Secrets to good Medifast oatmeal?

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I feel so much fuller with hot foods, so I really want to like the oatmeal.but my first try was not so good. So, for those of you who eat oatmeal as oatmeal - what are your secrets for success? TIA!..

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Soak it for at least two hours before you plan to eat it. Rule #1 for Medifast oatmeal LOL. I also suggest adding a little more water than they call for. It starts looking like soup or gruel but by the time it soaks and is cooked, it's a better consistency.

You can also search the recipe section on how to make muffins, pancakes or waffles out of them but that will use up condiments, which means you won't have them for your L&G...

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I actually like the oatmeal as is. lol. Everybody has different tastes. Maybe try cooking it on the stove? I do that for the chili and it's 100x better on the stove. Same with the scrambled eggs...

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I don't soak it in advance, but I do add 1 tsp ground flax seed before cooking. The flax seed counts as a condiment.

For me the flax seed really helps the flavor (my favorite Medifast meal is the blueberry oatmeal with flax seed!). I also use more water in making it, because oatmeal+flax seed really thickens up as it cools. I find it very filling and satisfying..

An added benefit of flax seed is that it helps keep me regular. It also delivers an incredible nutritional payload - in addition to the fiber, it adds vitamins, antioxidants, and Omega-3 fatty acids..

Good luck with the oatmeal! I'm closing in on T&M, and I plan on incorporating the Medifast oatmeal in my diet for a long time to come - just because I like it!..

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I eat all 3 fruit flavors, so I add a dash of cinnamon and mix it in and then let it sit for about 30 minutes before microwaving. I will often add more water than is called for to give it a little better consistency, but if you like it really thick then add just the amount called for..

I've read that others add I can't believe it's not butter or a bit of Splenda. I've never tried them, but it may be worth a try just to see if you like them...

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I made bread from the Apple Cinnamon this morning and it turned out well....

1/4 cup Eggbeaters (deduct 1/8 lean).

1/4 tsp. baking powder.

Dash Cinnamon.

Few drops of Sweetzfree.

Mix all and cook for 1 min, 20 secs in the micro., then flip it over and cook another 20 secs. I topped mine with 1/2 Tbsp. cream cheese (1/2 healthy fat)...

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I LOVE the oatmeal... Its actually my favorite meal right now which is funny for me because when I startes this program I couldn't stand it. I start with 6 oz of VERY hot water and the mix in the packet of oatmeal, I add a packet of splenda and the microwave for another minute. When prepared this way the oatmeal always comes out creamy and smooth, I don't need to add any water, but of course you could to thin it out...

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Yeah I boil the water first..

But I too hated the oatmeal. But it away and try it again in a week. Your taste to change..

I add 1 tsp of sugar free syrup. ( I get the bottle from Starbucks for 6.99) my fav is the carmel...

Comment #7

Thanks for all of the tips - I'm going to keep trying until I figure out how to make oatmeal that I like..

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I love using the blueberry oatmeal to make pancakes. I only add enough water to make them batter consistency (I sometimes sprinkle just a tiny bit of baking powder but you don't have to) I cook them on a pam-sprayed frying pan just like regular pancakes. I use some sugar free maple syrup - you need so little as they just soak it all in or a little light butter. If i'm super hungry I also whip up an egg white or two to go with it and i'm usually full all morning. I had heard so many awful rantings about the oatmeal, i've actually never eaten it as cereal. The blueberry pancakes are something I look forward to on Sat or Sun mornings. Good luck!..

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I like the oatmeal as is and as instructed to prepare. But I have added a tiny amt of cinnamon or even adding 1 tsp of sugar free maple syrup. But those are condiments and I am trying to limit those, so I usually just eat it plain. 1 tbls of 1% milk is allowed to, actualy you can have 2 tbls, but again a condiment...

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OK, I soaked it overnight & added a dash of cinnamon so much better! I understand why soaking everything improves the textrue, but I still do not understand how the soaking improves the taste but it does!!! Thanks for all of the advice..

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Belgium waffles.

Any oatmeal.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

2 Tbs egg beaters.

1/4-1/2 cup water.

Cinnamon to taste.

1-2 sprays ICBIB.

Let soak while waffle iron warms up.

Serve with SF syrup.

Had it this morning- Incredible!..

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I use 6oz of water and soak mine before cooking. It seems to plump up the oatmeal bits and it feels more substantial in my mouth. The first time I tried the oatmeal I gagged now I love it! When people say your taste will change, they WILL. Anything you don't like put it away for 30 days then try again. Best of luck!!..

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I use a little more water than they call for. I don't soak it ahead of time but I do let it sit for about 10 minutes after it cooks before I touch it. It thickens right up..

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I Love the Peach and Apple Oatmeal....I add vanilla flavoring to both...cook for 2 minutes in microwave, sir, then cook for 2 more minutes, let sit with top on it until cool enough to eat. I like mine thick...

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My short answer to "Any secrets to good oatmeal?" is NO..

I need to try it again...but I can't imagine it getting better. I will be a good girl and give it a shot..

(After 6 months my taste buds SHOULD have


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I tried making pancakes using oatmeal(apple cinnamon) OMG they were delish!!! , got recipe from these boards. added less than 1/4tsp baking powder, 1/2 of splends packet, I actually used 1tbsp eggwhites instead of eggbeaters, so I didn't count it as anything, free, few drops of vanilla and actually it took me more than 1/4 cup of water it was about 1/3 cup I guess, mixed well, sprayed a nonstick and I got 4 beautiful pancakes!! I didnt even needed any syrup, I used up the rest of the splenda!!! I never liked oatmeal before in my life and after on MF, yuck....... but after these pancakes, OMG, i'm loving oatmeal more than anything, i've to put more of oatmeal in my order list next time !!! Hmm..... tried apple cinnamon and maple flavors, but wondering how blueberry would taste like ?????..

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And BTW when someone on these boards told that you can make pancakes out of Medifast oatmeal, I was like whatttt...... how can that be possible? But after trying it out today it changed my opinion..

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I make it with more water than called for. It's more like soup. I don't mind the flavor, but I can't stand the texture when I tried it thicker (granted, I only did it once and it was years ago but I still gag thinking about it). Before MF, I used to make oatmeal really thick (like oatmeal cookie batter) so that's what I tried to do with the Medifast Oatmeal and it just didn't work...

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I use a tiny bit more water than called for. I microwave for 1.5 minutes, then stir really fast when it comes out. Then I let it sit for just a minute. Stirring it while hot really helps the texture. I just add a half packet of splenda. I also like the oatmeal as pancakes...

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Just one more thanks to all of you for your suggestions. I had peach oatmeal (soaked in extra water overnight with cinnamon) this morning, and it was so yummy!..

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