Resisting food during Medifast Diet

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Chic fil a - just delivered the new spicey chicken nuggets, sandwiches, fruit. I can't have any of it. I leave in 20 minutes. I can do this!! Words of encouragement anyone?..

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Hang on, you can do's only 20 minutes. Can you take a brake, drink some water, go to the bathroom, anything you are worth so much more that spicey chicken nuggets, sandwiches, fruit, or whatever...

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You can do it! I work in an office as well and people bring food in all the time so I know how you feel. You dont need any of that food, just think of how great you'll feel when you leave knowing you didnt give in! Good Luck!!!..

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Thanks... I have ten minutes... feeling positive... feeling positive.....

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It's done, and I'm gone and didn't nibble on nuggets. But I'd still like to know what some of you do, when there's FREE food in the office... and lot's of it! Thanks for the tips!!..

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Good for you for staying OP! I haven't worked in an office for a while, but when I did and was dieting and someone brought in goodies, I would say to myself when I saw someone start digging into them (I know this is mean, but it really helped me), "Better on your butt than mine!" You can come up with your own saying that will help you feel better about not eating the offending goodie. It really does help...

Comment #5

When I was on the 5+1 part of this program and there was free food in the office, I simply didn't eat any. It is a choice, and I chose to each time to remain true to my commitment to myself. There could have been a truck load of pizza and ice cream outside my door, but so what? I had made a commitment to lose this excess weight, and that was my overriding factor each time. Was it always easy? Of course not. I was tempted, but as long as I reminded myself why I was on this program and what I wanted to accomplish, the choice was simple.

My advice remind yourself frequently of your commitment to you. Remind yourself that any progress you've made so far is because you have remained true to your vow to yourself and your health. Keep telling yourself that all future progress will be because you were strong in the face of temptation, and you valued yourself and your health more than you valued some chicken nuggets...

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Thanks to all of you. I love the phrase... 'Better on your butt than mine' @sandcar150 and the committment @sflraven was very motivating. Thanks to all of you!!..

Comment #7

I've never been able to resist, "I'll just take a small bite." And, we all know where that leads. Since I know how much I'm paying for MF, I am giving it 100%.

I work in a department of 150 people who LOVE to eat. Every day there is some type of snacks, danishes, today was brownies, understand..

Since I haven't told anyone I'm working on my weight and it must not be noticeable (yet), a "friend" brought me a plate. I just thanked her politely and when she left, dumped it into the garbage, while keeping the plate so others knew (thought) I already had some.

I do the same kind of thing at our monthly birthday parties. I take a small piece and just walk around the room with it. Otherwise, people keep asking if I want some. Dump it at some opportune time and keep the plate with some frosting on it. Everyone thinks you've had some and leave you alone..

Comment #8

When this happens to me, I picture all of them as little pigs, but pigs that look like their human selves. In my head, they're all oinking and snorting and slobbering and pushing each other over to get to the next morsel of food. I usually end up so disgusted or trying so hard to stiffle the inner giggles that I don't even want any of the bad food! Then I think of all the ridiculous running to nowhere on a silly treadmill that they will have to do to burn off those calories. Meanwhile, I will be enjoying my life instead of slaving away at the gym...

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Thank you Diana! that was great advice and I will definetly do that! Why didn't I think of that?????.

Way cool...

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Hey L! I know this is late for your situation today, but I too work in a large office where food is everywhere! Yesterday we had a breakfast meeting (i.e. muffins, bagels, donuts, juice, etc) and then later in the day we had a 'celebration' with build your own ice cream sundaes.

I ate my oatmeal just before the breakfast meeting so that one was easy, but even though I just had my chicken noodle soup before the celebration I would have loved to have some ice cream. I told my friend/coworker (who is usually one of my biggest cheerleaders) that I really wanted a sundae and she said, well you can have just a little! But I told her no, I'm not going to have any. I *want* some, but that doesn't mean I am going to have some..

Just like I want to go buy a new car, but I'm not going to. I want to walk into my next meeting with my boss and tell her to take this job and shove it (lol), but I'm not going to. etc, etc...I can control myself in these other situations and now it's time I control my decisions when it comes to good food choices...

Comment #11

In my office there is always some sort of food brought in, mostly bagels and cream cheese(which I LOVE), donuts, cakes, basically anything bad. They even send emails out about what food's here today! Luckily all food sits on the main table in the break room so I steer clear if I can.

But like others have said I just have to make that choice NOT to eat off plan foods. I tell myself in my head "you dont need it, you arent hungry, it's off plan". Its so hard to do but I feel better everytime I can resist...

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I think I started this thread on Wednesday. That night I went to a going away party and had checked the menu before and had my lean and green meal. It was great. Then Thursday donuts. Then Friday more donuts and cake. I said no to all of them.

That pig scenario, is our office whenever food is brought in. I've been one of those pigs... but I'm determined to not be one anymore!! I've realized as I have in the past, there will always be food at some point in the office, it's how I handle it, that will give me great joy in the future...

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Things like this can be difficult for sure. I face this often at work, but so far, I've been able to survive with simply that "longing" look and saying it looks great but I don't want it.

Friday there was a table of desserts and pastries I had to walk by all the time. People would come into my office with these in their hands, eating, and I would tell them "oh you did NOT just walk into my office with one of those goodies did you??!!" and they would have that shocked look and instantly put their hand behind their back because, well, they all know I'm on an eating program and they really don't want to hurt my progress..

Comment #14

You are doing so great and I admire your courage/strength!!! I really believe that "just one bite" can be my downfall... for me it leads to "just one more..." etc etc. So your story helped me! Keep up the great job!..

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