How long do red marks take to fade when using Murad Resurgence?

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Approximately,how long does it take for red marks to fade?..

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Some take weeks and some take months. I've noticed that the bigger ones or prior blemishes that had a lot of trauma (picking) last much longer than the small ones or blemishes that were left alone...

Comment #1

Yeahh my inflamed acne have gone down but I have red marks left and yea I use to pick them while they were active I'm just worried I hope I wont have any scars left after the red marks fade..

Comment #2

I think you might get more responses and suggestions in the Red Marks forum. Good luck with it...

Comment #3

Yeah I guess so ,i agree on that it varies from person to person statment I just hope my red marks will disappear soon ,and thanks I gotta look for that red mark forum..

Comment #4

Actually, you're in it. I moved your thread. Sorry for the confusion!..

Comment #5

Try using AHA. It really does help fade redmarks. It does for me anyway. My cleanser has AHA in it..

Comment #6

Is that AHA from Dan's products?which cleanser you use..

Comment #7

A lot of times I hear people say on this site that if a red mark lasts over a year then it's a scar.I say that's not really true sometimes,because I think some of my old marks were there for more than a year...

Comment #8

My redmarks fade in 7 months but not completely....

Comment #9

Depends how big the pimple was and where it was located. I've had terrible whiteheads on my chin but the marks clear up within days. I can get a small inflamed pimple on my cheek and the mark will last 6 months+.Your treatments affect your marks too. If you do BP or Murad Resurgence it will last alot longer...

Comment #10

Yeah I'm on Murad Resurgence nd dianette pill which means my healing will be slower which sucks but ah well gotta live with it but at least make up can cover it but I dont wanna be using make up all the time..

Comment #11

I also read on this site that apple cider vingar helps red marks fade and I see that you used it ,did it help much with the red marks?..

Comment #12

You could ask your doctor if using a glycolic acid cleanser product while on Murad Resurgence would be ok, or you could just try it yourself and stop if you notice irritation. You'd be able to use the cleanser after you've finished your Murad Resurgence course and have fully recovered from the side effects.See my signature for Glycolic acid product recommendations (some are cleansers). I love Alpha Hydrox Souffle myself but it might be too strong for someone on Murad Resurgence.Good luck with your course and don't neglect your body or your diet!..

Comment #13

So you get apc and mix it with water and then put that all over your red marks yea once a day,is that how it works?..

Comment #14

Half acv,half water...use it as a toner,so I just squirt it on a cotton ball and wipe it all over my face.I waited like,a month after Murad Resurgence before using it though. Skin on tane is very sensitive. You might want to dilluted it even more with water depending on how your skin handles it...

Comment #15

Ah damn I still have 3 more months to go till my Murad Resurgence course is over so I should wait and them use acv ,soo do you dilute them ina cup?ah I dont kno what to use now while I'm on Murad Resurgence retin a ??coz I have only 1 active spot the rest are all just red marks..

Comment #16

Depends. Now that I'm using a redmark-preventative method most of my acne does not leave redmarks that last more than a couple weeks, but I have a ton of older ones that have been on my face way over six months... hoping the salt water from the beach this summer will help speed their treatment up...

Comment #17

Im using sudocream now I heard it's good for red marks so ima give it a try..

Comment #18

Does anybody know if baking soda will also make things better or not? in addition to the apple cider vinegar, of course...

Comment #19

^ don't use BS because itll mess up the skin's ph level...

Comment #20

Hey I'm on tane too and still have a few months to go... However, as you, almost no pimples but bloody red marks that kill me! I've tried using Retin-A suuuuupeeeeeeer bad idea! Dont do it! Ur face hurts like hell after and it becomes super sensitive. I've been using ACV dilluted with water (1 part ACV and 4 parts water) cause Murad Resurgence makes our skin so damn sensitive. Also, I've been reading here that Vitamin C reaaally helps fading red marks. Try beginning with 1000mg per day. And after 3 weeks increase to 1500mg, 3 other weeks and 2000mg.

U can also do carrot juice 3-4 times per week (mix it with orange juice if you cant stomach it alone). I've heard it really helps fade away the red marks (Ive started today doing it). I went on Sephora's website and there's a product called Turbo Booster C Powder (Philosophy): very good reviews and there's a looot of ppl that say that it faded their acne scars. I'm gonna go buy it this weekend and I'll update about it on my blog if you wanna check. I would really recommend you to never ever go out without sunscreen cause then your red marks wont fade and will turn purply-brownwell hope it helps you and wish you best of lucks!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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