Skin Regimen After Murad Resurgence?

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Hey Everyone,I am on day 40 of my Murad Resurgence course, I know it's a bit early to be thinking about this, but I'm just curious so like why not? When I finish my course of Murad Resurgence and hopefully have amazing skin :] Should I go on Dans Regimen to stay clear? or should I use some other over the counter Acne Treatment everyday? Like Proactive? Or Stridex Pads?Im really not sure? or should I just keep using my cleanser and just wash my face? I'm really confused if anyone knows any information please let me know.Thanks..

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I don't recommend going on dan's regimen , you won't need it and I don't know about you , but when I finished my Murad Resurgence course , the last thing I wanted to do was to put that BP crap on my face again. Proactive? even worse don't even think about it please. You should just wash your face with a mild cleanser like cetaphil once a day and that's it man no need to do more...

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A lot of people use topical retinoids after Murad Resurgence and have wonderful results. I'm currently using Green Cream (just started, so I can't say much except that it hasn't irritated my skin at all). There are lots of over-the-counter retinoids, or you can get a prescription from your derm.My understanding is that a retinoid will help maintain the effects of Murad Resurgence by keeping your oil in check, helping with cell turnover, and minimizing breakouts...and as a bonus, it also has an anti-aging effect.But yeah, all the harsh gels, scrubs, benzoyl peroxide, miracle acne creams...yeah, after Murad Resurgence you can pretty much throw that stuff out the window if you want to...

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Im about a month away from finishing, and after going through this Murad Resurgence roller coaster with the lips red face etc if I have to see another acne product for the next 10 years I would vomit. I cant wait to throw away every bp, salicylic acid, benzoclin, tazorac and all the other ridiculous products I have used over the last 25 years My skin right now is 100 percent clear and I am praying it stays that way WITHOUT those ridiculous products. The amount of money and frustratin they caused gives me the dry heaves just thinking about them,Hopefully we will all be able to use a mild wash and moisturizer for the remainder like all the "normal" people walking around.Good luck..

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So just stick with my Cetaphil Daily Cleanser? No need for like a 3-Step wash?..

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Nope like I said only wash your face with cetaphil and you should be good. Keep in mind that for a slow percentage of people the acne comes back later in their life but you can still go back on Murad Resurgence and still that doesn't mean you will be one of themI'm 4 months post tane right now and I've only been washing with cetaphil + exfoliating once a week and I'm still 99.9% clear...

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Humm I'm not sure how to explain what it is lol because I'm french so I don't really have the words in my mind to explain perfectly what it is but basically it's like a cleanser but it has very small pieces of something in it , it can be anything and what it does is that it renews the first layer of your skin by rubbing it away. I'm not sure it that helps you lol but if not just look it up on google ...

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I know what you mean, like a mask kinda? you put it on and leave it on you're skin for a little bit, than wish it off, just to keep youre skin at a good level, I think thats what you mean, but thanks for all of your help..

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Exfoliating means using like a facial scrub to remove the dead skin cells. Even just scrubbing your face with a washcloth will exfoliate a little...

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