What skin regimen to use while on Murad Resurgence?

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Hi,I went to see a dermatologist yesterday for the first time in my life and he prescribed me Murad Resurgence right then and there. It was quite surreal. I have been using Dan's Regimen for about a week now with awesome results (best thing that's worked for me) and the purpose of my visit with a derm was to get some professional advice and I expected him to say to continue the regimen since it has clearly been working - but to my surprise he immediately recommended Murad Resurgence and I went along with it because honestly, I want to be able to eat some of the things I used to eat (minus junk food) and do activities I used to love and not have to worry about getting a new pimple(s). Soooooo, can anyone give me some tips on how to maintain clear skin while on Murad Resurgence? Diet tips (can I eat eggs, chicken, tuna, any suggestions? - I cut out dairy a long time ago) Should I still shower twice a day in 12 hour intervals or is it okay if I shower twice a day in smaller intervals? Any other tips would be appreciated. Thanks!P.S.I should mention that I get 8 hours of sleep every night at a decent hour (go to bed before midnight).. does this matter anymore?..

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Things about food, sleep and showering to be honest are all pretty irrelevant when you're on Murad Resurgence. They're just personal preference! Only regimen you need is a gentle cleanser, good moisturiser, SPF and lip balm. And keep continuing with your BP until it becomes irritating as the Murad Resurgence builds up...

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Hi editz - my derm said I should discontinue the BP even though it's only 2.5% potency (I'm taking 20mgs right now). I was kind of disappointed when he said that because no BP = more pimples and dark spots are apparent. I'd love to continue using the BP if it's safe and doesn't disrupt the Murad Resurgence process. Anyone else with a similar experience or can vouch for editz?..

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Well I used BP on my face - not anymore, I don't need it.And I use retin-a everynight to help things along.Im on the same dosage as you - theres no reason to stop using topicals, unless your skin can't handle it. You just have to try it for yourself and see - if your skin doesn't like it, it'll look red and irritated etc etc, and you would just stop the BP gd luck..

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Thanks editz! I think i'll continue with Dan's regimen until it begins to have adverse effects, if it ever does. I just don't understand why my dermatologist was insistent about not using BP while on a small editz: I have a feeling that diet while on Murad Resurgence might not be irrelevant. I was reading around through the message board last night and I read something about eating food high in fat, in moderation of course, will help the Murad Resurgence be more effective?? does anyone know anything about this? if it's true, what types of food would fall into this category?..

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You'll notice that while you're on Murad Resurgence, your skin will be much drier than normal. Adding BP to the dry skin will not be helping out and can only irritate your skin worse. I would just stick with the Tane and see how it goes for you. If you haven't already, I suggest checking out the Murad Resurgence regimen logs as they hold a wealth of information and you get to see the process of taking Murad Resurgence. And you should start one for yourself, too!..

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I was told not to use any tihng with vitamin a in it but after I get done taking my Murad Resurgence dose a few months after ima put retain a on a few times a week cus it's not just for acne,...

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To MissAngie: Absolutely the skin drys out - but not for several weeks, and therefore you should continue with BP while the Murad Resurgence builds up. And probably you will then have to decrease the BP and stop using it eventually.But just stopping every topical from day 1 is silly.To SKorea: diet seems to affect some people - possibly. Medically and scientifically speaking there is NO link between diet and acne. In terms of food and Murad Resurgence - you have to take Murad Resurgence with your main meal of the day, because it absorbs into the body much better. If you take it on an empty stomach you are wasting lots of it.To osfan: Taking vit A internally, like vitamin supplements can cause toxic problems yep. But topically applied retin-a isn't going to.

And definately it's a great idea to keep using retin-a afterwards to keep your pores clean. I intend to use it for life - it's anti aging too..

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MissAngie - I do read around the message boards quite a bit, actually. I think I'll create a log since I haven't seen very many people on low dosages like myself. I have noticed SLIGHT drying of my face but I can't tell if it's from the BP that I was using regularly or if it's solely the Murad Resurgence. I think it's both. osfan - I have never tried Retin A before and don't know anything about it. I should read up in it, though.editz - today will be my fourth day on Murad Resurgence come dinner time.

This could be a purging phase? What surprises me is how fast it happened. I must add that there are other contributing factors for this breakout: a couple days before I ate instant noodles (lobster flavored) that contained a lot of seaweed, I took a small hit of pot from a pipe (after a few months of not touching the stuff), I was kind of stressed out because I was moving out of my house for the first time, I stopped the DKR on the evening that I took my first Isotretinoin pill and lastly, I didn't go to bed until 2:30am. Now, typically I hit the sack before midnight to get a good rest, I quit smoking a few months back, I'm never stressed out, and I don't eat junk food. But my question is, to anyone out there, can the initial breakout happen quickly? I do keep in mind that everyone's case is slightly different.I hope that this is my initial breakout so that the recovering process can begin soon....

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I didn't get an inital break out, because I used topicals to manage my skin.Only thing I really remember is it took me about 2 months to see good results...

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That makes a lot of sense. It's nice not having a hardened face without the BP but I guess I'll have to compromise a hard face to keep my skin under control.Then I wonder: Shouldn't you abstain from inhibiting your pores to freely purge? I mean, if you want to completely get rid of the acne that's lying under your skin isn't it counteractive to the process if you apply BP? Where will the acne go? Does it dissolve over time?.....

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BP just stops the acne bacteria from being able to multiply.So even though people say it's preventative, it really helps to get rid of any current acne you've got.Murad Resurgence purges everything from under the skin - as does retin-aPutting BP on isn't going to block your pores and prevent any underlying comedones from coming up. It will just help to manage them as Murad Resurgence pushes everything to the surface...

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