Reviews of Medifast eggs?

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I am sorry but I will NOT eat eggs, well fake eggs and consume CARBS !!!!!!!!!! all sugar carbs, no thanks. I will stick to egg beaters. I have eaten them as a Medifast meal and not counted it as my lean and green and done just fine thanks..... on jan 7th... will be 7 months and have lost 93 lbs.............

Fake eggs..........YUCK not for me.....


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Thanks for sharing, good to know. I will stick to the real thing also without the added ingredients. Can't improve on Mother Nature's most perfect food...

Comment #1

Thank you...I was considering buying them...Now I will not! Jodi..

Comment #2

Why were you considering buying them but now not?..

Comment #3

I think you should give them a try if you think you'll like them... This program doesn't work the same for everyone, so you can't take one person's opinion as proof for something...

Comment #4

Mmmm...sorry to read about the "non" enthusiasm about the eggs..

I just ordered a box to try. We use a dried eggs when we go wilderness camping. They are really good. I sometimes mix them with soy bacon bits for the "dente" of bacon. I'm hoping these are as good as our camping eggs....if so..I'll be buying Medifast eggs from now on for camping...they are 1/2 the price....(hey Medifast might have another market here ).

DH has already tried some of the Medifast soups and loves them. When I'm on maintenance, I will be still buying all the packages for camping trips. love and peace...lynnann..

Comment #5

Actually I did try a product, soooo very similar to this one by another company... I believe it was protidiet or something like that.... oh my .... awful does NOT describe the taste... I think that anyone who wants to try them should buy one packet... I know you can do that on the take shape for life website...

I did it with a couple of medifast products..... I think this website also sells single servings if you call and ask..... I think the price is outrageous also..... I see that all of the prices have gone up........ glad I use another site in addition to MF... Medifast costs big bucks for me....


Comment #6

OK, so just to clarify, you haven't actually tried the new Medifast eggs product?.

You've had other packaged eggs products and disliked them, and so you are not intending to try the Medifast eggs product - or am I misunderstanding?.

- Siobhan..

Comment #7

I think you have it right, Siobhan. They are basing past experiences with other similar products and assuming that the Medifast eggs are no good..

I, personally, will plan to buy some on my next order to give them a try. Sure would beat having oatmeal for breakfast every morning...

Comment #8

What's that saying? If you have nothing nice to say.....let's try to keep things positive...

Comment #9

Yes, but Susan, this IS a message board where people post opinions, experiences, etc.... for me, the program works great the way I work it, others have to do it their way..... an extra serving of egg beaters doesn't effect my losses....I prefer to limit my ingestion of added sugars, ( the new Medifast eggs have lots of ) I am, after all doing this for my health and like I said, so far,excellent results.....


Comment #10

I think I'm missing something here. The nutrition breakdown I saw for the Medifast eggs says "Sugars 0 grams". There are 10 carbs - but there are at least 10 carbs in just about every Medifast meal and I thought it had something to do with being fortified, etc..

It concerns me if you read that they are full of sugar and it's not listed..

Can you help me find that, please?..

Comment #11

I personally have been waiting on these darn things and will be greatly disappointed if they are nasty to me. My mom was on another eating plan which shall remain nameless and she said they were great. ??? Everyone is different..

I for one really want them so that my egg whites don't have to count as L&G. I miss real scrambled eggs (even egg beaters). I use egg whites because of the health aspect of it, I had high cholesterol, which was greatly improved very quickly by MF. Plus I have high Blood pressure (still do) that I am trying to handle. When I have my egg white omlets, I do miss my lean and green that day. I want meat or cheese or something......SO, hope these eggs help that and allow me to feel that I can have both in the same day.

I will give you the real deal when they do!! I ordered 2 boxes and thinking positively!..

Comment #12

LOL Us Texas gals are positive, aren't we?.

I ordered 4 boxes! Even if they aren't great, I'll come up with some ways to make them good!.

Let's remain positive about these and give them a chance!.

We'll have them by this weekend and the verdict will be in!..

Comment #13

Hey Positive Texas Gals!.

I'm in Texas too - Even if the eggs aren't the greatest, salsa can make it all good!.

MediFast Huevos Rancheros!.

Life is Good!..

Comment #14

Kazie...thanks for your opinion. Don't feel bad that it got attacked a little. I have had the eggs from other diet programs. Not for me. I love eggs and hate carbs. I would rather eat a plain egg, with no carbs, then wonder why and how all the carbs got into an EGG in the first place.

And really can everyone just chill and let people have their opinions. If you don't like it, move on...

Comment #15

It seems like every thread we have about eggs gets very divided quickly. Everything is OK guys, let's all just make sure that all users can feel comfortable in sharing their opinions. Some of you will love the eggs, and we are sure that some of you will not. The best thing to do is try them out, or wait until others have had a chance to try them..

Nothing wrong with discussing it beforehand though - don't get us wrong. We just want everyone to feel comfortable here..

We got to try them last week. The general verdict was that they taste like eggs - which is a good thing. Something called eggs should taste like eggs, right? hahaha... But seriously, we did like them and they do look like the picture on the Community home page when they are done. In fact, the image on the Community home page and site is an actual picture of our eggs - not a fake image...

Comment #16

My opinion: Either way, they'll be awesome when used for baking! I use bits of powdered eggs currently (deducting from l&g) to give my baked goods a more cookie-like consistency...well, now I won't have to! I can just kinda combine meals here and there and then split up what I've made in to

Comment #17

I had a powdered egg product on another weightloss plan, and I really rather liked it. I tended to use it on weekend mornings when I had more time for a more indulgent breakfast. I like the idea of being able to have a scrambled egg breakfast and still eat a L&G dinner with my family. I'll probably try it next time I order...

Comment #18

I was totally against the eggs at first but then I thought about it and I'm kind of excited to get them. I have to wait a few weeks to place another order since I wasn't thinking and just made a huge order a few days ago. Don't want the bf to have a coronary!.

Anyway, one of my favorite things in the world is eggs, spinach and monterrey jack cheese. I like it baked like a quiche, like an omelette, or just scrambled all together. Well now with just a little off my L&G and I can have that without feeling like I'm going off plan. It'll be good I think to have an omelette for b'fast instead of oatmeal all the time.

I figure I like most of the Medifast foods anyway so the chances that I'll like these are pretty good. (If not, I have ways to dispose of them !)..

Comment #19

I had a feeling some Medichef would already be coming up with quiches or crepes or popovers or ?? made with these things.

Mmm, quiches... I'll try 'em...

Comment #20

I'm glad you tried them. But I have a question. Why do they have carbs in them? And are any of those carbs sugars? And, if so, why?.


Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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