pair of pants that once were unzippable is reward enough. I'm spending a lot of money on the medifast food so in a way I'm "rewarding" myself with that as well. Great to hear that you're feeling good on day 3. you go!..

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I agree that a lean healthy body and eating well should be it's own reward, and that is my primary reward. I am giving myself small rewards for each 20 pounds lost, though. I buy myself some inexpensive pretty piece of jewelry or a pair of earrings - things I can continue to enjoy for years to come and that will remind me of my accomplishments. Besides, I'll need to accessorize all the new clothes I'm having to buy! I don't lose weight just to "earn" my rewards. They're more like bonuses...

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It's recommended not to reward with food, but I'm thinking that when I reach my mini-goal (which should be next month), I might indulge with a small bag of popcorn. :-)..

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Matt, for me, a food reward would be a bad idea. I don't know how you're wired, obviously. But my mother would always let us pick out one "treat" at the store, and food definitely got wired into my brain as a reward for hard work, or a way to take a break from work. Using food as a reward is one of the things I need to reprogram in order to be able to take the weight off and keep it off..

Also, I'd hate to take myself out of ketosis for one small bag of popcorn! Surely that can't be worth the 3+ days of misery and cravings that results when you try to get back into ketosis... Ouch!.

Anyway, best of luck to you whatever you decide...

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I dont have any particular reward system set up because I couldnt think of anything that I could afford that would serve the purpose. I mean, I get manicures and massages on occasion already, so, my reward would be more like "a cruise." lol.

I do like the idea someone had of a bracelet with a charm or bead for every 5-10 lbs lost.

Because a reminder like that would be a sentimental recognition of my hard work and an ongoing reminder of my accomplishments. However, I never really got around to it. Maybe when I am done, I will get something similar to represent my journey..

Generally speaking though, I do take time to recognize my "non scale victories" and share them here or with my DH. That motivates me more than anything...

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While I agree eating well and being healthy is the end point, it's still good to set up mini-goals along the way. I would suggest the following for your mini-goals:.

- They must be achievable.

- they must not be food related.

- they must not have a time limit on them..

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Hey Freya-.

I opted to "go with the flow" and put down a "Reward," (new hair extensions) as "congrat's" for a yet-to-happen 50-pound-loss..

Is it a motivating me to stay OP?.


I feel as you do-i.e. the health benefit's I'm beginning to experience are rewards in themselves...

Comment #7

Hey, Freya!.

My -50 lb reward is an iPad. I'm counting down the pounds but the MAIN reward for me is to feel comfortable in my skin..

Comment #8

I've never been a "carrot and stick" kind of person, so rewards for goals met have never had an appeal for me. My reward has always been the knowledge of a job well-done and a mission accomplished. I did set mini-milestones along the way, though. With nearly 200 pounds to lose, I could not handle the thought of looking all the way to end, so I did break it down into manageable increments, but no specific rewards for reaching those goals, other than feeling incredible!..

Comment #9

I'm not treating myself to formal rewards but I do often go to the Goodwill and Salvation Army and pick out "new to me" clothes in my new size. Plus I've been going through my jewelry box and have found rings that I can wear now, so it feels like rewards!.

I do feel like losing the weight and the freedom that I'm starting to feel with my body are the biggest and best rewards that I can give myself. Yesterday when I picked my 5 year old up from the bus stop she wanted to race home. She takes off running down the side walk and when she looks back over her shoulder she is shocked that I'm running along right behind her. She said "Mom, I can't believe you're running!!". Those are the kinds of rewards that really mean something to me and trust me, in the past I haven't been the running type, so that was a pretty good moment..

I think that if you are the type of person who works well on the formal reward system then you should totally go for it and get yourself that fab new purse, charm bracelet, shoes, etc. But hey, wait a minute, I guess I do plan on buying myself a totally new and fabulous wardrobe when I finish transition & maintenance, so I guess that I'm just saving up for the big reward at the end, instead of little ones along the way..

Comment #10

Thanks everyone for sharing! I am glad to hear that people who are making so much great progress are able to do it without carrots - literally and figuratively. I think I'll skip the extra rewards, as I get massages and manicures when I want them already too..

I did break down my goals into smaller weight marks, and smaller pants sizes marks. I'll be thrilled when I can start crossing them off. Even before the first goal, I'll be thrilled when the size 22 pants stop binding at the waist. Gah!..

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I thought of doing a reward system as well but then as I get further into this and further toward my goals, I realize that finally losing the weight and feeling so darn good is enough for me. Not to mention the fact that I will have to buy new clothes along the way. The idea of buying smaller sizes and looking better is enough reward for me. Everybody works differently though so it depends on you. Good luck Freya on your journey...

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I like the idea of the Reward. Sure I feel good with less weight on my body but why not celebrate our milestones. It's hard to drop weight, to plan our meals and be creative with the same food types. I'm actually having a tough time coming up with reward ideas and wanted to ask the group their thoughts. My first reward I think will be something simple but nice for me (not expensive). My second is the pedicure.

Any ideas for rewards?..

Comment #13

I listed my mini goals and rewards on mypage as a reminder. My 1st reward @ 10lbs was a pedicure, then 20 lbs a massage. I chose things like these, no food rewards at all. After I reach my final goal, I want to buy a pair of designer jeans! (no more cheap jeans, just to get me by)..

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