What salad dressing is OK to use on Medifast diet?

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What do you use? Brand? Type? I'm a Ranch there a brand that is ok OP? Thanks! You are all so helpful!!..

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I get the newmans light balsamic vinegrette usually (has the least carbs) but I also like the seasoning packet one, I forget what it's called, it comes with the glass bottle and the packets believe it or not, I make it with red wine vinegar and water and dont even miss the oil! Dont know about Ranch sorry! Best of luck!!..

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I mostly prefer to use olive oil and red wine vinegar. If I use commercial dressing I like the Newman's lite lime vinaigrette...

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I love honey mustard - and find the best is Lighthouse.... but, it's over the suggested fats, so I try to go lightly. I use it more for a dipping sauce for cooked veggies...

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I found Emeril's Balsamic Vinagrette to be lower in calories/carbs than the Newan's. It's good. I also bought Maple Grove Farms FF Cranberry Balsamic. Also lower in calories/carbs than those listed on the condiments list...

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I too love ranch...would almost rather have it than chocolate! That is sad.....

The condiment list has a few ranch options, under the Oils and Fats options. Count it as a healthy fat, if your lean choice allows a healthy fat..


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Have you tried Walden Farm's dressings. No calories no carbs. They have a Ranch and a Bacon Ranch. I like the Thousand Island, Rasberry Vinnergrette (?sp) and French the best...

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I live in the northeast. Where do you find Walden Farms dressings?..

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I think they have a website you can order from, but I am in the northeast as well NJ and I get it at shoprite or stop n shop..

Love the balsamic vinagrette by walden farms...

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Alisons0923, Hey thanks for posting your photos, awesome motivation!!!! You Look amazing!.

Thanks!, Melissa..

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