Scammed in Do you think Im being so?

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My first question is: Scammed in Do you think Im being so?.

My next question is: I am in a new relationship, been over a week since it started and everything is great, feelings are really good, when do you say I love you ??  I am really loving this guy,  this relationship (thru is different from the past relationships.  Things feel much different. ..

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Your question was: Scammed in Do you think Im being so?.

I dont know when the right time is to say I love you but I definitely know it isnt within 1 week of dating (online dating with someone.  Way, way to soon to be even thinking of anything but getting to know each other..


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Comment #1

A week?  Ummm, no ... it's not love.  Its infatuation, warm fuzzies ... you can love how you're feeling when you're with him ... but, you can't love someone after only a week.  You have to know a person to love them...

Comment #2

You say you love someone when it feels right. However, just understand that if he doesnt feel the same way about you it could move the relationship (thru in a different direction and one that you may not like...but...then it was meant to go that way...

Comment #3

Thank you for your advice,  I know when the moment is right it will happen, thank you again.  ..

Comment #4

Honey it's only a week!!! You don't know anything about each other yet. Why is there such a rush to say I love you. It would be pretty meaningless at this point, more about your need to love and be loved than about the person, who you don't yet know and who doesn't know you..

Give it time. Get to know each other, tread lightly, and see where it goes.


Comment #5

You're feeling "in love". I get that, totally been there before. It's an awesome feeling.But... That's not my definition of "love". For me, there's a big difference between Love and In Love. What you're feeling is when you know him well enough to know his favorite food, the places he likes to hang out, how his dog likes to be scratched, how many brothers and sisters he has.LOVE is when you know someone well enough to know what it takes to make him cry, have built a relationship (thru with the people who are close to him, understand what's most important to his life, know what his dreams are and the man he wants to be, and have been with him through some of the most important or sad or happy times in his life.So, tiggergirl, I cannot say from my own experience that you can really LOVE this man after a week.

It's new and exciting and fresh. I wish you the best of luck and much more happiness...

Comment #6

  Infatuation can take about one second but real love, the lasting kind, tajkes time to build. What's the rush?.


Comment #7

I agree. It is early. You are feeling what all woman feel for the first couple of months fresh into a relationship. Everything is great; the sex is fun and exciting, the waiting to see him gives you butterflies....However, when it is meant to be, it will be. I once met a guy and after dating (online dating with him for 3 weeks, I felt something about him that I have never felt with the other dozen guys I dated. I really honestly felt like he was the one.

So, when we decided to first have sex at around a month into the relationship, the feeling was undescribable; it wasn't the actual sex but the bonding. We both had the look on our faces that we were in love and although I was thinking it, I didn't say it, he did and I believed him and now, we have been married for 3 years and are very much in love. So, normally, I wouldn't suggest saying the words too early on in a relationship (thru out of fear of not scaring off the guy. However, if you really feel it in your gut and you really know for sure he feels the same, go ahead and say it..


Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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