Regular oatmeal vs Medifast oatmeal

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Ok , I love any kind of oatmeal quaker , kashi whatever, but the Medifast oatmeal is so gross I can barely eat it. I dont understand how they could mess up oatmeal. I have read a few suggestions that I will try, I just had to vent that I hate it, ps I am a newbie..

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How funny, I was about to post that Peach Oatmeal is delicious. I just bought a box and had it just now for the first time.

What oatmeal did you try? I tried the Apple cinnamon before and thought it was disgusting...

Comment #1

I think the peach is just o.k. The apple and maple are the best. I'm on my second day, and I gotta tell ya, I'm dying for some fruit. I'm sure it will pass...

Comment #2

I love the oatmeal but it gives me horrible heartburn. I make it into bars and find that it tastes MUCH better and it's easier on my stomach. In a small tupperware container I mix the oatmeal w/5 tbls water and microwave for 1:20-2:00 depending on the microwave...

Comment #3

I also thought the oatmeal was gross when I first tried it, however, it is now my favorite thing!.

It might change for you, but I know some people here never really grew to like it..

Give it a try again in a few days. Add one packet of splenda maybe..

Good luck...

Comment #4

Ugh I love oatmeal and I think the Medifast oatmeal is disgusting! why the hell does it smell like that? I tried the apple, maple, and blueberry. ive tried it as regular oatmeal, pancakes and muffins and they are all awful. maybe i'll try the bar as suggested above..

Comment #5

Or you could try making cookies or muffins with them..

Comment #6

Oatmeal was the one Medifast food I hated. I called the company and sent it back. They replaced it with the Medifast food of my choice...

Comment #7

I couldnt stand the the apple cinnamon one when I first tried it. Havent tried it again but I know that it wasn't the consistency that I needed..

I have had the peach since and make sure I put 1 cup of water and microwave for about 1 1/2 mins .. I add one packet of equal and it's yummy. I need it more watery to eat it and I love it now.

Havent tried the bars or anything.


Comment #8

I don't care for oatmeal at all and I hated the Medifast oatmeal too. Here's my recipe for an oatmeal bar:.

Spray a small plastic container with Pam, empty the pack of oatmeal (I've used peach and maple) in and add 1 Tbsp of egg beaters, 2 Tbsp sf/ff vanilla syrup and 3 Tbsp water. Stir and let sit for 5 minutes (this is key). Microwave for 1 minute (1100 watt microwave). It is moist, warm and quite tasty. It still tastes a little "funky", but it is 100% better than eating it as oatmeal..


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Comment #9

Read this blog just posted the other day by jojo1 it is perfect for this topic!!!.

Btw I now love all the oatmeal once I figured out how to prepared it!! Add more water!! pinch of cinnamon and 1 pack of splenda and yummy!!!!..

Comment #10

So I tried the oatmeal again tonight. maple flavor with a little splenda, cinnamon, sf maple syrup, and just enough water to make a thick paste, nuked it about 2 minutes and it actually wasnt half bad. and I can make them ahead of time and take them to school or work. hopefully the other flavors are good this way too..

Comment #11

Can't stand the oatmeal but it's getting better. I make a pancake by adding about 4-5 tablespoons of water. Spoon into it in nonstick small skillet sprayed with butter pam and flatten into a pancake. When the first side is frying, I spread less than a tablespoon of heated MSF sausage crumbles to the uncooked top. Flip over to finish cooking and then top with Walden Farms pancake syrup. Yum...

Comment #12

The oatmeals are all a favorite of mine LOL! It never ceases to amaze me on the different tastes and our interpretations of our foods hehe! After all, variety is the spice of life!.

I found with my oatmeal, I also prefer it with more water, but add nothing else. Love it as is! While I love all the varieties, I find I have a preference for the peach...

Comment #13

That was just my first meal - the apple cinnamon oatmeal and I thought that it was terrible also. Ended up eating a few teaspoons and then threw it out. Will try it into bars eventually...

Comment #14

I had oatmeal as my first Medifast meal, I just mixed it with water and ate it! well, gagged through most of it! then I tried it today, I made it last night and left it in the fridge. Then after nuking it in the microwave I added Walder Farms blueberry spread, nuked it and added it as a syrup and guess what, I ate the whole thing, it was good!!!..

Comment #15

I like it with one packet of splenda...still not quaker oatmeal with butter and brown sugar, but I have actually come to enjoy it. I have a friend that makes cookies and likes it only that way, and my sister only uses them as pancakes with the sf syrup (I think it's the Waldens brand)....after a week or so some things you don't like will come around to be enjoyable....some things not (the eggs and cappacino I just can't get on board with....they are grosser each time I have had them...but the oatmeal I hated at first, now I like)...

Comment #16

I call it Fringe oatmeal. "There are two of everything." Our parallel universe has the same thing, but slightly different. Medifast oatmeal came from "the other side"!! hehehehehe..

Comment #17

LOL!! Fringe oatmeal!.

I used to doctor my oatmeal up with splenda and cinnamon and extracts, but I've come to enjoy it as-is now. I do soak it for a while and I think that helps!..

Comment #18

I'm with you...I hate the oatmeal. I have been on Medifast for a month now and still cannot stomach it. I have tried making the bars, adding flavors, etc. and I'll choke 'em down, but I do not enjoy it at all. I just received my new order and I just placed the peach oatmeal and the remainder of the other one back in the box for an emergency. I hope it never comes down to that. Good luck!..

Comment #19

I've made my oatmeal into a pancake the last two nights. Cooked it in a skillet with Pam and added a smidge of butter (as 1/2 my healthy fat) on top of it after it was done. I really liked it that way...

Comment #20

What nutritional and caloric difference is there between Medifast oatmeal and oatmeal you might get regularly?..

Comment #21

Donald, on average, it looks like Quaker oatmeal has about 50 more calories, 30 milligrams more sodium, 15 grams more carbs and 8 grams fewer protein than Medifast oatmeal...

Comment #22

I like the oatmeal but I also like to make muffins out of it :.

Packet Medifast oatmeal.

1/4 tsp baking soda.

1/8 tspbaking powder.

Pkt. splenda.

1/2 tsp cinnamon.

Mix liquid ingredients together before adding:.

1/3 C water.

1 tsp white vinegar.

1 tsp vanilla.

Spray muffin cups with Pam. Bake @ 350 for 15 min..

I also read somewhere on these boards that it is best not to smell the contents of the packets. Also, I found that after a couple weeks, all of it tastes pretty darn good! Also making things ahead and allowing them to soak also seems to improve the flavor and consistency..

Good luck!.


Comment #23

After having the Medifast oatmeal I don't think I could stand trying to make it into something else like a cookie or a bar. I'm calling the company to get and exchange also!..

Comment #24

LOL, I am new, too (on day 9 as I type this) and I too am NOT impressed with the oatmeal (blech!) So I'm just using it in recipes I've found online for cookies and muffins and things. I'll probably try that pancake idea, too. See what you can find that makes it "do-able" for you...

Comment #25

Try making an oatmeal bar in your sandwich maker. I have one almost every morning and I love it. I use KT's recipe above, and it is moist but solid enough to pick up, although I like it hot so I start out with a fork and when it is cool enough to pick up I finish off with it in my hand. Shake cakes are better in the sandwich maker also. Last night I made a shake cake in the micro and it was tough and spongy...

Comment #26

I like it best when I add hot water, still it well, cover and let it sit for about 10 minutes or so. It isn't like wall paper paste then...there is actually some oat flakes in there! Add some Spelda and yum...

Comment #27

Ooopppss that Stir it well (not still it well...fat fingers!)..

Comment #28

Gojobishhow do you use your sandwich maker for the bars and cakes?..

Comment #29

I mix the oatmeal according to KT's recipe and cook it in 2 sections of the sandwich maker. Sprayed with Pam of course. I actually have the Xpress Ready Set Go machine but I don't think it matters..

Packet Medifast oatmeal.

1/4 tsp baking soda.

1/8 tsp baking powder.

Pkt. splenda.

1/2 tsp cinnamon.

Mix liquid ingredients together before adding:.

1/3 C water.

1 tsp white vinegar.

1 tsp vanilla.

Pour into machine and cook 7 minuets..

You might have to see what works for you and your machine..

Shake cake (not my recipe).

1 shake.

1 Tabls egg beaters.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

2 Tabls water.

Mix and pour into the machine. Cook 7 minuets..

Hope it works for you...

Comment #30

I'm a newbie too and have just tried my first bowl of Medifast apple & cinnamon oatmeal and OMG!!!! I gagged with every bite. I have the maple & brown sugar....please tell me it is better ????? I sure hope all the food doesn't take this bad because if it does, I'm on the wrong program!!!..

Comment #31

Welcome to Medifast!.

Your tastes will most likely change, so it does do better. You can also use Medifast oatmeal in recipes like other posters have, or you can experiment by adding more or less water. I personally like to add 3 tablespoons of water then cook it on the stove to make a "pancake"..

Medifast is not gourmet food, it's diet food. You may need to lower your expectations. If you look at it as medicine instead of wanting it to taste like real oatmeal, brownies, etc, you'll be happier...

Comment #32

Thanks Merzzie for your reply but I'm not pleased with what you said. First, I'm not stupid and I knew the food would be "bland"...but for it to actually make someone "GAG" because it is so bad, that's different. And if I wanted to take MEDICINE I wouldn't have joined Medifast.

However, with that said, I will continue to try other products and different solutions to help but from what I have tasted already and from your comment....Medifast doesn't look like a lifelong companion of mine...

Comment #33

When I had the oatmeal for the first time, it was not my favorite, but I think it was more of the consistency. I haven't tried it again, but for me, I think it just needs more might try that. The bars and shakes are really good...I'm going to try some of the soups today. You kind of have to get on and read people's blogs and pay attention to how they do their food...example, before I do the soup for lunch, I'm going to let it soak for a while...learned that from someone's blogs, also learned not to microwave the's really not too bad, but this program does make you really appreciate that one lean and green meal! Good luck, don't give up yet.....

Comment #34

MsSqueaky- I am sorry you took offense to my post. I was just trying to pass along something I had learned during my weight loss journey. Medifast has taught me to look at food as fuel instead of getting caught up in emotional eating. I do look at Medifast as medicine and I never called you stupid- or even thought it..

I enjoy the oatmeal, and if it was really that bad they wouldn't sell it. Everyone's tastes are different. I have never gagged while eating a Medifast meal, ever. While there is some food I would never order again, there isn't a single Medifast meal I wouldn't eat if I received a free box of it (and I've tried 95% of them). If you truly hate the oatmeal, Medifast allows you to exchange food even if it has one packet missing..

Phoenix- Welcome to MF! I usually soak my soups for a couple hours before eating. I just add cold water then heat when I'm ready to eat. I cook my eggs on the stove top, real eggs don't taste good in the microwave, Medifast eggs are no different...

Comment #35

I hated the oatmeal when I first tried it, and I fought down a gag myself. I dreaded the thought of having to eat it and was wondering how to get it down 14 packets of it in the next month. Then I tried the pancake technique and it was great for me! I make a very thin pancake out of it, fry it in Pam, and put a dab of butter on it as part of my healthy fat. It's now one of my favorite Medifast foods. I wish I could end every day with an oatmeal pancake, I kid you not!..

Comment #36

MsSqueaky, I have to agree with you that the oatmeal is HORRIBLE. I love most of my Medifast food. In fact, my last order was delayed in shipping and I am actually craving MF. However, I have tried the peach and the brown sugar and I can't handle either one either as oatmeal or as muffins, and I am one who normally loves oatmeal. You are not alone. Fortunately there are many other choices and there is enough variation in them, that I'm sure you'll find something else much more to your liking.

I'm not missing out though, I have so many things that I do love that I have lots of variety. I suppose it's just like the people who eat normally... How can my daughter NOT like shrimp? ; ) Good luck with MF!..

Comment #37

While I didn't actually gag on the oatmeal I did find it to be very bitter.

I have found that if you doctor it up a bit it is much more palatable. I usually add a bit more cinnamon and a wee bit of vanilla and then a Tbsp of a Torani's Sugar Free Syrup. I prefer the caramel Torani's in the Apple-Cinnamon oatmeal. Or in the Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal I will add a Tbsp of sugar free maple syrup..

Also I have discovered that the texture is better if I add 2/3 Cup of water and then let it set for about 5 minutes after cooking and stirring..

Just my thoughts on it..

Hope it helps...

Comment #38

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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