How do you stay on Medifast consistently?

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The first six weeks of my Medifast experience I was completely OP...Losing weight and feeling great. I'm not sure when it happened but I started making small compromises and the last few days I have been off plan more than on..

I work at a school and as we near the new school year, stress is mounting and food is abundant. And I'm an emotional eater..

I am falling back into the pattern of, "I'll start again tomorrow." I've had years of starting again tomorrow and am nervous I'm not going to get back to being 100% on plan and regain the weight I've lost. I'm already losing the energy I've gained..

Have any of you had a similar experience and how did you get back on plan consistentley and lose weight?.

Thank you..


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You have to have the "mind" set to wanna do it! You can do this!! Yeah food temptations are always going to be around but the question is....


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I hear you! It is so difficult to regain the 100% OP (even if your OP is a little different than my OP) once you are off-plan. Removing the distractions helps, if possible. Having a good assortment of Medifast foods helps. Asking those around you for help MAY help. But I think the biggest factor is knowing in your mind that you are doing this for yourself, to meet your goals. I've never stayed 100% OP as written for more than eight to twelve weeks but I 'needed' to lose about thirty pounds to reach a 'healthy' BMI.

There is a time for adding in other foods, very carefully, not just adding back treats or second helpings! I hope you can find what you need to meet your goals...

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As an emotional eater, you need to find something that will replace food as your outlet. I'm not going to suggest going for a walk or exercising because, come on, who really wants to do that? Or who can always do that in a crisis? But you need to find something. Maybe taking a breathing break with a cup of tea or cool water and just focusing on breathing. Maybe journal-ling or blogging so you get rid of the emotions might help you. Or having a 'go to' person. But until you find another coping strategy, no diet is going to work..

I agree with the general trend it has to come from inside you. It may be that you're not ready to commit. If you really believe you are, then you have to just stick to the plan. Set alarms to eat on schedule, pre-bag your Medifast meals for the day and keep them separate so you're not tempted to pick up 'additions' to the meals, avoiding the 'have just a taste' mentality, drink your water....These are all general tips. Basically, stop thinking that you're depriving yourself of food and start thinking that you're taking steps to get what you really want a healthier, thinner body..

I hope you find a way to commit and stick. Medifast does work, but only if you stick to the plan..

Good Luck....


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I feel it is important to work on the emotional eating issue at the same time you are doing Medifast for health and weightloss. If you don't do the mental work then no diet is going to work for long..

Try reading some of Geneen Roth's books, or check out for help. I ordered the book from Amazon and I have been reading the blogs form Dr Gould and I feel very hopeful that I can release the need to eat emotionally..


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Thank you all for your sage advice. I've been an emotional eater since childhood and do need to find healthier ways to cope with stress and fluctuating hormones and emotions. I think connecting with others who struggle in the same ways is a key part..

I really appreciate your thoughtful responses..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.