How to determine goal weight on Medifast?

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Hey guys,.

When I first calculated my goal here at Medifast for weight loss, it's suggesting that I should be around 188 lbs. at the upper end of the weight range, which is terribly thin on a large framed person. I probably haven't seen 188 lbs. since junior high (and i'm 37 now)..

I'm a large framed 6' 2" male. I cannot wrap my fingers around the thinnest portion of my wrist. I used to be a linebacker in HS football. I'm a big individual..

The BMI calculator here at Medifast doesn't take frame size into account like other websites do. On one, for my size and frame, the BMI calculator has my healthy weight range at 200-220 lbs.. Checking some other BMI calculators on the web just gives me different answers to the same question.

I know I need to revise my target goal, but i'm not exactly sure by how much. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions?..

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I know what you mean, my husband according to the calculator on here should way 178 at the most! He looks sickly at 185! But 190 seems to be just about perfect. Who knew 5 lbs could make that kind of difference.

The only advice I have is adjust it a little bit and as you get closer you will be able to tell more what you like and don't like. The great thing about weight loss is your final goal can change a million times! I think though reading your quote and knowing my husband that the 220 sounds more appropriate...

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I think it is best to just pick a range and then tell yourself that you will know when you get there. Medifast suggested 122 for me and that is what I was in high school too. I originally choose 135 and then moved to 127, and then back to 135 after looking at some folks I know who weight that much and am the same height and body type as me. But I did ell myself that I would know when to stop and no matter what number it is on the scale, how I look and feel is what matters.

I have a friend who fits your description, he is the same height and build and played football in HS and has quite a few muscles. He is heavy at 250, but looks great at 220. I could not imagine him at 188, he would be very thin and have to lose all that muscle.

So I guess what I am saying is forget the number on the scale and go by what looks good on you. I bet you will know when you are at goal.

Also congratulations on your success so far. I see you made the 1/2 way mark...

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Go to the "Thinking Positive" site where HappyHygienist has a "Happy Weight" link. It gives a new way to calculate goal weight. Good luck...

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My DH is 5'11" but had severe scoliosis and kyphosis as a child and has had numerous back surgeries, so I think had he not had this situation, he would have been closer to his father's height of 6'7". That being said, he is a large build but with his height, his weight range is something like 143-172! He'd look like he was dead and forgot to lie down if he weighed that, so it just goes to show that BMI is only a tool, and for truly correct measurements, you'd need to have the kind of weight testing like they do on the Biggest Loser in the water tank. I say, go with what looks healthy and is a "comfortable" weight for you...

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The other thing you could do is go by BF%. If you get a decent Bodyfat % scale, you'll know where your healthy bodyfat range is. BMI is really just a complete guess - it's the BF% that tells you if you're really healthy or not..

And I second the Happy Weight site - I thought it was pretty dang close for me..

I put the BF% table in here, what you'd want to shoot for (being a guy) is 18%-25%, as acceptable. Once you're there, you could go for the fitness range, but that's going to take SOME amount of working out to get there and to maintain..

Classification Women (% fat) Men (% fat).

Essential Fat 10-12% 2-4%.

Athletes 14-20% 6-13%.

Fitness 21-24% 14-17%.

Acceptable 25-31% 18-25%.

Obese 32% plus 25% plus..

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Try this site - it will give you a broad estimate..


I just got a Weight Watchers scale that measures Body fat % as well as weight from Target. They cost more though, mine was about $50..

You can also go and get it measured from various places, by calipers, DEXA, BODPOD, but of course, all of these methods cost $$. I'm using the scale to track it (generally, probably not 100% accurate) and once it gets down to a better #, I'll go pay to get an accurate measurement...

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I started targeting body fat as well, since that is really the health indicator..

I have body fat measurements on my scale, and while they may not be exact or precise, I have found they are close enough for overall targets.

For me, my long term goal is get and maintain under 20% BF, which has me around 135 lbs. This is where I was prior to my anniversary cruise in dec and the xmas holiday, and really felt good at that point. I'm still working to get back to it, stuck at 140 lbs, but am now back down to 22-23% BF.


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Mine is currently 16% and I still am not happy with it. Are you trying to be really lean?..

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You are in the low end of the fitness and almost to athlete range..

Honestly, if you want to get much lower, you're going to NEED to work out consistently so that your body won't just catabolize your muscle as well as your fat. The men I know who are consistently in the 10% range are all serious athletes (triathlon, marathoners, etc.) and work out a LOT plus eating right..

Or bodybuilding, etc, which will also put on muscle while helping you to reduce fat.

Diet alone will not get you or keep you in a very low BF% range. Only hard work PLUS a very clean diet can do that...

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For what it's worth, I discovered today that I have shrunk an inch! Saw the gyn today and all together I've lost a whole inch in the last few years (of course they didnt' mention that to me until today) which means it actually effects my goal weight (crap!) At least it explains whymy scrub pants all seem to be dragging despite my buying short ones or shortening them. And here I thought it was cause my jelly belly was taking up less room hehe! I know it's a combination of things, but interesting, nonetheless. Also, before I get inundated with messages, I already take calcium with vitamin D twice a day and we are going to re-evaluate things after my next bone density test this summer since the last one showed an increase of 3.6%!..

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