Review of Medifast mustard pretzels

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Got my first order of mustard pretzels and wow, did I feel like I was cheating! I love these! Just ordered the cinnamon pretzels now too!..

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I love the mustard pretzels, too. It feels like vending machine food and the number of pieces you get in each bag lets me munch for a long time. I also love them ground up as crust (i.e. quiche) or breading (i.e. tofu "chik" nuggets). I've used the cinnamon ground for quiche or pie, but they're not very sweet.


Comment #1

Just tried my first bag of these. I think they are going to be my cure for the salt cravings that usually mess me up. So far, so good.. Also got the cinnamon pretzels, but haven't tried those yet...

Comment #2

Love the Honey Mustard pretzels! So this time I ordered both the HM and the Cinnamon ones. I'm not such a fan of the Cinnamon ones. They tasted a little burnt. I have read a few others complaining about this on the boards. Not sure I'll order them again, but I'll definitely be doubling up on the HMs...

Comment #3

I love the pretzels and puffs. I like how you get a lot of food and you're still OP...

Comment #4

I love the cinnamon pretzels, and ordered both the cinnamon and honey mustard this time around. Those are my last meal of the day. I sit at my computer and munch away..

Comment #5

The pretzels and puffs are good and portable too...

Comment #6

Don't care for the "burnt" taste of your cinnamon pretzels? Want a decadent treat that's totally OP? If you like chocolate and you like pretzels, this is the treat for you ....


1 pk Hot Cocoa.

2 Tbs Sugar/Calorie Free Syrup - I use Starbucks Vanillla (1 condiment).

1 Tbs Room Temp. Water.

[if you don't want to use 1 of your condiments for the day, use all water].

1 pk Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks.

Cover a plate with foil. Mix hot cocoa and your preferred liquids to make a chocolate paste. Dip pretzel sticks into chocolate and place on plate or break them into small pieces and mix together with chocolate to make candies. I prefer to do both and ended up with 20 sticks and 6 candies. Place plate in freezer 1-2 hours until chocolate is set, then enjoy!.

This counts as 2 Medifast meals, so I prefer to eat half as the afternoon meal and the other half as my evening meal. You'll need lots of water because these are so rich and wonderful. Funny thing is, I'm not even a big chocolate eater, but these are such a tasty treat!.


Comment #7

Taste is a funny thing.

Those HMP make me gag..

The Cinnamon,.

I can eat all day...

Comment #8

I can't wait to try my honey mustard pretzels in my second order. I are all making my mouth water...

Comment #9

Hated the honey mustard pretzels... love the cinnamon except for a few of the pretzels in the bag that come burnt...

Comment #10

Love them both!! I like the savory flavor of the honey mustard pretzels.....since we have so many sweet offerings it is a nice change!..

Comment #11

I didn't care for the Honey Mustard pretzels either. Maybe I'll like the Cinnamon since it seems that those here that don't like the mustard ones prefer the cinnamon...

Comment #12

I really enjoy both flavors! I have never had a burnt batch, though...

Comment #13

I tried the Honey Mustard Pretzels a while back and didn't like them because of a very burnt taste. Is this normal or did I just get a bad box. I would like to try them again if I just got a bad batch...

Comment #14

I come from a family of popcorn lovers. I feel very satisfied crunching on my cinnamon pretzels, Love them and the nacho puffs...

Comment #15

I haven't tried the cinnamon ones yet but really like all the others. Cinnamon is on my next order, hopefully shipping this week!..

Comment #16

Can anyone who has tried both flavors tell me if it is just the Honey Mustard Pretzels that have the burnt flavor? I let my husband try one of mine, and without telling him that some of you thought it tasted burnt, he told me that they tasted burnt. I didn't taste that, but maybe that's why I didn't care for them..

If no one has noticed this with the cinammon pretels, I think I'll order those next time...

Comment #17

My honey mustards are fine. It's my batch of cinnamon that's burnt...

Comment #18

I haven't tried the honey mustard, but the cinnamon ones are good...mine aren't burnt. It must have been a bad bunch of baches...

Comment #19

Well, if it was the burnt ones I received, I don't even want to take a second chance and order any more of those. So I guess I will try the Cinnamon ones next time around...

Comment #20

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