Your first Medifast meal - remember how it tasted?

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My first Medifast "meal", back in Sept 2006, was blueberry oatmeal. I followed the package directions, it boiled over in the microwave, and the little blueberry bits were still hard and crunchy, but I was so determined. I thought, "I may be miserable eating this food, but I am going to do this, no matter what.".

Then I searched the boards, got tips on how to make Medifast meals actually taste good. That was the start of a real life-change..

I thought of that first meal as today I re-started. Thankfully I have not regained all that I lost..... but, at 194 lbs yesterday, I am obese. The battle seems nearly as critical as when I weighed 240. I need to get back to properly managing my eating, and the Medifast plan is the basics..

Let's all fight the good fight, run and never tire.......

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I think we all remember our first Medifast meal. Mine was a chocolate shake. I had a few mistkes with the soups and chili til I experimented and now I am a "pro" at this!.

You will be back in the normal range before you know it!!..

Comment #1

My first meal was the maple brown sugar oatmeal. I liked it ok. Have to admit though, I'm glad to not have to eat it anymore! lol.

As to these pounds yu are trying to lose,,you will, you know that, and I am sure you have learned a few lessons as to how to never let your focus slip. We never can,,,,Best wishes to you on these pounds coming off quickly and yu can get back to the world of maintenance!..

Comment #2

I knew going into this how critical it was that I stay with it. So I decided if I could find just one food I could tolerate, I could do this program, even if I had to just eat that one food forever..

Chocolate shake! I liked it, a lot, and sighed a huge sigh of relief that I was going to be able to do this..

Next up was chocolate mint maintenance bar....and I was well on my way to goal, knowing if I could have one of those every day, I'd be in heaven.

Third was an oatmeal. Not so great, but never fear, there were always chocolate shakes and a green bar and a L&G of my choosing every day to look forward to..

And as it turns out, I really enjoy almost every Medifast there is so I needn't have worried about it all...

Comment #3

Maple Brown Sugar oatmeal, and I was like lets just say that I finished the box that came in my starter pack, and never ordered it again, but I do have oatmeal every morning. I was just so glad that everything else tasted so much better...

Comment #4

My first meal was Apple Oatmeal. I thought I was being forced to eat wallpaper paste lol With a little tweaking I was able to make it work....but I rarely have it for breakfast anymore. I always have hot cocoa instead!..

Comment #5

I think mine was a Cinnamon Roll Crunch bar...

Comment #6

Mine was the oatmeal raisin crunch bar. I had that with a cup of black coffee and wondered if I was going to lose weight eating something this sweet...

Comment #7

Mine was a chocolate shake. Fortunately I had read the boards in advance and knew to mix it up the night before and let it thicken up overnight in the fridge..

I remember thinking, "Hey, this isn't going to kill me after all."..

Comment #8

I had read a lot on the boards before my first meal and was SCARED! I thought for sure the food was going to be disgusting reading so many reviews of having to choke the food down. I haven't had any food yet I've had to choke down..

I started my first week with chocolate shakes and mint crunch bars, wild rice soup, and probably some other things that I can't remember. I liked it all..

Comment #9

What a great discussion! My first meal was blueberry oatmeal and I also thought it tasted just like wall paper paste. I remember choking it down in chunks with huge gulps of water to wash it down..

My next meal was the veggie beef soup, which looked just like something the dog barfed up in my mug..

I discovered the discussion boards that evening and learned how to make everything taste good. Thank heavens, because being on Medifast was the best thing I've ever done for weight loss...

Comment #10

Kind of. It was a bar and super yummy!..

Comment #11

It was the chili...I love chili and LOVED the Nutrisystem chili, so I was super excited about this being my first Medifast meal....oh boy, was I disappointed lol!!!!..

Comment #12

Mine was on June 9, 2006 and it was the maple/brn sugar oatmeal... I CRIED and CRIED as I ate it....and wondered how in the world I was going to lose this weight.... back then the boards were very different, in fact, posts were delayed for review before they were posted.... and very very limited recipes, but one thing was the same as it is today... the WONDERFUL support. I never would have lost all my weight and have kept it off, if it weren't, in part, for these boards......

I remember one post I made saying I was going to throw in the towel and quit.... I wish I had that thread accessable to me today, it saved me......

I have now lost a total of 160 lbs... the first year I lost 100 lbs and the rest the second year..

Oddly enough, after the first month, I don't ever remember a struggle to lose the weight. I just know that the first medifast meal I had was the start of my freedom. Freedom from the 'bondage' to food..

Food no longer rules my life, my emotions, food is just food..

I still have 15 lbs to go.... I am doing it slowly and surely... I maintained for those years by choice, thought I was happy at that weight, but I just want to get down a bit more.....

Anyway, great thread....


Comment #13

What do you recommend when making the Chili? Is there a way to make it taste better?..

Comment #14

I started September 14, 2009 and I know my first meal was one of the oatmeals. I don't remember which one though...

Comment #15

My first meal was a chocolate mint bar recommended by my daughter. In fact in the beginning it was all I could do to drag myself into the kitchen and eat a bar. After about a week I felt so good I tried everything. By the way I love the oatmeal and eat it every day...

Comment #16

I had the eggs, plain, made in the microwave for my 1st meal. What was I thinking?! lol! I really do like the eggs, but I have never made them in the microwave since that 1st day...

Comment #17

My first meal was today and it was awful, it was the maple oatmeal. Good thing the rest of the day has not been that bad, the chilli for lunch was actually good...

Comment #18

Chili is actually my FAVORITE soup now. The first time I made it, I really didnt like it. You have to follow the directions with this one. Other soups I add more water sometimes, but this one really does need only half cup. I ALWAYS add chili powder, probably like five shakes, and garlic powder, pepper, and sometimes onion flakes, which I know we shouldnt use but I do. ALWAYS add hot sauce, other wise it's pretty bland.

And after it cooks the second time, I let it sit covered for sometimes up to 15 minutes, then heat again to really make sure everything is plump. If I need extra fat that day, I will add lite laughing cow cheese to it. really makes it good!.

My first meal was the peach oatmeal, and like the rest of you I wanted to cry. I thought, oh my god what have I gotten myself into?! lol. But I think my thought was that it was a breakfast food, and it's breakfast time... I still dont like it that much. I always tell everyone who is starting, not to feel defeated the first week. Its all about getting the textures right.

Puddings were hard for me for quite a while too...

Comment #19

Ugh...I sure do...scrambled eggs..

I never thought I'd make it through the first day - the first morning - ack..

But 94 pounds later...I made it through..

It's all about finding the stuff that you DO like and making it work for you..

Wishing e'one all the best on their journey...

Comment #20

Oh gosh, my first Medifast meal was the Medifast Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal made in the microwave. It was dismal and disappointing. Not as bad as my second meal, the Medifast Vanilla shake..

I grew to really love my morning Medifast oatmeals but never finished that original box of Medifast vanilla shakes...

Comment #21

My first was the Blueberry Oatmeal. I choked it down and layed my head on the counter top and cried. (I've never ordered the Blueberry again) But, now I wear a size 4 and I wouldn't chose or advocate for any other weight loss plan!..

Comment #22

Mine was a chocolate shake. Didn't hate but now I love them...

Comment #23

Hmmm..yes at first the oatmeal seems blah...same with the soups...always loved the bars and once I found the trick of adding crushed ice & a cup of water in the was a piece of cake! I now add a little more water to the oatmeal, let the soups "stew" in water for a couple hours before gets better and better...and yes, you learn what you like best and.........we lose weight!!..

Comment #24

My first meal was also the maple brown sugar oatmeal. I thought it was horrible and I remember telling my family that the next meal better be a whole lot better. It was a lemon meringue bar and I loved it!.

Honestly, I think almost all the Medifast foods are quite good, if prepared right (some with embellishments) as stated previously on this thread. There are a few I'll never buy again, but for the most part I like all the Medifast foods I have in my pantry..

I think it is wonderful that Medifast has provided variety of choices so that everyone has a chance of finding something they like. I recently met someone who told me they tried Medifast and after the 3rd day they quit because they could not stand the bland food. I tried to point out that with proper preparation and embellishments they could make the food more enjoyable, but I'm afraid this person's mind has been made up..

Clearly not everyone has the same reaction to this diet. Personally, it has proven to be exactly what I needed. I love it. I like the food. I love the results. I'm a happy girl!..

Comment #25

My first meal was the COT soup from the variety pack. I don't know why I ate it, I've always disliked tomato soup. Tried it, didn't like it and confirmed my previous experiences with tomato soup. Never ordered it again..

I've always had a low sodium diet since my family has always watched the salt intake so the "bland" Medifast food doesn't bother me at all...

Comment #26

Hi! I am new to Medifast,.

I am searching for advice on headaches. I am day 2 on Medifast with 1.5 weight loss but having significant headaches. I did view on the CD rom that this is common the first 3 days. Any thoughts?.

Thanks a million!..

Comment #27

My first one was a strawberry shake. I didn't love it; I didn't hate it. I was indifferent to the taste, but I was sooooooo super excited to be starting MF. I still don't love the strawberry shakes, and I'm still excited to be on MF...

Comment #28

While it has not been that long since I had my first Medifast meal, it seems like just this morning, when I think of that Maple/Brown sugar oatmeal. I followed the instructions instead of reading the boards....maybe I would have liked the wallpaper paste better! I did not cry, but wondered if I had just wasted a lot of money on a month's worth of food..

Since then I have stared a collection of hints, tips and recipes. I find that if I don't like one flavor in a particular group, I just try another in the same group. I love the Maryland crab soup. I add just a little extra water and some Old Bay seasoning. I microwave it as suggested, but let it sit for 5-10 minutes before I reheat. That works just fine.

I am loving the program, and looking forward to my next weigh-in on Monday! Never thought I would be glad to step on a scale, EVER again in life...LOL.


Comment #29

It's only been four weeks, but my first meal was scrambled eggs. I ruined two packets before I figured out that cooking them in a shallow dish would get me "eggs" and not soupy, grainy glop. I love them now, and find that if I "soak" them either overnight or for a few hours they're even better. Like everyone else, I'm finding my favorites and loving the process. I'm so motivated to see this through, I would eat gravel if it had nutrients. Down 17 pounds so far!..

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