How do you set realistic goals for weight loss?

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Fam -.

How do you set realistic goals for weight loss? Do you use percentages or numbers and how do you determine what is appropriate without setting yourself up for failure because you set the numbers to high!.

I want to say lose 100 pounds by the end of the year - but I assume that would be unrealistic! So Fam, I am turning to you for advice!!!.


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Personally I set my goals to increments of 5% which based on my starting weight worked out to approximately 15lb mini goals which I thought was manageable for me. Thinking about the whole number can be overwhelming. You may want to create a seperate ticker for your minigoals and retire it when it's time to move to the next one...

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Oh Colleen..good to see taking the major step to take back control of your life. CONGRATS on your wise decision!.

As for setting goals, I took a different path. I have 'rewards' I give myself everytime I lose 20 lbs. They grow in value as I lose more - to keep me interested.

I thought about what I wanted to do for over a month before I made my list and it still has changed to add things I never thought I would be able to do and now I CAN.

For me, no food or clothing rewards. Food is no longer so important to me that I want to 'treat' myself to that kind of reward. And, buying new clothes isn't an option, it is absolutely necessary as I lose. I chose things that would pamper me, salute my new life or encourage me to keep OP 100%..

When reading posts, take a look at the other MFer's and how they have chosen to reward themselves for ideas. I'm sure you will decide what is important to you and come up with a great reward plan.

You will soon be looking at numbers on your scale that seemed lost forever. Remember, if you stay OP 100% it will work 100%..

Best wishes on your new life!.


Comment #2

Thanks to everyone for their responses.... I am really thinking about rewarding myself with Spa Days - However, I went on my birthday - June 20 - and I felt like Monique in Phat Girlz as the robe did not fit well.... I think that is when I had my AHHHH HAAAA moment!..

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I measure my weight backwards by kids...for example...I weighed X between after my last child was born, and then X when the other child was born! lol ...I also go by 25 pound marks and ten pound marks...anything to help me mentally get to the next mile marker. Prizes vary from doing a happy dance to expensive gifts for myself...

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I set my goals by weightloss but I did not put a date on them. At first I did, and then when I didnt make it by a certain date, it was kind of a let down so I changed it and put it in like 10 pound increments or milestones such as getting to onderland, etc. I think however it will work for you is the best. I gave myself a "prize" for each 25 I hit and felt fantastic! Not big huge things, but little things that cemented the accomplishments for me. Good luck!..

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I do mine in 10 pound increments. I also made a list of 25 things I wanted and gave to hubby. When I get to my 10 pound goal he chooses something to reward me with. it's fun I never know what I'm getting unless of coarse something comes up that I just gotta have now lol.

Blessings Diane..

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Hi, Colleen - I began by dividing the weight that I wanted to lose into quarters - 28 pounds per quarter. Not that 28 pounds is nothing, but I, like so many others, couldn't deal with the BIG number, and I knew that I could lose 28 pounds..

Now that I'm closer to goal - 17 pounds - I am thinking of going for another 10, but I don't want to pull the rug out from under myself, so I'll make that decision when I hit 175 (beats the heck out of 286, right?)..

As for rewards, oh, goodness, how I love clothes. Always have and now the temptation is fierce since I have options that I haven't had in years. But I stick to a very small wardrobe, always purchased on serious sale, and when I get to my final goal, whatever that is, I'll do some shopping for some good pieces that I will refuse to grow out of!.

Best of luck to you!..

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