Second day on Medifast

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Today is my second day on MF. One of my employees has a birthday today and an ice cream cake was presented. I did not partake in the cake, only the festivities. Went back to my desk and had my chix noodle soup for my 4th Medifast meal today. Feels good to make good choices. Thanks for listening...

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So happy for just gets better and better every day in every way on the Medifast Diet/Journey. Every day OP you will get stronger and stronger on the inside and outside. You'll see.

Congrats, take care, and many blessings to you,.

I Havent Arrived Exactly Where I Want To Be, But By The Grace of God Im Not Where I Once Was..

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Way to go Maureen!!! That is just one of many accomplishments you'll make on your journey!! All my best!..

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Congrats on turning down the cake! Each time you get through a situation where everyone is eating, without partaking in the food yourself, makes the next time a little bit easier. Heck...I did it last time, so of course I can do it this time!..

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Good for you. Be sure to recognize yourself for your accomplishment and make note of how good you felt when you made the decision to stay on plan! Remember all those reasons you want to lose weight!.


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Today was my first day and someone brought in bagels (a weakness). Thank goodness I have supportive employees who kept me focused on the prize.

Maureen, it's great to know someone else is in the same boat...

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It's very encouraging to read these "I did it!" strengthens my own resolve and determination also. You guys are rockin the Medifast Diet program. Thanks for commenting..

Take care all,.

Many blessings to all,.


I Havent Arrived Exactly Where I Want To Be, But By The Grace of God Im Not Where I Once Was..

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Maureen & Christis8.


You will have many more successes like this - keep up the good work!.


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Mofrick today is my 7th day, so I can't say that making the right choice is easier just yet, but when the scale tells me it's working it's a lot easier to stay motivated. YOU CAN DO this! You ARE doing it! Way to go!..

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Welcome, Maureen! I am 9 days into the program, so I'm not too far ahead of you. I lost 5.6 pounds the first week AND another 1.4 pounds just in the last 2 days (I started on a Monday). Crazy! You can do it, girl!.


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Hey thanks everyone. I am doing it. Today I took some other advice and took itsy bitsy bites of my meringue bar and it took me 20 mintues to eat! This feels good. I can't bring myself to weigh in more than once a week, I hate disappointment. But it feels different, which all of you know what I mean. Woohoooo...

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Congrats! I'm on day 7 and it is getting easier to turn food down. The first time I turned food down I was so proud of myself. There is a candy jar I have to walk by everyday that screams my name everytime I walk into my office. But I know if I take one, I will regret it and I don't want to mess up what I've got going so far..

I can already notice a couple inches missing from my waist. Amazing!.

Keep up the great work!..

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Congratulations Maureen and Christis8! Doesn't it feel awesome to have power over food, instead of vice versa? Keep it up!.

Like Janet, I'm just starting Week 2. There's no way to describe how much of a difference seven short days can make. (In my case, 8.4 pounds in the first week!) Just hang on through the hungries and get ready to watch your life and your body change for the better..

Best wishes,..

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I weighed in this morning, no loss. But I did lose 2 inches on my waist! I will do it again tomorrow as this is TOM. I am not discouraged cause I feel good and I CAN do this...

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Yep, TOM can be a booger because it makes us hold on to water and, with all the water we're drinking, it's easy to forget that every pint weighs a pound.

Don't let that make you think that less water will equal less retention, though! For some reason our bodies work like a cactus soaking up water when it's scarce. The best way to beat bloating is, oddly enough, by... drinking even MORE water!.

(Of course, there are limits. I've been told by experienced and successful MFers that we should take our body weight, divide it by 2, and drink that many ounces per day in addition to our regular Medifast meals.).

Have a great OP Day!..

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Hey Kate!.

I hadn't heard that before about the calculation for how much water you should drink daily. Interesting!.

I also didn't know that a pint of water = 1 pound..

You're just full of the fun facts today!.

I was slightly disappointed by my "only" 1.6 lb loss in Week 2. But, if you watch The Biggest Loser, you know that Week 2 is dreaded, because they've lost so much weight in the first week that their bodies rebel the 2nd week to figure out what's happening, and then they'll start dropping again in Week 3. So I'm just pretending I'm on the show to keep my motivation up I'm hearing Bob & Jilian in my head, saying things about how Week 2 sucks and it's inevitable. Sigh.

My week 3 weigh-in is tomorrow, but since I changed my weigh day from Monday to Friday, this time it'll be only 4 days and not the full week since I last weighed. Also, it's my TOM currently, so I'm worried I'm AGAIN not going to see any/much of a drop. But just have to keep plugging along. It HAS to come off EVENTUALLY I mean, we're eating 850 cals per day here, for cripe's sake!.

Thanks for indulging me, All. That's just honestly where my head's at today..



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Do you get the idea that I spend far too much of my time acquiring seemingly useless info? That's pretty much what I do all day, so when I get to actually use some of it I'm ecstatic!.

On that pint weighing a pound thing, that's true in the U.S. but not in the U.K. Here in the states, a pint of water is 16 oz which just so happens to come out around 1.04 pounds. In the U.K. a pint is 1/8 a gallon, and a gallon is defined as 10 pounds of water, so a British pint actually weighs closer to 20 oz. Yep, I am FULL of trivia!.

Don't stress over that scale during TOM, girl! Our bodies are biologically programmed to carry extra water during that time to make up for the blood loss.

(Totally off-topic: Personally, I have a theory that historical attitudes toward menstruation have something to do with it. Many ancient cultures, and some modern ones still, would send women away from the main settlement or somehow cloister them for a span of time surrounding their cycle. During those times, they had to either fend for themselves or rely on others to provide for them. If you look at it that way, it makes sense why our bodies would, over time, grow into the habit of holding on to extra water right about then, doesn't it? Just as it makes sense why the best cure for retaining water is to drink still more water, since copious consumption seems to convince our bodies that water's not so scare that it needs to be held onto.).

Okay, that's my insane rambling for the day...

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Heh heh. You are too funny. That does make sense from an evolutionary standpoint, I must say. You're a smarty!.

So guess what- I lost 2.6 lb in 4 days! Woohoo! For a total of 9.8 in 2 and a half weeks! Sooooo happy. (God forbid, of course, that it could have been another 0.2 so that I could have said the even "10" but whatever. Now I'm just being picky..

How you doin'?..

Comment #17

Janet, that is so awesome! Have to laugh about the love of nice round numbers like 10. My scale does the same thing, which I just love when it works in my favor but absolutely hate otherwise..

Go take your 10 pound lighter self and do a happy dance. You earned it!..

Comment #18

I am on Day 3 and a coworker tried to give me a mini snickers. Nope! I did not do it...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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